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Sid Roth welcomes Grace Williams

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Sid:  Grace Williams your music is just affecting our staff; the anointing was so strong when they started playing your music in our prayer meetings.  And tell me about the woman that was an ex-Hindu what happened to her when she heard your music.

Grace:  Yes, yes she was in a worship service and she really felt like the Lord showed her during worship that she had this snake that had been coiled around her neck and she kind of started coughing and saw this snake and the Lord showed her that it was basically an ancient generational Hindu spirit and so she grabbed a couple people to pray with her.  And we started praying and just really speaking freedom over her and she was delivered and set free.  And then filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues and she said that, “She felt her physical body; she said she felt her physical body literally felt so free and so light.”  And she’s now been able to share with her family and to just have an incredible testimony of her freedom.  And I really feel like Sid that there’s a wave of freedom right now that the Lord is releasing a wave of deliverance right now that the Lord is releasing.  And I just feel that as people just lift up their hands wherever you are wherever you are just lift up your hands right now.  And the Lord is setting you free of bondage; the Lord is setting you free of generational curses that have haunted people that have kept them in chains.  And some of you have maybe have felt that restricting spirit that even maybe a similar thing about a snake wrapped around you or some part of your body and that can a lot of times be like a python spirit which is a constricting spirit.  That it’s really can be a spirit of death too to really suffocate you.  And so right now I just want to speak life in the name of Jesus, life over your people God, life, life, life and freedom in the name of Jesus.  Who the Son sets free is free indeed and I thank you for it and just begin to praise the Lord right now, just thank the Lord right now; just thank the Lord for your freedom in the name of Jesus, we just thank you for it Lord.

Sid:  Grace, tell me the story of the song “All for Love,” what is this about?

Grace:  All for love was one of those songs that was just really, it was just downloaded almost in one fell swoop; it was almost like this mighty rush from heaven and I just pushed the record button and it just went.  And after I finished recording I listened to it, listened back to it and I put it on repeat and I, I was on the floor in my studio and I was crying and weeping for, it was hours, it was probably half of the night.  I literally was just overwhelmed and I felt like God was giving me possibly a small feeling of His heart and His just great amazing love and His amazing sacrifice.  And so I felt like this song was kind of like a theme song of God’s amazing sacrifice you know He gave it all for me and He would have done it if it was just for me, it was just for one person.  And so it was just really a deeper revelation Sid of His amazing love, overwhelming,it captured my heart again and I felt like He was saying, “Grace, you know one encounter with My love is just truly, it transforms us and to know that we are perfectly and completely loved.  You know that’s what every human being is desiring you know really in the deepest part of their heart is to be completely loved and that is only know through God’s love and God’s…

 Sid:  You know there is not a close second to that, let’s hear “All for Love.”

Grace’s “All for Love” excerpt

Sid Roth: I’m reminded of the woman that was driving through the Nevada desert and she had your CD on Grace in her car and she said, “It was like driving through heaven.”  How would you like to be in a circumstance of driving through heaven, no curses could stand against that, no sickness, no grief, no stress could stand against that, people are even given downloads of gifts of the spirit as they listen to Grace Williams music.


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