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Sid:  Now One New Man has a name, Jesus, Yeshua the King of the Jews and when the two when the wall of separation comes down between this Jewish believer and the Gentile believer and these two spiritual DNAs emerge together we get as Paul is just ecstatic I can just picture him saying this in the Chapter in the book of Ephesians, the full dwelling place of God by His Spirit.  And then we will do the same works that Yeshua, but Jesus did and even greater.  What’s the purpose of the works?  What’s the purpose of the miracles?  For a miracle, for a healing, oh that’s good, that’s great especially if you’re sick, but no it’s to demonstrate the Kingdom of heaven so that the world can know the King.  That’s the purpose of a miracle, for the greatest miracle.  And that’s why we equip you for walking in signs and wonders, but part of the equipping is to understand the times and seasons that we’re living in.  And we are living in the last of the last days and my friend Rabbi Jonathan Cahn received a revelation.  He is a prophetic teacher; I mean this is what he’s known for; in fact within the movement of Messianic Judaism he’s known as the top prophetic teacher that we have in the movement.  But I believe that he; it wasn’t an accident, he was a few miles down the road where 9/11 happened.   It wasn’t an accident the events that happened in his life to unravel a pattern for ancient Israel that if you were not a Jewish believer it would be very difficult for you to grasp the magnitude of this and we’re just touching the surface of it because we have a seven and by the way Jonathan, isn’t that that interesting, it’s seven CDs; there’s something about the number seven that we’re going to talk about later on either this week or next week.  But we have these seven CDs called “Harbinger, the Warning,” it’s a two part prophetic series the second part is called “Harbinger, the Shaking.”  And I tell you it is going to shake your whole paradyne for end times and how you’re supposed to live your life because this is the worse time for planet earth and the best time for believers.  Now Jonathan we were talking about, you uncovered from Isaiah 9:10 this pattern that was going on in ancient Israel because God’s heart was saying I don’t to judge you, I want you to prosper!  I want you to be blessed, that was God’s heart, but he did warning, I don’t think that I’d give as many warnings as God’s given, but there was seven harbingers or warnings.  And we talked about on yesterday’s broadcast and previous days that are leading to where we are going and we can only touch a little bit of only a few of these harbingers, but let’s start today with the warning of the vow.

Jonathan:  Yes, yeah, the stage again is that that America is following a pattern of ancient Israel in its last days when God sent warning and the ultament the first thing was the breaking of the hedge of protection.  That matches with 9/11; then comes nine harbingers linked to that and to the nations not repenting, but turning away from God.  God sends warning.  So here we go, we’re going to go the eighth harbingers today and this one blew me away because the, it involves the American leader who without realizing it is actually taking part in a prophetic reenactment of the ancient drama; and he becomes part of the sign.  Now, now to put it together, Isaiah 9:10 has been our key to unlocking this; it’s the vow of defiance and we went to several things within it that actually came true; the sycamore tree, the aorist tree, the stone of judgment, all of that.  But now, put it all together you have a vow; you have this vow of defiance ; you have the nation of Israel makes; “We are not going to be humbled and all of that and we are going to come back stronger than ever; and that’s what Isaiah records.  So the eighth harbinger is going to be the vow itself of the words; it’s the utterance; it’s the speaking, the proclaiming of it.  Now, which becomes a sign itself that it was a sign of Israel’s destruction actually leads to the destruction.  Now how do we find this harbinger?  How do we find – locate that if this could appear in America?  Well, the first thing is who spoke those words which Isaiah said, “The brick’s have fallen, we will rebuild the hewn stone, the sycamore has been cut down, we will plant cedars or aorist trees in they’re place.”  Who spoke it?  Certainly the people could have done that, but it only means something if spoken by the leaders of ancient Israel; only then does it represent the will of a nation.  So where would they have spoken it?  Leaders would have spoken a proclamation in a capital city.  So the eighth harbinger is this:  A national leaders has to speak in the capitol city in a public setting to proclaim the ancient vow of defiance specifically joining it to the calamity.  In the case of America it would have been 9/11; so the eighth harbinger appeared, that’s what has to happen; it has to be proclaimed publically.

Sid:  And again, what Jonathan is saying is this is actually what happened in ancient Israel and and it’s playing out.  It was almost as if Jonathan, that it was a dress rehearsal of what is happening in America today.

Jonathan:  Yeah, its mystery it’s a prophetic replaying exactly of what happened there and it’s all comes together there and nobody could have orchestrated this.  And so here; could this have actually happen?  Why would American leader proclaim words, ancient words of Israel, the leaders of Israel and words of judgment?

