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Sid:  My guests by way to telephone Wesley and Stacy Campbell.  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Stacy literally had an out of body experience and was told to marry Wesley.  It kind of went against a lot of what she had a love for him, but she wanted to have a different career, she didn’t want to be a Pastor’s wife or a missionary’s wife. And but she had this out of body experience and she loved God enough to do what He wanted her to do, but  Wesley when did it dawn on you you were supposed to marry Stacy?

Wesley:  Well, you know I wanted to marry her the whole time I was in Africa, I was praying and everything so.  And you know when we came home it was me that wanted more her than her me I think at that time.  But this experience that she had through praying the scripture, this out of the body experience and God speaking to her then cemented it.  And so we actually got married and we started to you know we started to pursue a life with God; how we could really expand the kingdom of God.

Sid:  Now, your known for praying the scriptures, but God really taught you in a different way, how did that come about?

Wesley:  Well, you know I was such an evangelist, I mean I was on the streets preaching, we were in Africa for a year, I went to a Baptist seminary.  And I have to admit the farthest thing from me was prayer because you know I would sooner go and talk and tell people about God and go to big meetings and eat food, fun, and fellowship.

Sid:  You’re an action guy you don’t want to be cloistered and just praying 24-7.

Wesley:  Yeah, this thing of going in a room and you know telling God what He already knows and asking Him to fix it, I just couldn’t even understand it, couldn’t understand it.

Sid:  So would you say you were pretty much prayer less?

Wesley:  Would say I was prayer less, I mean I really loved God and I would talk to Him in my spirit but I didn’t have prayer times per say, I didn’t pray out loud and I didn’t know what to say.  The only thing I could do was lead prayer meetings because I was more of a leader than I was a prayer.

Sid:  Well, what kind of change occurred?

Wesley:  Well, we had a supernatural revival that happened to us again, Stacy was one of the main catalysts and maybe we’ll tell that in tomorrow’s program which is an amazing story.  But out of that catalyst the Lord began to come upon numerous ones of us who were Baptist and Stacy was one of the first and he literally shock them violently shook them, bounced them up and down and as it were infused them with a Spirit of prophecy.  And they began to prophecy in these thundering voices and I would say like in three months we had 70 shaking prophets in our Baptist church.  Now, here’s the deal when they began to prophecy they said four main themes, there was like four themes and they said this they said, “Revival is coming” and this was 1987 Christmas into 1988.  “Revival is coming,” they said “The children,” they said “The children will do what you have never done,” you know “focus on the children.” They called us to “Mercy and justice” and again, we didn’t do mercy and justice, we didn’t know what the word meant because we were evangelistic in discipleship.  So the concept of mercy and justice, what’s that and why do that, that is probably a waste of money and then the fourth thing that the Lord was most emphatic about was “Pray, pray, pray, I have called you to prayer.”  So He would continually and virtually in every one of these prophetic gatherings He would seize the people and they would just go into these long dissertations and orations about how we must pray.

Sid:   But you didn’t want to pray, you wanted to be an action man.

Wesley:  That’s right and so I actually loved the prophetic meetings and I was kind of like the scribe and I wrote and tape recorded them all.  And so one night we were in this meeting and I had this kind of feeling kind of like oh, troubles coming and sure enough Stacy, you know the Spirit of the Lord comes on her and she begins to shake and she’s doing this like kicking motion like she’s kicking, and chopping with her hands.  And she bounces across the room right in front of me and she comes in front of me with this thundering voice she says “Wesley, Wesley, and then she says, “I have called you to pray.”  And you know I knew that it was God, and then she says you know, “I have been in the closet waiting for you, but you have not come and then she went into this huge dissertation how I’ve been called to pray and if I do not pray this will happen and that will happen.”  And then the Spirit of the Lord came upon David Ruiz and now he was a worship leader and he was also pastor at our church and he rushes across the room again under the Spirit of prophecy and inspiration.  He goes right in front of my noise and he goes “Wesley if you do not pray your ministry will be taken from you like this piece of paper and ripped up and step on the floor,” and he took the notes that I was typing of the prophecy I was writing it and he crumbled it up and stamped on it.  And it was like I went, “Ah you know.”  And I though oh God is going to kill me, God is going to kill me, you know I felt like Moses on the back side of the mountain you know quick get the knife.  And so that was…

Sid:  But you didn’t even know how to pray, so how are you going to follow this prophecy?

