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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. How does a young man have angels visit him, give him supernatural revelation? I have such a man here. His name is Matt Sorger. And I believe that if we can find out what he did and we do the same thing then maybe we won’t have an angelic visitation, but we’ll be in that supernatural realm. Matt, when I think about you, I think about your mom, because it was your mom who was the catalyst to get you started. Your mother was suffering from, diagnosed with MS. Medical doctors couldn’t help her. She tried the supernatural realm not of God, Buddhism and New Age. Instead of getting better, she got worse. And so finally her mother, your grandmother, I guess, invited her to a Catholic charismatic service. She gets there. She wants to go forward to have hands laid on her to be healed, but she doesn’t even make it to have the hands laid on her. What happened, Matt?

MATT: Well that night, my mom was the worse she had been in two years. I was 14 years old now at the time she went to the healing mass. When she went forward for prayer, before the priest could even get his hands on her to pray for her, she had, just before going up, looked up at the cross and said, “Jesus, tonight I am giving everything to you. I’m turning to you 100 percent.”

SID: That had to be key.

MATT: That was the key. And she realized it because she had New Age remedies and she had tried psychic healing and crystals. She just got worse. And she got a revelation that these other things, she said, “Something is wrong here. These other things must not be of God if I’m getting worse.” So that night, she came back to faith in Christ, went forward. Before the priest could even be pray for her, who was filled with the Holy Spirit, by the way, the power of God overshadowed her body. The force of God’s manifest power was so strong that it physically knocked her body through the air about 10 across the altar. She landed on the ground. And she describes it like she felt volts of electricity flowing through her body. She thought she died and went to Heaven. And when she got off the floor all the sickness was completely gone from her life.

SID: What affect did it have on you?

MATT: She walked home that night. She came through the front door that night, and she was bright and smiling, and happy, totally healed. And I said, “Who are you? What happened to you?” And she said, “Jesus healed me tonight.” That week I got saved, my whole family got saved, and not only did Jesus heal my mom, but he saved our whole family at the same time.

SID: Well Matt then has a hunger for God. But he does something that a young teenager, it’s just not normal. He goes to these services where there’s hundreds of people praising God and he feels a real manifest presence of God. So he goes home and he starts worshiping God like he did at the meetings, and nothing. But here’s the thing that I think is so amazing, and I want you to catch. Matt, when you felt nothing, a pragmatic person would say, well I’ll just wait until Sunday when I go to service. You didn’t do that.

MATT: No. I wanted God one on one. I mean, I loved experiencing His presence when I was in the service. But I wanted to experience God by myself, just that one on one relationship. So I kept worshiping. Everyday I’d go into my room. I put my worship music on and I would sing the same songs we sang in church, and I would feel nothing. But you know what, I didn’t stop. I kept pressing for four months, at least an hour a day, at least an hour. And I remember after the fourth month one day standing and singing the same song I had sung everyday for four months, and it was like Heaven opened up over me. God’s manifest glory came in the room, filled me, filled the whole room, and a breakthrough happened in my spirit.

SID: And this breakthrough that you had, if you had been like most people they would have stopped. Once he has this breakthrough, and you call it kind of an overflow, a spillover.

MATT: Exactly.

SID: Does it continue or do you have to then go for your next breakthrough?

MATT: The Bible says to be continually filled with the Spirit, but there is something about continually seeking God. But what happened with me was once my spirit got that breakthrough, I call it reaching the saturation point. Once the Holy Spirit saturated my spirit, overflowed into my soul and my body, began to fill every area of my life, from that moment forward, every time I would just whisper the name of Jesus, I could be doing laundry and I would say, “Jesus”. I’d close my eyes and I would just whisper his name.

SID: Excuse me. You just said his name and I just felt an overflow.

MATT: And his presence, like his presence is here right now. His presence would fill the room wherever I was and I would try it out. I’d say, I wonder if God’s presence is going to be with me here when I’m in the classroom or here when I’m doing laundry in the laundry room. I would just close my eyes and whisper his name and (blows) his presence would come in.

SID: So how long did you worship before you reached that overflow position?

MATT: It was about an hour a day.

SID: But for how many months?

MATT: Four months.

SID: Well that sounds pretty good to me. But what if it would have taken a year and a half, Matt? What if?

MATT: You just keep worshiping. See, because it’s not just about what we feel. We worship God because He’s worthy to be worshiped. And whatever He chooses to give us as a gift of His presence we accept that. So it’s not always about how we feel. But I encourage people no matter what you feel, God is still there with you. But if you keep persevering and you keep letting God fill you, eventually your spirit man will reach the saturation point.

SID: So you become a young pastor. You go into your office and all of a sudden you recognize, although you have a schedule like most pastors like this, you recognize God is there. What happened?

MATT: I open the door of my office. I was a brand new pastor, just my first year pastoring. I walk into the office right into the presence of God. He was there waiting for me. And I was taken back by it. I said, “God, your presence is in the office.” And I heard His voice speak to me, an inner audible voice. I shut the door. “I want to spend this whole day with you.”

SID: By the way, you weren’t the only one. I just heard the voice of God and He just said there are people watching that have a pain in their neck, and if you will move you will see that the pain is gone and the anointing is going all the way down your back right now, if you’ll just bend over. Matt, I think you’ re hearing the same thing.

MATT: Hallelujah.

SID: You look like it. What are you hearing?

MATT: People, again, healed right now. There is an anointing that’s flowing. Holy Spirit is touching you right now where you are, in your room wherever you’re watching from. It’s amazing.

SID: Now God spoke to you during that time and gave you a warning. Tell me about it

MATT: As I sat in my chair, the heavy, heavy, I mean it was so heavy, of His presence. There was one time I was so thankful for this presence of God that I was feeling and I wanted to say, thank you, God. But as the words came out of my mouth I would feel His presence lift off of me. So I just grew quiet. And then the Lord spoke to me. He said. “This is not about you speaking any words right now. This is me being with you and you just being with me. Just be in my presence.” And then as a few hours went by my mind started to go. You have to this, you have to do that, you have to do this. And I actually felt guilty for praying. And the Lord spoke to me, something that changed my life forever.

SID ROTH: Hold that thought. We’ll be right back after this word.

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