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Sid:  Now two of my most favorite people in the healing ministry Charles and Francis Hunter, many of you are familiar with their ministry.  They were really pioneers in the healing ministry.  And just recently Francis has been promoted and she went home to be with the Lord.  And I have on the telephone her daughter, Joan Hunter.  And I asked, Joan did her mother know that she was ready to go and what did you say Joan?

Joan:  Yes, she did.  She told me that you know, she knew that she was getting ready to go and she says, don’t worry, you know my last breath here and my next breath will be with Jesus.

Sid:  And, but even though there’s still the human element and there’s a natural process called grieving.  And there are many that are listening to us Joan that have gone through this grieving process or are still in the grieving process but I have seen over the years that sometimes it almost gets demonic and they’re in the grieving process much longer than they should be.  How did this work with you?

Joan:  Well, in my particular case any time that there is a traumatic experience, say death, many times; all the times it will affect the heart.  And can open up the door for a spirit of trauma and a spirit of grief.  And I felt that grief coming on me about a week or two after my Mom had gone and I said, “Grief you cannot make your home in me.”  And I said, “Any spirit of grief, any spirit of trauma, is commanded to go.”  I felt my voice weakening, which a lot of time trauma will settle in the voice and in the vocal chords.  And I said, “Father right now in the Name of Jesus, I command every bit of trauma and grief to leave my body in Jesus Name.”  And it instantly left and I said Hallelujah and my voice was completely back to normal, just instantly like that and it was absolutely awesome what God has done in my life through this time.  That I say, okay you don’t have to deal and put up with a spirit of grief, and now I have actually proven it, that you don’t have to put up with it and that you can get rid of it.  And now there’s a time of loss and I miss my Mom and I miss her calling me and leaving me voice mails and saying you know “How many miracles did you have, and how’s the service and things like that.”  It’s you know I want to tell her about my new book and how well it’s doing, but she’s not there to tell and so there’s a natural missing of the communication that I had with my Mom here on the earth, but the heaviness, the grief, the sorrow, the trauma of my Mom with her death is just not there.  And it is so miraculous what God has done in my life.  As you know in my life, as you know through the years my life is a testimony of that if God can do it for me, God can do it for anybody.

Sid:  Yeah, you know what I’m thinking about as you’re speaking, because I’m thinking about your Mother and oh, I go back many, many years with your Mother and Father.  I remember as a new Jewish believer going to one of their meetings and they would hands on people and they’d be slain in the Spirit and it wasn’t that well known, back then.  It was kind of a rarity for that to happen.  And I remember, she said, “Well anyone else that once to do it we want everyone to just come up and lay hands on people and I remember going up; I was just in the audience and laying hands on people and they started being slain in the Spirit.  I was so astounded.

Joan:  You were a real believer at that point!

Sid:  Oh, I was but one of the thoughts that I have as I’m speaking to you is how inadequate you felt to step into their shoes and as a matter of fact what did you share with me about your Mother’s mantle?

Joan:  Well, stepping into what God has called me to do being their daughter was hard enough.  And people tried to make me a second generation Francis Hunter.  And as in comparison to me being a first and only generation of Joan Hunter and what God has called Joan to do.  And as I sharing with Sid about the mantle was that two weeks before my Mom died she has this beautiful necklace with diamonds and everything and the center of it is a heart.  And she said, I want to put it on you, her fingers were no longer nimble, she just couldn’t do it and so I learned forward as the caregiver actually put the necklace on me and she symbolically put the necklace on me.  And she says wear this for me and she says with my necklace, I give you my mantle.  And instantaneously from that moment on there has been; two weeks before she left a dramatic difference in the services of getting an increased anointing because of the mantle.  And it has been amazing.  And even the number of people that are getting slain in the Spirit in the services has increased and the miracles that have happened and just in the last two weeks, I’ve seen thousands of healings.

Sid:  Well, I have to say this publically, we had when you did our radio and television show last, we had more miracles occur than anyone that I had ever interviewed.  And so I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with this increase for the radio and for the television.  But, I’m also reminded of a young girl that was literally forced by her mother to come out of her comfort zone.  Is that true?

Joan:  Yes, and I remember traveling with Mom and Dad you know when I was in my early twenties and I’m past my mid fifties now, but when I was in my early twenties and I knew that people didn’t come to see me, they came to see them.  And it was like dealing with people you know wanting to see Mom and Dad rather than you know, I don’t care who prays for me I just want Jesus to heal me.  And to this day I will never compare to my mother.  But I’m not supposed to compare to my mother.  I’m supposed to be, I’m her daughter, I have a lot of similarities because she is my Mom, but I’m not my Mom.  But having to deal with such a strong personality as she had and, but that could and it did cause me to go to the background to not be seen to go to the big curtain and hide.  But when I knew that God had called me to come out from behind the curtain, to come out from my comfort zone and my hiding and that God could use me just as much if not more than my mother.

Sid:  And you were very public about, you were devastated by a divorce and thought that would be the end of your healing ministry.

Joan:  That would be the end of every ministry, sure.  And you know with being forced with divorce, it’s ten years ago, it’s hard to believe, but you know he was living a double life as a homosexual and because of that life style, God had released me to get the divorce because you know in covenant with somebody you’re also involved in that lifestyle whether you are actually participating in it or not.  It is a form of condoning it and God just said, “I’ve freed you up.” And it was like, people were telling God can’t use you anymore because you’re divorced.  And I’m like how come these people are still getting healed and this is happening?  But people say that you can’t use me.  And at that point I just talked to God and I said, “What am I suppose to do and he said, “Just remember there not the ones that called you, I am.”  And that gave me so much freedom knowing that God was the one that called me, God forgave me of the divorce even though it wasn’t my fault, any part of it, you know in actually getting the divorce was forgiven.  And it enabled me go on and to be all that God had called me to be.  And even though his unfaithfulness to God and to me, meaning my ex-husband that did not mean that I was not faithful to God.  And God has seen my faithfulness through these years.  And he has certainly met my need in every area and it’s just been incredible.  It’s very easy to succumb to the word divorce and this that and the other and the loss of your spouse.  And you know children and whatever and parents and we can succumb to that and allow it to shut us down or we can in turn allow it to build us up into all that God has for us.

Sid:  …this is the way I look at it, you spend forty years in the healing ministry, most of that time with your parents so we have their generation, what they imparted to you and then what the Holy Spirit imparted to you to build upon what the foundation they gave you.  So it’s almost two generations of studying healing and being and understanding every facet of healing…

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