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Sid:  My guest is Michael Galiga and we’re talking about my book “The Incomplete Church.”  Why, because it is the message that is so close to the heart of God right now, it’s called the One New Man.  Everything that is going on in Gentile Christianity, everything that has gone on in Messianic Judaism is for this moment in history where John 17:21 becomes true. “I pray that they Jew and Gentile might be one,” one new species of being, “so the world will believe.”  And the same glory when this occurs it’s going to release such a move of God’s Spirit, the same glory that is on Me will be on them, Yeshua, Jesus is saying.  Now in my book Michael, I talk about the Constantine Conspiracy where things were changed in the First Church and I talk about the Rabbinic Conspiracy where things were changed in Judaism.  Isn’t it fascinating the one common denominator in Rabbinic Judaism is you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus; and the common denominator in Constantine Christianity is you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus you have to become a Christian.  Somehow the Jewishness is being squeezed out and there’s like a wall of separation between Jew and Gentile and one of the things that this fellow Constantine did is he got rid of the Biblical Feasts.  And Leviticus 23:2 God says these aren’t just Jewish Feasts these are My Feasts.  Doesn’t that have a meaning to everyone Michael?

Michael:  It does and it’s amazing, it is really spreading Sid, all over this country; it’s going very quickly not just in Messianic churches, but other churches as well.  You know Davidic type of worship, you know we have The House of David right here in Oklahoma, you know Rabbi Kurt Landry and so it’s spreading very quickly.

Sid:  And the word Feast in the Hebrew means appointments and so if it was translated properly in the English, God says, “These are my appointments.”  Now who would not want to be at a place at the exact time, on time for God’s appointments?  And that same word is even found in the 1st Chapter of Genesis, He said, “He put the sun and the moon out for God’s set appointments.”  And He says these appointments where God promises to show up will be holy convocations and the word convocation in the Hebrew means rehearsals.  So what are these God appointments?  They’re rehearsals of well, the first few Feasts are rehearsals of the First Coming of Jesus, the last Feasts are rehearsals of His Return and where a lot of people have missed it, a lot of Messianic Jews say, “Well if you don’t do it you’re not even saved.”  Now there are many that understand that this is not true, and a lot of Christians say, “If you do those Feasts you are not even saved.”  Now many understand it, but many many don’t, but it looks like two different religions.  But I think we’re coming to the day Michael where the book of Ruth will come to pass; and what happened in the Book of Ruth?  Well, there was two Gentile daughters of Naomi the Jew and one Gentile daughter went back to her gods, here it is in Ruth 1:14, “Then they lifted up their voices and wept again and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clung to her.”  I love that word Michael, clung to her.  That that is so descriptive, Ruth clung to the Jew, Naomi said, “Look your sister-in-law has gone back to her people, and to her gods; return after your sister-in-law.”  But Ruth said, “Entreat me not to leave you or turn back from following after you, for wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge, your people shall be my people, your God my God.  And you know the thought that’s coming to me Michael, is I was talking in Israel to the director of an exercise spa and he’s a Jewish man and I started witnessing to him; and I said, “You know I do not believe there’s a god for the Muslims, a God for the Jews and a God for the Christians and they’re all three different gods.  I believe in the Shema, I believe there’s only one God, and He has a name according to the scriptures that all three groups respect the Tanakh, or the Torah.  And the name that He has is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, so I believe there is one God.” And he said, “Oh, I agree with you,” and then I said to him, “Just as I believe there is only one God, I believe there is not a Messiah for the Muslim’s, a Messiah for the Christians and the Messiah for the Jews, how could we ever have peace on earth, if there’s three different Messiah’s?”  He said, “Yeah, you got a point.”  I believe there’s only one Messiah and that Messiah is the Jew, Jesus.  And I’m wondering if there’s only one people not traditional Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, the world is either those that are in Messiah, the King of the Jews, Yeshua and those that are not in the Messiah.  It gets pretty simple and when I said to him that I believe the Messiah is the Jew, Jesus and he had to talk to me and he started telling me things about his life and the next day he received the Messiah.  I believe people are looking for answers and just as the world according to scripture is going to have counterfeit one world government and one world religion, you can’t have a good counterfeit unless it’s a counterfeit of the real thing.  And the real thing will be one religion meaning in Jesus, that’s it, it’s that simple.  How does that sound to you Michael?

Michael:  It’s very simple Sid; it’s not hard to understand.

Sid:  And in Leviticus Chapter 23:2 which talks about God’s appointments, isn’t it amazing that so many people think you have to do these, no you do not have to do these Feasts, all you have to do is repent of your sins and believe that Jesus is the true Messiah and has died for your sins and you shall be saved.  But look at the blessings, this is a set time, I mean what would be more important to you Michael, than having an appointment with God that He promises to attend?

Michael:  Nothing.

Sid:  And that’s the way I see it, it’s not a matter of have to, it’s a matter of want to.  And then I’m reminded of Esther, see that was a One New Man, Ruth and Naomi, Jew and Gentile.  And how about Esther and the King, that’s a One New Man, and isn’t it interesting when Esther who I believe is a type of the end time church and I explain this in my book “The Incomplete Church.”…But Esther and the King are One New Man and when Esther a type of the end time church equipped the Jewish people who were about ready to die with the sword, do you know what happened?  The sword is a type of the word of God, revival spread throughout the land.  I mean once this key of the One New Man is open you see it so clearly and I believe we’re coming to the time of what we saw in the first church; and what did you see in the first church?  We saw Peter speak three paragraphs in the Book of Acts and 3,000 Jewish people became believers in Jesus the Messiah after they saw a demonstration of the power of God.  Could you picture these 3,000 Jewish people going into the churches and Messianic congregations and One New Man Congregations throughout the world and I mean it would cause life from the dead, resurrection power in these congregations.

Michael:  That’s exactly right.

Sid:  It’s sort of like you know when there’s a brand new believer it’s so exciting, how about a brand new believer that has never even heard about who Jesus really is, has never put that together, has never read the New Testament, doesn’t know anything except if you’re Jewish you don’t believe in Jesus; which is the big lie.  And what’s going to happen when Gentile Christians start celebrating these Feasts and really believe God that they are set appointments and that God Himself is going to show up when they observe these Feasts and miracles breakout?  Could you picture some of your Jewish friends you telling them what’s going on in your congregation at these Feasts?

Michael:  Wow, yeah it’s going to change things quickly!

Sid:  And incidentally, my friend John Fenn, who I interviewed, he had a revelation of the end time church, he said the end time church is going to look very much like the first church.  Jesus came to him and Jesus said, “You have to start house congregations” and that’s what happened to those first 3,000 Jewish believers, it said they went from house to house.  You have to prepare house congregations to prepare for the times that are coming.

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