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Sid:   And as a matter-of-fact my guest, Patricia King is red hot for the Messiah because you know it says in scripture that “To him who is forgiven much, they love much.”  And if I want a descriptive term for Patricia King it’s someone that the love of God just radiates out of.  And I said this on yesterday’s broadcast, but I’m just overwhelmed when I watch Patricia King’s Television Show, and I see her out on the streets.  And as a matter of fact Patricia you take a lot of people that attend your Glory School that have perhaps never prophesied or never moved in Words of Knowledge, or experienced His glory out on the streets with you.  I asked you this on yesterday’s broadcast, but I want to start there today.  I want you because this is radio we will have you on television, but since this is radio I want you to take street experience and tell me about it.

Patricia:  Oh sure, I remember I mean so many are coming to my mind right now but I remember one time our team decided to go homeless because we wanted to relate to the homeless people; we’d been down in that particular area of our city where there’s a lot of drug addicted people and they just weren’t warming up to us.  So we went homeless and just hung out with them and identified with them.  And on that particular day, I met this young gal, she was a crack addict and she was passed out on the street and so we began to just reach out to her and heard her heart.  We just sat there and listened to her heart.  And after awhile of just hearing her heart and when she trusted us we began to share with her the love of Jesus Christ and the power that He had to set her free.  And all of a sudden she began to weep and weep and weep and so we prayed with her, she received Jesus Christ as her Savior and then we prayed against her addiction.  And as we prayed for the addiction this fire went through her body that she actually felt, she said “I feel fire, I feel like hot on the inside, I feel fire!”  So we explained to her, “That is the fire of God’s love that is the fire of His deliverance power burning up the addiction on the inside of you.”  And she said, “Yes, I believe it” and she started to just weep more and more.  Well, at the end of the encounter she was in our arms, you know we had been rocking her like a little baby and she was just so blessed and so assured in the Lord and immediately sobriety came upon her and she was absolutely normal.  She said, “I feel so normal, I feel I feel so wonderful.”  Now, she had come from another state and ended up in the inner city and back on her addiction.  So her family was in another state and she had run from them and now after receiving Christ she wanted to go back to them.  And so she returned home to the state she was from and got reconnected with her family; and she was instantly set free but entered into discipleship.

Sid:  And I would image that that is the major thing that people are saying that attend your Glory School of they understand the Glory of God; the presence of God and the gifts become activated in their life.  There’s some things that are going on in your ministry that I’ve heard of and there are some things going on in your ministry that I haven’t really heard of.  Explain the lightning’s of God.

Patricia:  Well, Revelation 4 and verse 5 says, “Out from the Throne comes flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder.  And so of course a throne room is a Kingdom reality, there is a Real Throne Room with a real Throne with a real Messiah that sits on that Throne and He is real in our lives.  Jesus said, “Pray in this way, Your Kingdom come Your Will be done in the earth as it is in Heaven.  So I remember the very first time that I experienced lightnings was I think back in around 1999 when we were in a room of people praying and waiting on God, and all of sudden, in the room, and this is inside the house came a visible vivid flash of lightning.  And we all saw it and we said, “Oh, my gosh!” And that was amazing; and that particular night six flashes of lightning came and this was visible; we saw it with open vision.

Sid:  Now, when you say we, did everyone see it?

Patricia:  Everyone saw the light, in fact there was one skeptic in the room who said, “You know maybe it’s not an actual lightning, maybe it’s an electrical short on the light in the natural, you know like the light in the room.”  And so we ended up to just test it out, we shut down all the electricity in the room and just had some table candles on the coffee table and that was all the light that we had at the end of this; and the lightning still came in and so we determined that this was a real lightning from God.  And we asked the Lord, “Lord what is this?” Because that was the first time, we didn’t know what the lightnings were about.  And He began to reveal to us into our thinking thoughts about natural lightning and He said, “As it is in the natural, so it parallels what with is happening in the Spirit.”  And in natural lightning, what happens is that there’s an actual shift because of the lightning that brings things into alignment in the atmosphere.  So the negative ions and the positive ions, I’m not, you know sure how it all works but lightning actually freshens the air; because it brings things out of order into order.

Sid: Well, speaking of out of order into order, tell me about that church that had lightning hit and within that week sin was exposed in the leadership.

Patricia:  Yeah, actually it was about two months after that first encounter we had with lightning, I was ministering in a church and we were just doing a conference, we had been invited in to speak and as we were sitting down at one of the sessions and the Pastor got up in pulpit to give announcement and to introduce us.  All of the sudden the appearance of those lightings came out it was a flash of light.  Not everyone in the room saw that, but I saw it and two other people on our team saw it, we looked at each other and we thought “Oh, my gosh, what was that you know?”  And when we were praying about it afterwards we talked to the Pastor about it and we said, “You know we saw lightning flash on you when you were up on the pulpit,” and we explained to him what we learned about the lightings.  And we said, “You know sometimes, it brings things that are out of order into order,” and we did not know that the Pastor was in sin.  But we told him we said, “This is what God calls for that things out of order to be brought into order.”  And within one week of that lightning flash there was an exposure of sexual sin in that pastor’s life and so it brought cleansing to the church.

Sid:  I’m wondering if we are going to see a lot of that because it appears to me that we have a generation of Christians here in the United States of America, North America that are not that concerning about holiness and living in sin.

Patricia:  I know it’s so vital Sid, that we align ourself with the righteousness of God because we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; so we need to manifest that.  And I do believe that there is going to be some strong dealings.  I know that a number of months back the Lord spoke to me a Word concerning appropriate discipline that when sin is exposed there needs to be appropriate discipline and repentance or else increase lawlessness will come.

Sid: I see that many people where sin is exposed and the whole gospel is forgiveness but there has to be repentance and they can’t just you know a month later, go back into ministry.

Patricia:  Exactly, I agree totally.

Sid:  …Tell me about when a person goes to the week Glory School in person what are some of the things that people leave with?

Patricia:  In the Glory School, we teach a life in the supernatural; how to live in the invisible kingdom of God with supernatural ability and empowerment; interaction with the Holy Spirit; following Him into all kinds of Devine encounters and Glory encounters; including how to discern angelic presence; and understand from the Spirit what they are doing and how to access by faith through scriptures and the leading of the Spirit Throne Room encounters.  And so students that come learn a strong foundation of the Word concerning who they are in Christ and what they have in Him according to Covenant.  Because as you know Jesus came and cut a covenant for us on behalf of men with God that is an eternal unbreakable covenant full of promises for us to walk in.  So the Glory School teaches us how to walk with Holy Spirit into the Glory dimensions of the Kingdom of God.

Sid:  Now many people that have never moved in the glory realm that have never had Third Heaven type experiences, once they take your school and your classes, this is normal.  This isn’t just the superstar is it?

Patricia:  No, all the Word is for all of God’s people and it says in Deuteronomy 9:29 “The secret things belong to God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever.”  And so when the scriptures are revealed to us God expects us to encounter it and so the Glory School teaches people how to encounter what is revealed to them by the Spirit in the Word.

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