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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Joan Hunter. And I’m…this is the kind of person I am. Joan, I would like to know what goes on in your home when you’re writing checks. How do you do it? And give me a few clues, because, I mean, she’s a few months away from paying off her home. She was upset with the carpet in her home. And she prays and someone gives her a new carpet. I want to know what you’re doing.

JOAN: It’s wall-to-wall carpet, brand new, the finest quality installed, no charge. It was awesome. He just wanted to bless me and I thought, thank you, Jesus. But you know what? God used him to represent Him. And when God wants to bless us in every area, whatever you’re believing God for, see it. It’s like, well how much should I give or, number one, ask God. Obedience is very, very powerful. Number two, get it lined up with a scripture. Put your money where your mouth is. You’re confessing ‘this happening in my life that I’m going to prosper, that I’m going to be a thousand times more numerous than I am.’

SID: You know, most people don’t realize it, and you said it so quickly. You have to get in line with a scripture. That’s where the power comes from. It’s not just, oh God, give me it. No. This is your promise, Lord, and I’m lining up with your promise. That’s what you’re saying.

JOAN: Yes. And obedience and alignment coming together is so powerful in whatever God tells you to give you need to give. If you can back up with a scripture, that adds more power to it. And like Isaiah 55:11, “So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth, it shall accomplish where to I send it.” So at that point, you go, okay, I am believing God for a new car, so I’m going to seed $55.11 and I’m going to send…

SID: Why $55.11?

JOAN: Based on Isaiah 55:11.

SID: Oh, yeah.

JOAN: My seed is going to go and it’s going to accomplish where to I send it.

SID: Now that is really demonstrating your faith.

JOAN: It is.

SID: She writes the check out for the scripture that she’s believing God for. That’s wonderful.

JOAN: It’s awesome. And like when you plant and you want a cornfield, you don’t go out and plant pea corn, pea seed. You plant corn seed for corn. And so we plant the scripture that lines up with what we’re believing God for. And we’re believing God for supernatural finances to pay off our house. We will seed $111.

SID: Why $111?

JOAN: Deuteronomy 1:11. You can do $1.11, $11.11, $111, $111,000, $111 million, whatever it is.

SID: I like that $111 million!

JOAN: I like that one, too. But the Word says He’s going to make you a thousand times more numerous than you are. And when He says to, “Go make a thousand times more numerous,” that means in every area, in your ministry, in your job, in your family. It’s phenomenal what’s happening.

SID: And I have to tell you, a lot of you have backed off of giving, especially when you hear, “sow your seed” because many times you judge the minister and you judge their heart, which you should not be doing. But there has been a lot of greed that has been involved in this whole concept of modern day giving. But it’s not greed. It’s the heart of God. If your motivation is expanding God’s kingdom, if your motivation is right then God’s Word it’s just like the rain. It will accomplish what it was sent out to do. Joan, give me an example of someone that took a scripture and what happened with them.

JOAN: We had a situation in a meeting a few months ago, and she says, “God, I want to get out of debt so that I can do more for you.” She seeded $111 on Friday night, very specifically, Friday night, gave $111. She wanted to do more missions, but she just needed extra finances to do that. Saturday, very important, she got a phone call saying that her debt of several hundred thousand dollars had been wiped out, that she no longer had a mortgage on her home. On Saturday.

SID: I love it. I can see you thinking of scriptures. Give me another scripture and what happened to the person.

JOAN. Oh! This is one of favorites. Isaiah 49:25: “He who contends with me, I will contend with.” Two parts here. “He who contends with me,” anybody coming against you, you can see like a court case or whatever, and it will be dropped. It’s amazing what happens with that one. And then also it starts with, “But thus says the Lord,” and it ends with, “and I will save your children.” Last year, God spoke to my husband and I to seed $49.25 for my four girls, his four sons, which was times eight. We did. Every single one of them had received, the six of them that had jobs, all of them received raises on their jobs, promotions on their jobs. I have three sons-in-laws. They all got promotions on their jobs. Their cars were given, they had finances. I mean, all within a period of like nine months, every single one of them was astronomically blessed in the natural, but also spiritually.

SID: Are you ready to be blessed in the natural and spiritually? Joan, would you pray for supernatural provision right now.

JOAN: I will. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I curse any form of the spirit of poverty and the curse of poverty in Jesus’ name. And Father, I thank you for totally wiping out in their mind the poverty mentality in Jesus name. Even though there’s money in the bank, people still think that they’re poor. And Father, I thank you for totally wiping that out of their memory of their thought, that they are children of the King. And Father, that they’re living on a limited income. Remove that thinking. Use wisdom, use budgets. But Father, I thank you that with you it is an unlimited income in Jesus’ name. I speak supernatural financial breakthrough, supernatural provision financially, coming into the homes. I speak scholarships coming in for college and tuition, and so forth. My stepson received a full ride to Harvard and graduated with honors from Harvard. God wants to bless you. And Father, right now we thank you for finances showing up in bank accounts, raises on the job, witty inventions. We speak that forth Jesus’ name for literally a deluge of finances coming in, in Jesus’ name.

SID: Joan, I want to see our people walk in the same favor you’re walking under. I want to see our people walking in the same favor It’s Supernatural is walking under. Let me tell you why we’re walking in such favor, because we understand the spiritual law of evangelism. Here’s how it works. When God wanted to reach the whole world, he picked a Jew. He went to the Jew first. When Jesus wanted to reach the whole world, he said, “I go only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” It’s as if God planted a seed with the Jew. It’s as if Jesus planted a seed with the Jew to reach the whole world. When Paul the apostle, to the gentile, wanted to reach the whole world, what did he say in Romans 1:6? “I’m not ashamed of the Gospel. It’s the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes to the Jew first.” That’s the secret to the unusual favor that Joan and I are walking under right now. And I pray that same favor will overtake you and the wealth of the wicked is stored up for you, the righteous.

JOAN: Amen.

SID ROTH: Get ready. Put your hands out to receive. It’s God’s time for your favor now.

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