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Sid: Image if you were in a church service, as my guest Bruce Allen was in and they see a man and he’s got holes in his hands and they realize its Jesus.  What happened next?

Bruce: Well, as we left off previous message there, they were in the bathroom, they brought him a red T-shirt and a glass of water.  When he took off his shirt, they saw this hole in his side and the piercings in his hands and he looked like he had been whipped with a cat- a- nine tails.  But their eyes we blinded; they just thought this man had been severely mugged.  I mean that he’d been out and something had happened.  So they brought him into the service and I was up teaching.  They brought him in on the left and they sat in front.  And at the end of the service, the medical doctor who was also an elder in the church, the pastor said go over and ascertain from this gentleman what it is that he needs in prayer.  Well when the doctor went over and looked at him he thought that he should be taken immediately to the emergency room, he looked like he was on deaths door.  So the Pastor walked over and I’m watching this because I have turned it over to the Pastor at that point.  The Pastor walks over and begins to dialogue and says, “Brother, come up to the front so we can pray with you.”  Well, when the man stood up he walked bent over like he was under a heavy weight.  Now, just picture Jesus carrying the cross, and so as they’re walking up he turns to the man and says, “In the Name of Jesus, I command strength to come, stand up straight.”  And immediately the man stood up straight and this beatific smile came upon his face, and they came up to the front and dialogued and prayed a little bit and so after the prayer they said, “Well, Pastor, what do we do with him.”  He said, “Well, here’s some ringgit, he can get a taxi and get a meal.  He said, “No, I don’t need your money.”  You got to understand, they think this man is just been on the street, he’s beat within an inch of his life he’s been mugged.  This lady who had been watching from the back came forward and said, “Here’s fifty ringgits,” he said,” No thank you, I don’t need your money, and out of pockets in each side he had a thousand ringgits freshly minted bills.  And they were shocked, they went, “Whoa.”

Sid: Now which country is this the currency from?

Bruce: Malaysia, Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sid: Alright, go ahead.

Bruce: So they said, “What do we do?”  Well, take him down stairs and get him a taxi.  And so the Pastor his wife and I left and we went out to fellowship afterwards.  They took this man downstairs, now there in the guard gate and, this is in an industrial area so the street you have to walk for at least a thousand yards before you’re out of sight.  The guard, he’s in the guard shake, the guard because it’s raining, the guard get’s on the phone, looks to his left, turns back and he had vanished into thin air.  Well, on the way home that night the Pastor began to dialogue with the Lord, and say, “You know what Lord, I don’t understand, we prayed and believed according to that word that you would give us a sign and You never showed up and immediately the Spirit of God said, “Oh, yes I did.”  And this man’s face flashed in his mind’s eye and he pulled over to the side of the road, and he called his elder and he said, “Where did this man go?”  He said, “Well, it’s funny you should ask Pastor, because this is what happened, he had vanished right out of the guard shack.”  So the Pastor for two hours drove all over looking for this man.

Sid: I imagine so.  One of the things you talked about eight hundred people seeing Jesus in the congregation.  Tell me about when you teach whole groups get caught away in the spirit, explain.

Bruce: Oh yes, sir, my passion is that people understand that it is they’re birth right not only to see into the realm of the Spirit, but actually to go into the realm of the Spirit.  Basic scripture on that is John 3:3 “When Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, Jesus said, Nicodemus unless a man is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”  What He was saying, Nicodemus if you’re born again you can see the kingdom of God. And in another instance John 14:12 Jesus said, “The works that I do you’ll do also.  And in John 5:19 He said, “I only do what I see; now that’s  just a couple of scriptures.  Therefore because I can do what He does, and He only did what He saw I can see, and so we’ve taught this in many nations of the world that it is their birthright to see.  We pray a prayer of activation and what’s fascinating to me is beginning at that first conference where you saw where I’m transparent, from that time on I had begun to see chariots of fire and on occasion they literally come into the room.  And when I have seen that I know that the people are going to have a supernatural experience and many will be caught away in the spirit.  So there were times where I have taught groups of eighty five, out of eighty five, eighty four had a supernatural experience where they began to experience where they began to see and or were caught up into the Third Heaven.