  • Well, it happened three years after 9/11; in fact it happened on the anniversary of 9/11; the third anniversary of 9/11.  September 11, 2004;
  • Where? In the capital city, Washington, DC;
  • By whom?  By an American national leader, the man who was the Vice President candidate on the democratic ticket that year, John Edwards.

He gets up to speak at a gathering in Washington on 9/11 three years after the calamity.    He gets up to deliver a speech which I mean he has no idea what he’s about to do; he’s about to manifest the eighth harbinger.  He thinks he’s giving a speech to of inspiring people; but according to the harbinger, a national leader has to proclaim the ancient words.  So this is these; listen now, these are the actual words and this is how he begins:  He says, “Good morning, today on this day of remembrance and mourning; we have the Lord’s word to get us through and here’s the word of encouragement.  He says,

  • The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones.
  • The sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place.

Sid:  He is quoting exactly Isaiah 9:10!

Jonathan:  Exactly!  About out of about thirty…

Sid:  Of all the scriptures in all of the Bible, he picks the one that is one of the warnings to Israel that progressively judgment is coming and he mouths it as a national leader.

Jonathan:  Exactly, and on 9/11 and linking it to 9/11 not realizing what he’s doing, he’s linking 9/11 to the breech of Israel’s last days of judgment.  He’s linking America to Israel under judgment.  He’s linking America as a nation in defiance of God without realizing it.  He had no idea whatsoever as if.  But he’s doing exactly; he’s reenacting what the leaders of ancient Israel did.  And not only that; he not only does that, but he builds the entire speech around Isaiah 9:10 about the vow of defiance without realizing it, he doesn’t know what it means.  He says this, “Let me show you how we are building, “We are putting cedars in those places; hollow places.”  In other words he’s identifying a thing, he said, “We are the footsteps of ancient Israel.”  He goes on; “In a place where smoke once rose, you and I will see that cedar rising.  He doesn’t realize the cedar is a harbinger of judgment.  He’s says, “You will see that while those bricks fell and the sycamores were cut down, our people are making those cedars rise.”  He’s talking about the harbingers there, and actually he doesn’t even realize that they actually existed, that there was a sycamore that got cut down, there was a stone placed on the place he doesn’t even realize that but it’s prophetic and it’s a prophetic statement; it’s supernatural.

Sid:  Is it prophetic, Jonathan Cahn that shortly thereafter he collapsed.

Jonathan:  Yeah.

Sid:    He fell?

Jonathan:  Yeah.

Sid:  I see that as all part of it.

Jonathan:   Yeah, yeah; in fact Sid, I think you’re right; that you’re on, were going to see tomorrow with another national leader who does a traumatic thing with this and he also falls from power too; that is, I believe that is so.  And so just like probably the leaders of ancient Israel, we don’t know what happened to them, but they were in judgment.  The vow, I’m not speaking about him personally but, the vow is a sign, the vow is a manifestation he’s representing the nations defiance of God.  And when it was uttered in ancient Israel that vow actually lead to ultimately the destruction because the people didn’t turn back its ammonias.

Sid:  And I happen to know some of the things he’s going to be teaching; and it’s only you know tiny bit of what; this is such rich and depth.  Jonathan, I have to believe that you’re amazed that so much occurred having to do with the patterns of ancient Israel.

Jonathan:  Yeah, and it doesn’t stop, I mean we’re gonna, I mean we’re going to go, we are going to see, you know it’s going to actually lead, it’s going to lead into every, it’s going to lead into the collapse of the economy.

Sid:  Is it going to lead into perhaps the future of President Obama?

Jonathan:  Well, it’s going to lead into the future, what that is you know that’s, that’s, that’s an issue, but it’s going to lead.  Everything, we are going to get in, it’s has not stopped the progressive.  There is a progression of judgment…

Sid:  We’ve got to get this on the air because it’s still unfolding, but you can see the progressive pattern and you see what you have to do.  I mean this message should be, as Pat Robertson would say, “Shouted from the housetop!”  Ha-ha.

Jonathan:  Hmmm.  Yeah, yeah and it’s yeah, I keep getting the scripture of you know, “Sound the alarm, you know, sound the alarm!  That’s what we have to do.

Sid:  Well, you know David Wilkerson was promoted home, I’m wondering if that mantle isn’t falling on a Messianic Jewish Rabbi right now?

Jonathan:  Well, Sid…

Sid:  I’ll let you not answer that one right now.  But I want to read to you from the front page of our next newsletter; in which we’re featuring this two part prophetic series. Is it possible, there existed an ancient mystery in which is hidden the secret of America’s future?  Is it possible that this mystery lies behind everything from 9/11; to the war in Iraq; to the American housing bubble and it’s bursting to the crash of Wall Street; and the global economy to the great recession and so much more?  Even the President of the United States?

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