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Sid: My guest, Bruce Allen is red hot for the Messiah some of these experiences that he has had in the Supernatural are really, I mean they are, Bruce they’re really provoking me to jealousy.  And I was looking this picture of a supernatural scroll in Malaysia, tell me about that.

Bruce: Yeah, that was actually Sid, the second time I had seen that.  There was a point about a year earlier where I had been ministering in Singapore and I was caught up into the Third Heaven and there I met my Aunt who had died about eight years previously and she came up, and she was extremely excited, she said, “Bruce it’s so wonderful, there’s so much excitement and activity going on in Heaven.”  And I said, “Why?”  She said, because the Wedding Feast, the Wedding Supper of the Lamb is being prepared, it’s finished and the Lord is preparing a people to come in and she said, “At this point so many people are visiting Heaven to go back and tell the world get ready, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is prepared.

Sid: You know, I’m noticing that.  I am getting so many reports of people that have gone to Heaven and have come back with the Word, “Jesus is coming soon, repent of your sins and live a holy life.”  That’s the word that I’m getting from people that are going to Heaven.  And some people say, “Well, how do we know whether that’s true or not?  I’ll tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter, with a message like that that’s Biblical, you know.

Bruce: Yes, yes, yes and I found the same thing, too everywhere we travel.  Everywhere, matter of fact, in the last three years we’ve had more people enquiring about, “Tell us about the Rapture, tell us about the end times and the eschatology.”  There’s been a resurge, and it’s a supernatural thing that God’s making people aware whether they understand or not that we’re in a season of transition, look up, look up.

Sid: So in 2007 you’re ministering in Malaysia and what happens?

Bruce: Oh, alright let me finish with that, so when I turned from talking with my her there stood this very large angel who had a scroll in his hand, and behind him as far as the eye could see were what, if you’ve ever been out of port you see these containers filled of goods that have been imported or about to exported.  And so I knew, and I’ve known for years that visions are language so I asked him, “Who are you and what is your function?”  He said, “I am the angel of provision that the Lord has assigned to the saints at the end of the age.”  And He said, “And you have the manifest.” And immediately I knew in my Spirit that as we speak by faith, what we speak is instantly delivered by the Spirit of God.  And so fast forward a year later I’m ministering in Kuala, Lumpur in a church that the pastor and the church have become dear, but as I’m ministering all sorts of supernatural phenomenon are taking place.  And all of a sudden there this angel in the room…

Sid: Well, just out of curiosity, just before the angel, tell me a couple of things that were happening.

Bruce: Spontaneous healing, you know to me I just get more excited when God begins to move sovereignly without us having to implement a program.  That’s allowing God to be God and we’re just there to participate in what He’s doing and so we see a lot of spontaneous healings and deliverances.   And I love that.

Sid: Well, I just heard that someone’s back and neck was just healed.  The spine, someone’s getting a new spine just as you were saying that it just released such an anointing.  So you see an angel, “What happens?”

Bruce: So here’s the angel and immediately the Spirit of Prophecy came on me.  This church was in the process of building a new building for their congregation, and being the angel that was there to minister administer and administer the resources of Heaven the Spirit of Prophecy began to come and I told them exactly what I was seeing and what the Lord was saying, that supernaturally this building would be built in ways they hadn’t expected.  And they were snapping digital images. They had, I had a conference there a year earlier where I had challenged them about the supernatural and we had a very unusual event then.  But I’ll explain that later.  And so as they were taking these pictures, where they caught a supernatural phenomena on a digital camera, which I believe is because digital cameras can catch a frequency of light that we can’t see with our naked eye.  And so they caught these scrolls, this manifest on camera.  That was a miracle in and of itself, but the greater miracle to me…

Sid: But wait a second now, I am looking at it right now, and you’re saying to me this could not be scene with a naked eye except if God showed it to someone, which He showed it to you.  Was this the Torah scroll that the angel was holding, this picture I’m holding in my hand?

Bruce: That’s exactly where he was standing and exactly what he was holding, yes.

