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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Leif Hetland. And Leif, one thing I love is you even teach children to dream. You, in your own home, how has this teaching impacted your wife and your children?

Leif: Well first of all, I do believe that when I came home after just having this experience, actually it was after the Susan Boyle, I decided that I need to go home and ask my wife, “What is your dreams? What is some of the things that even from when you were a little child that you wanted to do when you’re dreaming with God?” So I decided for my wife and each one of my children, let’s write down 25 things on a list in the next few days your dream with God, something that is coming from Him that you think is. And it can be going on a mission trip. It can be different things. So we started to make that list. And then there’s another list and that is the desire of your heart. What is the desire of your heart? Align yourself with Him and he’s going to give you the desire of your heart. So I released the prayer over my wife and my four children. And my wife, she went and started to draw our next house. And since she was nine years old, she had a picture, but she never financially speaking could dream, so she just tore up the paper. A couple of times she was thinking about it. But it was always the limitation.

Sid: So she had a funeral for her dream.

Leif: She had a funeral for her dream. But after she released, this is the problem, because now the dream house is there, and I’m saying, “Who’s going to pay for this?” Now I’m chickening out. But she started to draw out her dream house. And my daughter Lila, she’s working full time in my office right now. Her dream was when she went to bed at night, I want to be with my daddy. I want to do what my daddy. And that’s what touches my heart. So she, while I’m sitting here now, is in my office. She’s been with me in Africa. She is living her dream by serving her daddy, and that became the dream that God started to realize, to travel with her daddy and do what her daddy is doing.

Sid: You know, when you said that, I could feel something in my heart. I could feel what you feel when your dream becomes a reality. And your dream will become a reality. Tell me about some children when you teach on dreaming, what’s happened to them.

Leif: We were in Eerie, Pennsylvania and doing an event. And I was actually releasing first all of the adults. But the amazing thing that I’ve seen is I go down the line and I ask children, “What would you like to do when you grow up?” All of the children have a dream. But when you go to the grownups, because of disappointments and discouragement, delays, things that happen in life, and they have to think or they’re not sure.

Sid: You know, maybe that’s why Jesus said, “Become like a little child.”

Leif: And that’s why I like to be childlike. I’m just like a little boy that has a big papa.

Sid: I’ve noticed that.

Leif: That’s what happened here. So afterwards, I released over the children. I said, “You’re going to dream with God.” And the amazing thing that happened, all of the children, they rested in the presence of God just when I touched them. And these are some, like one grandma said, “This is a very hyper child.” That’s a miracle in itself. Two hours later, I came back and the children were still down. So I went into a big church and ministered, and we had worship, and then eventually came back again. I wanted to find out what happened to the children. And I got to hear all these stories of children describing in detail. Some had seen Jesus. One of them got to sit on Jesus’ lap. Other ones were drawing what they saw while they were laying on the floor. And the parents were just blown away.


Sid: Those children will never be the same. But I remember a young boy that had a dream to go to the nations and you had your funeral for your dream. But today, you go to nations like Pakistan and you have big billboards, and these billboards, what did they say?

Leif: They’re just saying that Jesus is here. Jesus is here and he’s going to be here in this cricket stadium. If you are lame, if you are blind, if you are deaf, just come, anyone that are sick, and we’re just announcing that Jesus is coming to show up, and that is my dream for people.

Sid: And what is going to happen, what is going to happen if the people are not healed, if miracles don’t happen? This is a stadium filled with non-believers, Muslims.

Leif: Yeah. And when you go into a place where people are from a totally different faith, I know that I would be considered a false prophet if he doesn’t show up. If Jesus doesn’t heal the blind eyes, the deaf ears, tumors falling off people’s body, you announce beforehand this is going to happen, and if they’re coming and they don’t see it, I know what they are going to do, and it’s not going to be very pleasant. So I know that I don’t have a Plan B. It is only Plan A. It is a dream from God.

Sid: But this is your dream and just as he had a funeral for his dream, and God resurrected it. And just as you’re saying, “God, I want to dream with you. I’ve never had a dream,” I want you to pray for people right now to dream with God. Would you do that?