Wesley:  So I said, “Okay, I’m going to die, so I went out the next day and I said “Okay here.” I went out and I bought myself an egg timer and I was going to time my prayers and not cheat; so I bought myself a prayer diary, you know I always say jokingly, “If I had been a woman, I would have bought a white dress, candles, incense.”  I came home and I said, “Stacy, you know go shopping, do something, give me the house.”  And I remember I got all set to do this and I just, I was so excited I just set the timer for thirty minutes you know, I’m all alone.  God’s man of prayer for ½ hour and set it up to pray.  And I was praying out loud I said “God, I thank You that you love me and I think you for my salvation and I thank You for the church and I ran out.”  And so I paused and I went, Africa, bless Africa, and I kind a stumbled a bit and I went, looked at my clock and it hadn’t even moved, it wasn’t even one minute.  And so I started again, I said, “God I’m still here, still calling on Your name, still asking You and I started praying and I then I ran out again.”  I said, “China, bless China” and I looked at the clock and it was one minute and this was the truth, I looked up at the ceiling and I said right out loud, I said, “You cannot like this.”  And for the first time I was realizing I’m bankrupt I don’t know how to do it. And that was the beginning of learning how was knowing that I didn’t know how.

Sid:  Well, what was your first step out of curiosity?

Wesley:  My first step was my father use to say “If you don’t know how to do something find someone who knows how to do it better than you.”  And so I heard that Mike Bickle in Kansas City prayed five hours a day.  So I flew to Kansas City to a conference, I got all the tapes, all the CDs, I came home and I listened like you know a hundred cassettes on praying and all this kind of stuff; and through his teaching I figured out that the primary method that he used was praying spiritual words, spiritual truth or spiritual words and he said, “Spiritual words are the Bible.”  And he hammered in “You have to pray the Bible.”  You have to pray the prayers of the apostles, the prayers of Jesus, the Psalms and this was a …

Sid:  And you know this reminds me many years ago I heard Kenneth Hagen speak and he said a turning point in his life is there were two very special prayers in the book of Ephesians that he prayed out loud over and over and over again.  And he attributes that to his major breakthroughs and understanding the invisible world.

Wesley:  Exactly.  So Bickle was the one who kind of set the stage and so stumblingly and haltingly even though my wife did it, you know she did it, she did it differently though, she did it silently and she would kind of like go through each word.  That was to slow for me, I couldn’t do it that way, I had to do it out loud because I’m a very you know, I lose my attention fast, I’m like ADD ADDD and so I would walk around and I took the Bible and I started with Bickle’s because they were doing the Apostolic Prayers and I started with Colossians 1:9 to 11.  That was my first prayer and I started saying it out loud and I remember you know the first time in the prayer room I tried it and I was walking and I was praying Colossians 1:9 and I thought to myself three things to myself.  “Oo, this is really boring, and I thought couldn’t Paul have spiced it up a bit.  And then my second thought was, you know I don’t pray anything like this, I don’t say any of these words, I don’t say any of these phrases, my third thought was if you don’t pray like the Apostle Paul guess who might be wrong.  And so I come back the second day and I started again and it was about a week into this thing that suddenly this thing came like a fire and I was excited.  I started saying those phrases, they became my own words and then I became a fanatic for praying the bible.

Sid:  I understand you prayed Revelations 4 about 100 times out loud, what impact did this have on you?

Wesley:  Oh, more than that, Bickle says you should be reading the Book of Revelation every single week and so I began to do that and I began to pray and he, I don’t know how I got on to this, but somehow I figured it out, I began to pray this Revelation 4, which is the heavenly throne room.  And I realized that if you prayed the visions of God, what the prophet’s saw and you said it out loud then I could be able to start to see heaven in my spirit, like I could close my eyes and I could walk around heaven like you might walk around your house because I said it over and over and over I could every single phrase was like exploding like a Roman candle.

Sid:  Now are you saying to me that you are really in the spirit man walking around heaven or are you just visualizing this?

Wesley:  No for me, for me not Stacy I would be visualizing, visualizing and seeing heaven and it’s so clear and then it moves into, you know you see God doing things and you see the thunders and that.  Stacy on the other hand she actually goes in the Spirit to those places literally.

Sid:  Now you made the statement that the primary means of discipleship is prayer.  I never heard that before.

Wesley:  Well, Jesus told His disciples, you know I read from “Francis of Assisi” it said that Jesus told His disciples to pray not to read.  And we are a reading culture where the Jews were an oral culture.

Sid Roth:  And you know the church doesn’t have a clue about the way the original church used to pray and the way that we know this is from studying ancient Judaism.

Wesley:  Absolutely.  So they prayed the scriptures out loud and so what I found was by, and the Catholic Church, they had what is called the Lacto Divino in Latin, the Devine reading.  And so when we take the scripture and we pray it out loud it’s like reading, meditating and what’s that word, metatachio and as they read it and pray it out loud over and over and over suddenly nuisances of the text come out…

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