Sid: Well, if you want to see this picture, go to our web page at  I mean this is beautiful.  This is so phenomenal, so he’s holding this torah scroll, and then what?

Bruce: Okay, it looked like a torah scroll, I want to define that, I don’t know if it was torah the torah scroll, but it looked like it and it was a manifest.  And so they entered into their building program, it was in Malaysia they have their currencies ringgit at cost 16,000,000 ringgit for their new facility.  And then sovereignly and supernatural they’d go to their bank account and money would be there.  Bills would come due that very day and finances would show up.  I believe if I remember the story correctly, at one point God began to multiply the building material.  And they kept the process going, so sovereignly and supernaturally the Lord provided until they had an overflow and over abundance of what they needed and they were able to bless other areas.

Sid: You know as you’re telling me this experience that you had, that in affect is what you see about ready to happen for those that know how to enter in right now.   I have your brand new book, just literally off the press, “Called the Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day.”  And what you’re saying is the day is as thousand years, so we’re entering into the beginning of the seventh day, and the seventh day of the Sabbath is the day of rest.  And I believe that as people read these promises from the scriptures and understand the revelation that you had, the anointing of God is so strong on this book, and as I believe it must be as you speak, that and I’m experiencing it right now as a matter of fact.   That I believe that as people read what God promises for the seventh day, they’re going to enter into it.  Is that what you’re motion was in writing this book?

Bruce: Oh absolutely, absolutely, that my heart is to provoke God’s people out of apathy or lethargy or a religious stupor into realizing the profound destiny and the call of God for their lives on this day.

Sid: Was there anything else you wanted to add about Malaysia?

Bruce: I can tell you another testimony when Jesus physically came into the room and all eight hundred people saw Him.

Sid: Please!  Ha-ha, eight hundred people saw, what did He look like?

Bruce: Well, this is what’s funny, the Lord provoked me, we were doing a conference with the same pastor, Pastor Colin Gordon and going up in the elevator I told him the Lord had challenged me to ask of Him a sign.  And I said that I’m believing the Jesus and resurrected bodily form, every eye will see Him will step into the room.  And everybody will know Him and they immediately got excited and said yes, let’s believe for that.  Well, the Lord has been teaching me for many years and I teach this everywhere I go, we’ve got to get rid of the boxes that we try to create for God; we try and create God in our own image.  And what I mean by that is that we have a preconceived idea of who He is, how He’s suppose to do it and what time and what manner He’s suppose to do it and so we limit God.  And so when I told them what I was believing for we agreed.  Well, what happened is this whole meeting started out rather supernaturally with signs in the Heavens.  I was sitting at the PJ Hilton in Malaysia and lightning was right outside my window, just lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning supernatural.  I knew that it was supernatural I pulled my chair up to the window to watch because it kept striking within about a mile radius.  And a medical doctor who was also an elder in the church said, “He watched that as he was coming down the freeway and when it came time for the meeting that whole lightning moved over the church.”  So we got to the church and it was down pour and this, they had their church in an office complex because it’s not legal to build a Christian Church, you have to start a business and sublet it out to a Christian community.  And so it had a guard gate at the front and a compound and this man was walking down the street, soaking wet, looked like he’d been just mugged and one of the elders said, he came up to He said, “May I come in?”  And the elder said, “Oh please, come on in,” and they took him up to the office, he was soaking wet.  Now the meeting, the worship is going on and the meeting is going on.  And he said, “Brother what I’ll do I’ll go get you a dry shirt, I don’t have any pants but I’ll get you a dry shirt, let’s take you into the men’s room, you got into the first stall and dry off.”  Well, this man says, “No the first stall is dirty I’ll go into the third one.”  And it was what?  It was just as he had said, so they ran into the office and they found a red T-shirt and a bottle of water.  They brought that back in and the man saw the red T-shirt, he grabbed it and he said, I love red.  So he took off his wet shirt and it looked like he had just been flayed within an inch of his life.  They were astounded and not only that there was a hole in his side and holes in his hands.

Sid: Are you telling me, you were seeing Jesus?

Bruce: That’s exactly what…

Sid: Whoop, were out of time.

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