Leif: I would love to. And I just want to focus just on you. Within each one of you, first of all, I want to remind you, you’re very, very valuable and God is very good. And there’s something that He has placed within your life and your heart, and I want to release, some of you that had a funeral, some of you, I’m going to release resurrection of the dream. You’re going to start to sense something that has been the desire of your heart is going to come back. So Father, just release right now, come Holy Spirit. Just come right now and start just to stir up some of those dreams. Awaken some of the dreams. I just ask even that some of the desires of people’s heart is just going to be awakened. Even as they’re going to bed tonight, I ask that you would just download certain things, like we’ve heard stories from the Filipinos. Come Holy Spirit. I just ask that the vision is going to come back. Hope is going to come back. Passion is going to come back. Husband and wives, let them start to dream together. Businesses being resurrected. Songs being written. Wow. Songs being sung. Even the very sound of a Susan Boyle, there is a song in each one of you. I just release. I release that song to come out. Come Holy Spirit. Just feel it right now. You can feel His presence is on you right now.

Sid: I could feel His presence on me right now. I can tell you, Leif. You talk a lot about rest and resting in God. Explain that to me.

Leif: First of all, I want to say the best thing about God is God. When I come to be with Him I do nothing.

Sid: You don’t have an agenda.

Leif: No agenda. I just want to be there with him. And what happens when I go there with no agenda, this time I study and pray. But there’s a time for me just to go and to be with him. And I find me a comfortable place where I rest, because I believe when you are resting you are receiving, and that’s the hard thing. There are so many noises. There are so many things that is competing with us. That for me just to go in a place…

Sid: Don’t you have to do something? Work?

Leif: It’s called nothing. And there’s something in that nothingness. It’s called the hard work of rest because resting is receiving.

Sid: So you’re telling me, if I’m understanding right, what you do is, now what are you doing? Are you concentrating on God? What are you doing when you’re resting in God? Are you focusing on Him or are you just resting?

Leif: Sometimes I’m focusing on certain of His attributes.

Sid: You know, when I just went back like that, God spoke to me. Does He speak to you when you’re resting?

Leif: He speaks to me and that’s when downloads is taking place.

Sid: Well you know what He just told me? That someone’s neck, there’s a pain in your neck. I just heard that. If you’ll move your head until the pain is gone. And you know what happens? It seems like every time, Leif, I get that word, the anointing of God goes down the person’s spine and their back gets healed. Stand up and bend over. Come on. Come on. Sid says do it. Do it. Okay. Because Sid heard from God. What about where it says in the Bible, “I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing.” How does that work out for you?

Leif: It’s working very well out because I am with Him, He places certain things in me and then the next moment, there’s things that’s being downloading, even financially speaking. Or like I’m just writing a book. But when some of those things is coming down into my spirit, I maybe say, I don’t have this, I don’t have this gift. I can hardly speak English. At least I do with a very strong accent. But He places something in me and in the next moment, now that very dream that I had is a reality. I’m looking at a script. And my English teacher said to me, he said, “You’re never going to learn how to speak English.” And I’m sitting here talking to you in English.

Sid: Now I’m reminded many years ago, someone sang about the love of God to you. What difference did it make at that point in your life?


Leif: It made all the difference because when I came up from that very place I knew that God is in a good mood. And the second thing I knew is I’m His son and I don’t have to live towards inheritance. I can live from inheritance. So all that Papa has is mine, as His son. So he has a whole, I mean, he has a whole Heaven full of resources that is just waiting for sons and daughters to dream with Him, and that’s what is taking place. And I think that even as we are watching this program, you’re going to hear from all over the country and all over the world people, beloved sons and daughters, that start to dream with Papa. And every problem out there is just one dream away.

Sid: And the first step to being a son or daughter is to tell God you’re sorry for everything you’ve done that’s wrong, believe that his blood just washes you clean. You’re given that A+, as Leif likes to say and you say, “Jesus, I make you my Lord. Come and live inside of me and be my Lord.” If you say it’s too simple, you’re right. It is. He’s done all the work. Now just choose Him.

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