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Sid: What is stopping you in a lot of arena’s of life?  Its fear and if you can learn to conquer fear, and that’s the word; have fear under your foot, if you can learn that you will win every battle.  My guest Michael Galiga has been raised up by God.  He’s involved in mega million dollar real estate deals.  In fact Michael you were hugely successful, but in 2005 you went into a closet and said God if you don’t become as real to me as you were as people I read about in the Bible, like King David I’m just not going to leave, and you finally sold out everything you knew to God.  Success is as good as it was before, how was it after that.  It was much, much better.  I enjoyed, you know I was very successful, but I became even more successful in the eyes of the world as far as making money and things.  But I enjoyed what I had a lot more I was much more clear, there were so many obstacles you know, one of them was the follow that owed me all that money, we can talk about that in a minute, it was much much better.

Sid: Okay, so you come to a point where you’re doing so well in real estate, and you decide to go into business for yourself so things are a little tight because you are in business for your elf, but an individual odd you 500,000 plus dollars and one day you get a phone call from him, what did he say?

Michael: He said, Mike I’m not going to pay you.  Now Sid, one thing that you need to understand about this fellow, that he was bad to the bone.  He was a guy that you don’t want to meet in a dark ally, I mean he was about 6’6” I’m going to say somewhere about 300 plus or minus pounds.  And his face was a red as, as I don’t know, as red as it could be like it was going to explode all the time.  He had a huge temper and would intimidate people very easily so I would call him back and say, usually every day or two and say, hey you know we need to get this taken care of and clearly this is payable and you know that’s what the documents say, is there some misunderstanding?  And he’d say, “No, no misunderstanding.  The documents are very clear, I’m an attorney and I helped draft them so there bullet proof.  But he said, “I know what the documents say, but I’m just not going to pay you Mike.  I’d say “Oh, then you must have a cash flow problem,” and he goes, “No, I have plenty of money, I’m just not going to pay you.”  So if you have been in business very long Sid you run into people like this, there are many of them and they just don’t want to do what they are suppose to do.  So I began to call him more regularly, almost like every day and of course he got madder, madder, madder just one day he went nuclear.  I don’t know any word to describe it; it was like he threw the phone threw the window or something and he yelled at me and he said, “Let me tell you Mike how much I’m not going to pay you, I could see him exploding in his office, probably dead people everywhere from the shrapnel but he said, “I’ll tell you how much I’m not going to pay you, I’m going to come to Oklahoma City, we’ll say it’s from Indiana.

Sid: But wait a second Mike, you’re an attorney, why don’t you just sue the man?

Michael: Yeah, litigation is just about the worst thing you can do in most situations.  Even if you win, you still lose plus this would probably taken five years to go through district court, cost maybe a million dollars and maybe he’s there and maybe he’s not there to pay it at the end.  It just wasn’t an option; it’s not an option.  I only had one place to go and that was to the living God and I laid it out before Him and called him one more time and he went nuclear and said, “This is how much I’m not going to pay you.”  I couldn’t believe he did this, he goes, “This is how much I’m not going to pay you, I’m going to fly to Oklahoma City and I’m going to tell you to your face, I’m not going to pay you and then you are going to leave me alone, I never want to hear from you again.  So I got a little room at the airport and reserved it and flew in and I met him and we walked over towards this room and he looked like he was 7’6” that day and more like 600 pounds.  His face looked like it had already detonated and done it’s damage and as were walking together he’s mumbling to himself and I think cuss words as we’re going down the hallway together and we walk into this little room, it’s a 10 x 12 and it has a little table in it and two chair.  And kind of like a room that you would see the FBI when they are interrogating somebody, and that sort of thing.  And so I open the door, he walks in and as I recall he’s so red it’s like he’s already detonated and he sits down at one side of the table and I shut the door behind me and I go sit on the other side of the table in this chair.  And so it’s been maybe seven eight ten seconds and I sit down in my chair and I look at him and Sid, his face is white as 10,000 sheets of Xerox paper, and he’s looking at the wall above my head and he’s sitting on the other side of the table, he’s looking at that wall, and I have no idea what’s happened and I start to open my mouth and I think my goodness, this guy has either had a stroke, a heart attack, or both and he’s going to…

Sid: And forgetting what he’s had, how could you have put yourself in this situation with such a mad man, why did you did you even get together with him?

Michael: Oh, Sid it was a hard drive to the airport, I’m telling you it was like King David, it little David, you know little sixteen, seventeen year old David when he went up against Goliath; I’m driving to the airport saying God, “You know, I am tiny and he is big and I’m a speck and he’s a giant and but you know what God, You fought battles for me before Sid, I really did this.  And I’m going to the airport and fear’s trying to jump on me like a bird on June bug as we say in Oklahoma and I’m shaking it off pretty well this time, but I’m still, it’s trying to get me.  But I make my way to the airport and I get out of my car and I walk in, I just had to put one foot in front of the other to go in there.  And I really felt like God would save me, but it was very stressful nonetheless that’s what faith is, it’s walking in the unknown.  So back to the room he, looking above my head and he’s looking at something, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it is to this day, but whatever it was it was causing the blood to drain from his head and he and then his shoulders drooped down and it was that way for seven or eight minutes.  And I started to speak and God’s hand; a long story short went in front of my mouth and just told me to shut up he was taking care of this; I wasn’t to say anything.  So it seemed like really time stood still, it seemed like an hour but it was only seven or eight minutes, finally he started mumbling and he said something like, “Willlll pay you,” and I thought God did I just hear what I think I heard, and then he said it again, “We will pay you.”  And about seven or eight minutes later the blood came back to his head, the color came back, his shoulder’s came up and he just looks at me and said, “You know Mike, I think that I’m going to go back to Indiana.”  And I said, Okay, Bob.”  Those are the only words I said in the whole meeting, “Okay, Bob.”  And he got up, I walked him out the door and he walked down the hall and I never saw him again.  And a couple of days later, I was checking my checking account and there had been a $515,000 wire transfer.

Sid: Now, short of God, you would have never seen that money!

Michael: Never, notta and there is no chance, no.

Sid: Is there one testimony that comes to mind of someone…and what happened to them?

Michael: Well, yeah there’s a fellow here in Oklahoma City, will call him Jim, and he’s a married probably twenty years and five children and I knew his father before he passed away, but we weren’t super close, but anyway Jim and I started spending time together and I started teaching him these concepts.  And long story short he had been really eaten up my fear and when I walked him through the steps this was before the book was even published and I walked him through these steps that are in the book and he was delivered from fear.  He journals now, which is a super important component and now his kids are delivered from fear, because these things are generational Sid; they come from parents, they go to our children.  And until that chain is snapped they go down generationally.  Now his children are relieved and his wife is delivered the whole family; five kids, the wife and the husband are delivered from fear and they’re living an abundant life; joy is beyond what words can say.

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