Sid: And I understand as you teach, you see angels and the people see angels and people receive new mantles.  Tell me about the new mantles they receive.

Bruce: We were teaching in what they call a family camp, a retreat, but over in that part of the world their family camp retreats are five star resort hotels, which is nice.  But so we were teaching this particular message and all of a sudden, into the room there were about 210 people at the camp.  Approximately 220 – 230 angels walked in and they stood behind each individual in the room and every angel had what looked like a royal robe or a mantle.  And so I dialoged this, “Father what are we doing and what do you want me to do?  And He, the short of the story is that everybody was to stand up and as a prophetic gesture, just as a gentleman would put a wrap or a coat upon a woman they were to put it on, make that prophetic gesture.  Well, in that culture, that’s a little demonstrative for them so they were kind of looking at each other out of the corners of their eyes and finally this very dignified elderly lady kind of shrugged and she did that.  What happened is, now, I found out later that she is eighty-six years old, the Kabod of God, that weighty glory that was in that mantle when it rested on her, she felt it come on her and it made her sink, almost her posture was almost like your squatting.

Sid: Yes.

Bruce: And for about half an hour, she could not move.  Now physically even for a strong individual half an hour of squatting is very difficult; but for an elderly, that God changed her life.  Many of the teenagers when that happened began to see into the realm of the Spirit and saw the angels in there.  And just all sorts of sovereign supernatural things began to take place as well as healing and deliverance.

Sid: Now, let me ask you a question because as you talk about the anointing you have to activate people to see in the Spirit and experience these things that you’re experiencing.  Since your book is literally off the press, the title is “The Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day” which you believe we’re entering into and this is the time that all of the it’s the entrance into it where the promises of God are going to be instant rather than taking twenty-thirty years; what do you prophetically see will happen to people that read your book?

Bruce: It will release and spark within them a revelation and an understanding of their birth rite and their destiny and will provoke them enough that we will begin to see the Body of Christ corporately, not just a select few individuals, the mystical few, begin to walk into the supernatural.  And understand that it’s the normal Christian experience, not the super or abnormal.

Sid: You know I like to say that if we had Christians today like we had at the first church every Christian would have their own television show.  That’s what you’re saying I believe; that we’re ready to enter into that again.

Bruce: Oh, absolutely, absolutely you’re familiar as we talked earlier with seed time and harvest.

Sid: Yes.

Bruce: The Lord showed me the biblical, His heart about seed time and harvest.  If you want more revelation, you give away what you’ve got.  If you want more anointing, you sow what you have.

Sid: Oh, you realize how much revelation and anointing you’re going to get from doing this revelation, show and then my television show?  How many people are going to be receiving it?  How about this book?  Because I know that as I’m reading this book I feel the presence of God and you show, I mean you would convince any biblical student that this is God’s time for the promises to manifest in their life.  I believe their going to see what areas will promises manifest in your opinion?

Bruce: Every area, yeah it covers the whole spectrum of human existence not only in the natural, but in the supernatural.

Sid: You talk about rest in this book; we’re living in such uncertain trying times, “What is God’s definition of rest?”

Bruce: Well, according to the book of Hebrews “There is now therefore a rest for the people of God,” and that rest is ceasing from our own works as God did.  If we look at what God did when He ceased, it was because it was complete, God entered into rest because it was a completion.  People of God, the rest that we’re going to enter into is understanding the fullness the completion of every covenant promise in our life.  It is going to bring us to the place of rest.  We no longer have to strive by the arm of flesh…

Sid: Well, what about the person that’s listening right now and they are about ready to lose their house?

Bruce: The God of all provision is there for the person that relies upon him right now.

Sid: See, I believe we’re coming into such trying times that you wrote this book so that people can move into those promises.

Bruce: Can I share something that’s happened just locally?

Sid: Tomorrow because we’re out of time.

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