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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. And I have to tell you I have been so looking forward to this interview. My guest is Surprise Sithole, and Surprise, how did you get the name “Surprise”?

SURPRISE: I got the name because of this spot here on my side (points to head).

SID: I see it.

SURPRISE: Yes, when I was born, they were not expecting to have somebody with gray hair coming out.

SID: That’s unusual in Africa.

SURPRISE: Yes. Yes, yes.  So when I was coming they say “Oh! It’s a Surprise.”

SID: I see. Now when you were six months old, a dog ripped your eye out. Tell us about that.

SURPRISE: Yes. That’s why you see this scar here. You can see the scar. When I was six months, old a dog was eating the food and then I was just approaching, crawling to the dog food, and the dog ripped, bite me here and the eye fall out.

SID: Completely out of your body?

SURPRISE: Completely out. So my mother with a piece of cloth run and get the eye and put it back, and tied it here, and it stayed there for two weeks. And after the two weeks they opened and my eyes were fine.

SID: Now you were born in Mozambique?

SURPRISE: I was born in Mozambique, yes.

SID: You have to understand, Surprise came from more generations of witch doctors than he can remember. But when you were young man, you heard a voice. Tell me about that.

SURPRISE: Yes. When I was a young man, I heard a voice. We were sleeping in a small mud hut, and the voice was so loud. “Surprise, Surprise, wake up! Move out from your village. Surprise, Surprise, wake up. Move from your village.” Well when I woke up my father and my mother, they were sleeping. I woke up. “Who is this one that is speaking?” “Move from your village. If you don’t move, you die. Move from your village. If you don’t move you die.” I woke up. I went to the house of my friend, Garfar, that night. And I told Garfar what had happened to me. I said, “I’m going away from the village.” Garfar said to me, “I will go with you wherever you go.” Okay, so we took off. It was a very small trail in the jungle; forest is where we were living, a lot of mosquitoes, a lot of malaria bugs, and all kinds of that stuff. So we started walking on a small trail. We got lost. We stayed in the jungle for two weeks. Later on, we are there at the bottom of Malawi in a village called Villanova. So when we appeared there, there was a man that he had a dream. His name, this man is Lucas. This man had a dream. “Go to one of the trees, acacia tree. Go to that acacia tree. You will see two boys coming from the jungle. Get them into your house.” And then this man, the following day after his dream, he went to that tree. And while he was on that tree, we were coming near, me and my friend, Garfar. And then he said to us, “I was just here to wait for you. Let’s go to my house.”

SID: I mean this is pretty supernatural! He hears a voice. He leaves his home. A man meets him. Did this man know Jesus?

SURPRISE: Yes, he was a Christian.

SID: He led you to know Jesus.

SURPRISE: The following day, yes.

SID: And what he found out is if he had not been obedient and left his house, what happened to everyone in your house?

SURPRISE: This is what happened. The following day, we gave our life to Jesus before that man, Mr. Lucas. And then because we were two weeks in the jungle; now later on the fisherman was just going to Malawi to sell the fish, and he said, in the village, such and such family they all died. How they died, the village people took a bile of crocodile. The bile of crocodile is very poisonous. They put it into the maze meal. They mixed it with the bile of crocodile. They take the food to give to my family.

SID: So your family was all poisoned.

SURPRISE: Yes, they were.

SID: If you had lived there, you would have been poisoned.

SURPRISE: I like to eat, so…

SID: So get this. A voice tells him to leave. What did you…?  Coming from all those generations of witch doctors, had anyone told you about Jesus before this?

SURPRISE: Before then, we didn’t know anything about Jesus, no.

SID: Are you the first one in your family?

SURPRISE: I’m first generation, yes, believer.

SID: Okay. You told me that you had a dream or almost a vision just before you received Jesus. Tell me about that.

SURPRISE: The dream was a vision. When Mr. Lucas was telling us about the Creation, he was explaining the Creation said the Creation, so, so, so. And then he started talking a little bit about the plan of God. So suddenly, I saw my eyes was just like changing, not in there any more. So I was seeing I was in the ledge. And this was the Hell. And then I’m ready to go into it. So then I started crying and shaking. And Mr. Lucas said, “No, as long as you breathe you have a chance.”

SID: How did you even know about Hell?

SURPRISE: Oh, well he was talking, while he was talking the plan of God.

SID: What did see with your eyes?

SURPRISE: What I really saw in my eyes, I was standing like in this place. It was on the ledge and this is very deep, steep, something and the smoke is coming out, and the flames of fires coming out, and then I was ready my life to go into it. So then I started shaking.

SID: So you were like being pushed over a ledge.


SID: Did you feel like it was real? Was it like flames of fire?

SURPRISE: Well I felt that I was shaking and crying tear down.

SID: Now today, Surprise, remember how he got his name; he was a big surprise. Africans in Malawi, in Mozambique, they don’t have gray hair when they’re born like that. And he has prayed for eight people that were dead that have come back to life. His associates have prayed for over a hundred. And I understand they don’t even count someone that they were dead and they came back to life unless they were dead for a while. Tell me what they look for to count someone as dead.

SURPRISE: At least a day.

SID: At least a day they have to be dead.

SURPRISE: At least a day because some people just had a heart attack, fainting.

SID: Okay. I want to find out the first time he prayed for a dead person that came back to life. Don’t go away. We’ll be back.


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