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Sid:  On yesterday’s broadcast I was talking to violist Ruth Fazal about the Jewish heart that God had given her and she had what she calls an awakening vision in 2007, tell me about that Ruth.

Ruth:  Well, again it was at one of these Glory Nights in my home and it seems like lots of stuff happens there.  And I saw something like, it was like watching a movie and I was actually standing at my keyboard at the time and it was as I was playing I was seeing this movie.  To just tell it really briefly, it’s the sound, it’s seeing a large group of people on a desert.  Their camped there, they’re kind of in a comfortable place and then all of a sudden from the distance there is the sound of the trumpet.   And the sound of the trumpet gets closer and closer and as they begin to hear it and they make themselves ready then we realize that actually the One playing the trumpet is the Lord Himself.  And He’s calling His people away and He’s says it’s urgent, He’s says “You can’t stay here any longer” and He’s like wooing them to come with Him.  And then there’s this incredibly, there’s this ride across the desert plain and seeing them and they’re hanging on for dear life because they don’t know where He’s taking them.  But, then he brings them into the realm of His Glory and it’s a place of encounter.  It’s a place of deep encounter, it’s a place of deep worship and then in the midst of that they hear the sound of all creation groaning and crying out.  And they’re so aware of what God hears.  And then in the midst of that they hear God begin to say to them, “Comfort my people, speak tenderly to Jerusalem.”

Sid:  So there’s a tie in between intimacy with God and comforting His people, that’s what I’m hearing you say.

Ruth:  Yes, that’s it when we touch His heart we are going to find what His heart is beating with.  And His heart is beating with His love for His people.  And we can’t miss it, if you come deep inside His heart, we can’t miss it, there is no way.

Sid:  Well, I believe we’re in a stage right now, you see as I study the scriptures God uses Israel to chastise the nations based on Genesis 12:3.  I’ll bless those who bless His people; I’ll curse those who curse them.  Now, God chastises Israel Himself, but he causes actually nations that he wants to bring under judgment to do things like dividing the land etc.  So I believe that nations are being evaluated by God right now and individuals are being evaluated by God right now.  In your CD and you talk about intimacy with God and thru your violin it literally goes so deep.  Do you have people tell you how deep it ministers to them, healing they’re inner hurts and wounds?

Ruth:  Yeah, absolutely and I think that this is the thing that happens more than anything is that really deep place of connecting with Him and of that healing and of the intimacy.  And you know deep intimacy creates a longer for deeper intimacy and that’s the thing that I find that the longing creates a longing which creates a longing.  And you know the deeper we go the more we want to go.

Sid:  That’s what I’m finding when I personally listen to your music, it’s causing me to want to be closer and closer to the Lord.  Tell me about the selection “Dance” from Songs From the River.

Ruth:  Well, you know the Lord He comes to us and He says, “Will you dance with me?” And it’s oh, such an intimate thing isn’t it?  It’s a, and He draws us so close into Him and it comes a point I think, when He says, “Will you dance with Me?”  Which is, it’s like a partnership, it’s not just about feeling good in the intimacy, it’s about, will you dance with Me?  Will you come and partner with me and see the things that I’m doing and come and do them with Me?  And it’s very much about partnership.  Intimacy is about partnership, so we come to the point where we really want to know what’s on His heart.  And we begin to partner with Him to see those things come about.

Sid:  Now all of your music is spontaneous, it’s live, do you ever feel like sometimes you won’t know what to play?  I mean you’re human, don’t you?

Ruth:  Ha-ha, a…well, you know there was one time when, there was one time when…ha-ha,  there was one time, but it wasn’t because I didn’t know what to play, it was because I couldn’t play.  I was playing actually in a Concentration Camp in Terezin, Theresienstadt and I felt like all music was sucked out of me.  And there was no song, there was nothing and I couldn’t put my bow on the string.  Nothing, and that was such a deep experience of the Lord, until He said to me, I heard Him say, “Play “The Cry,” play “The Cry.”  And so I just almost…

Sid:  The cry of the Jewish people, I mean how many people were murdered there, I mean in that Progue Concentration Camp?

Ruth:  Well, they weren’t so much so murdered there, but they were sent on to the transports.  But for instance my focus was the children, there were more than 15,000 children went through Terezin and about one hundred of them survived.

Sid:  So you literally were playing they’re cries on the violin.

Ruth:  Oh, yeah and I think that what happened was at that moment, the reason I think as I think back on this, the reason I couldn’t play was because I was touching that sense in them of everything was taken away from them, everything was sucked out of them in that time when they were there.  And I think I just touched that for a moment.

Sid:  Are you ready for some deep, deep healing in your spirit?  Deep, deep intimacy with God?  Deep, deep physical healing?  Let’s hear “Dance?”  (Worship Insert)

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