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Sid:  And you know earlier this week Matt Sorger had an experience in England in which literally a fiery burning angel came into the meeting, you got to tell me about that Matt.

Matt:  Yeah, Sid we were having a morning meeting that day and later a night meeting.  It was in the morning service I was standing in worship and the spot next to me on my left side was empty there was no one sitting there.  Suddenly during the worship time I felt a burning heat coming from my left side and I thought to myself at first there is a pillar of fire standing next to me in the room.  And I put my hand out to the left and as my hand went into the air the air was burning hot, it was a different temperature than the other air; then I pulled my hand out and it got cold, put my hand in it got hot again.  And then the Holy Spirit spoke to me, He said, “I’ve sent a seraphim fiery angel into the meeting today.”  So then God moved powerfully during that service.  But then later that night we were coming back to the church; I was in the restaurant with the Pastor and few other people before the service started and my body started getting hot again and I took my jacket off and I just was feeling this tremendous heat.  When we walked into the church I stood up to preach and when I went to open up my mouth God literally struck me mute.  He would not let me talk and I’m standing there in front of a crowd packed out church full of people and I go to talk you know and they’re waiting for me to say something but no words are coming out.  I totally lose the ability to speak and lasted for about two hours.  As I stood there on the platform behind the pulpit that seraphim angel came into the meeting and the fire of God started to feel the atmosphere.  The physical temperature got so dramatically hot, people started taking off their extra layers of clothes, they started opening up the doors the windows.  And for two hours the tangible fire of God moved through that church.  People were set free, they were purged, they were delivered.  It was a visitation of the fire of God.

Sid:  Is that sort of encounter going to be happening more and more because we’re really in the last of the last days right now.  What is God showing you that will be happening on planet earth as far as the supernatural?

Matt:  Well, you know God has a vision and His vision is of the whole earth will be covered with knowledge of the Glory of God.  And I believe as time accelerates, as we get closer to the end there is an acceleration happening; you see it all around.  You see it even in what’s happening in nature and I think you know that it’s good to mention you know we see a lot of earthquakes, we see a lot of lot of tornadoes; we see these crazy tumultuous things happening within nature itself.  It’s a sign that it’s accelerating to the point of Christ return because all of nature is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.  And when we talk about the sons of God were talking about the church.  And you know when you study that in the Greek son of God means, mature son; so when we talk about the earth being covered with the Glory were talking about God raising up in the last days as time is accelerating right now.  God is raising up mature sons, mature daughters who will know how to walk in the Spirit; how to be lead by the Spirit; how to walk in the Glory; how to live in the Glory; how to release the Glory and how to see how God’s presence and power literally be released over nations; over regions; over whole aspects of society.  And I believe that these days of acceleration we’re going to see an acceleration of His Glory an acceleration of people really being lead by the Holy Spirit; walking in the power of the Spirit because these are the mature sons.

Sid:  Now you told me that we’re coming into, for lack of a better words a choice of people are going to have to choose to get rid of the giants in their life or fall to these giants.  I mean there’s no in between and especially with there’s going to be a transition of spiritual leaders.  What did God show you?

Matt:  Yeah, we are in a very I want to say crucial time right now, crucial time, almost life and death in some situations.  There are right I believe right now leaders, spiritual leaders, people in the body; we are at a point of facing our giants.  Every person will have some sort of giant in their life; it could be some area of their personality that they are dealing with; an area of their flesh; it could be a trial, a temptation and an issue; a character issue.  It could be any number of things but the Lord is calling us right now to face our giants head on.  If we will face our giants head on like David confronted Goliath there will be, for those who will make the choice confront their giants, deal with their giants and by God’s power see those things taken down in their life.  After David defeated the giant the crown of authority of kingship was brought to David.  His choice to confront the giant literally drew the crown of promotion into his life and brought him to his next level of fulfillment of His destiny.  So as people right now make the choice to face their giants, deal with their issues; deal with their issues in private with the Lord, there will be a promotion and an increase drawn to them in their life.  But for those who choose not to deal with their giants there will be consequences for that.

Sid:  Now one of the things that you shared earlier this week is you had a private visitation just before Oral Roberts promotion to heaven in which he taught you about love and laid hands for a special impartation.  Tell me an example of what’s been happening in your life.  For instance the woman in Wales that was so skeptical how did love affect that healing?

Matt:  Yes, you know Sid, we’ve seen love be the key, the key for the real genuine power of God, this woman, you know we were in a meeting and the altar was filled with people, we were praying for the sick and the Lord showed me this woman sitting way back in her chair.  And he told me to go pray for her.  And I said, “Lord, I said if she needed prayer she would up here at the altar, I don’t think she wants prayer, she is sitting down.”  And God said, “Go pray for her.”  So I left the altar and I walked back to where she was sitting and I looked down at her and I said, “Can I pray for you?”  And she looked up at me and she said, “No!  I don’t want you to pray for me and she was angry and mean and bitter and just had a lot of stuff going on.”  And I looked up at God and I said, “God, I told you she didn’t want prayer.”  And the Lord just again spoke to me, “Pray for her.”  So as I looked at her again and I said, “Can I pray for you?”  She began to tell me all of the sickness that was in her body and she kept going on and on and on.  And she said, “I’ve had every person pray for me, I’ve gone to the doctors, I even had this part of my organ taken out of my body and I still have all the pain, I still have all the sickness that the doctors can’t help me, God won’t heal me.” And she was just in a very depressed, very dark place, so I just closed my eyes and I started praying in the Spirit because I had to get out of the natural, if I let myself get caught in where this woman was, it would hinder me from being able to pray for her.  So I closed my eyes, started praying in the Spirit, as I was praying I the Spirit suddenly in my heart I started to feel this love rise up in me.  I didn’t care if this woman was telling me off, if she wanted to slap me, all’s I could feel and I literally felt it was God’s love for her.  His heart, His overwhelming love for this woman and the power of God was released on her.  I mean she stood there with her eyes open; she wouldn’t even bow her head to pray.  But you what God loved her so much and he saw through all of the issues of her life, he saw the hurt in her heart and the pain in her heart and you know what?  His love overcame it all, and suddenly this power of God came upon her and that woman was totally healed.  And not only was she healed, but she started laughing, she started laughing and crying and she said to me, “All the pain is gone,” she said, “But not only is the pain gone I could feel the presence of God again and I haven’t felt Him in five years, I felt so dead I’ve haven’t felt alive, I haven’t felt God in five years and I feel His presence throughout all of my being right now.”  So the Lord, not only healed her but He revived her, stored her and it flowed out of God’s love.

Sid:  …Matt, very briefly the anointing is so strong I’m tell you in the Name of Jesus oppression is leaving people, you must leave you spirit of oppression right now.  Matt pray for healing, for miracles right now.

Matt:  Thank you Lord; Father, I thank you right now that you’re anointing is going over the airwaves your tangible presence, we take authority over sickness, we take authority over oppression, over depression, Lord over every form of sickness and disease and infirmity and we say in the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed, be loosed from your infirmity, be loosed from that depression, be loosed into God’s healing and wholeness and freedom, in Jesus Name.  We declare it over you now.  Thank you Lord.

Sid:  There are people; it’s especially a spirit of oppression Matt.  And we agree two or more agree touching anyone thing and in Jesus Name we agree that back has just been healed and that neck has just been healed.  But we agree in Jesus Name you spirit of oppression you must get off of people right now.

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