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Sid:  I can almost see God molding this one new man, it’s not a Jewish person, it’s not a Gentile person it’s the full body of Yeshua.  It’s been a long time coming but one of the ways the One New Man is going to be molded by God is through the forerunners, the Levites, the worshipers.  It’s because the battle is won in the Spirit, it’s not won with man’s might, it’s won in the Spirit of God.  And I have a true worshipper of God on the telephone, his name is Andre Ashby.  And Andre I’m reminded of the scripture it says, to him who is forgiven much, they love much.

Andre:  Yes.

Sid:  You had everything stacked against you, not just something, you had everything stacked.  How in the world did you survive?

Andre:  The only way I survived is Jesus basically became my best friend.

Sid:  Well, for the people that don’t understand, let’s go back, you were actually born from a rape; your Mom didn’t want you and you lived with your Great Uncle and Aunt how was that?

Andre:  That was difficult, they were alcoholics and I would wake up seeing my, and I would wake up seeing my Momma, my Auntie laying in a puddle of urine because she couldn’t make it to the bathroom because she was so inebriated.  So it was difficult, they fought all the time and guns and knives, it was crazy.

Sid:  Did you have other brothers and sisters or half brother and sisters and did you at least have good family relation with them?

Andre:  I only really grew up with my half sister because my great uncle who took me in was my great grandmother’s brother who took in my half sister.  So I grew up knowing her, but the rest of my family I wasn’t very close to at all.

Sid:  But then, I guess because of their very very dysfunctional behavior both being alcoholics you went to live with your great grandmother who was in her ‘80s, now how does someone in her eighties manage a young kid like you?

Andre:  Well, actually she didn’t, actually I kind of raised myself.  I went to live with her because my uncle and auntie, they died seven months apart.  So I went to live with her because she was the only person that would take me in you know.  So from the age of eleven I kind of raised myself, so yeah, it was very difficult for an eighty year old to take care of a little kid.

Sid:  So, at about four years of age you had a dream that is the only reason I believe I’m taking to a sane human being right now.

Andre:  Yeah, I actually starting about four years old I had the same dream repeatedly over and over and over again.  And it was, me in a room in a room standing before a window and me talking to the Lord and him telling me that He would never leave me, he would never forsake me and he’d be with me you know forever.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity, were you taken to the church all the time, I mean where did this dream come from?

Andre:  No, no one talked to me about church, no one talked to me about God, it was God I guess Himself, introducing himself to me.  It’s really interesting because when I was born the lady who was the birthing nurse knew my mother; she lived in the same area with her.  And she also lived around where my great-grandmother lived because they all lived in the same area.  So when I went to go visit my great grandmother while I was living with my uncle and aunt I would see Mrs. Great, that was her name.  And she would tell me, she would say, “Tyrone, that’s what they called me, that’s my middle name, she said, “When I touched you the Lord spoke to me and she said, “He told me that you are a sovereign vessel and He’s going to use you.”  So It was God Himself who pursued me, I never had anyone other than Mrs. Great that would say that to me, no one as a little kid talked to me about God.  It’s just that I always had an awareness of Him.  And I…

Sid:  Well, you referred to God as your Best Friend; did you back then as a child?

Andre:  Yeah, He was my best friend, you know the scripture, you know that talks about when your Mother and Father put you out, He will take you in.  I have to say, I’ve lived that and He’s proven Himself to be a Father and a Mother and a Brother and Sister.  His testimony about me is basically against what the world says I should be and actually that’s a relation I began to understand from Revelation 19:10 where it talked about the Spirit of Prophesy is a testimony of Jesus.  I know that Bill Johnson, he says that “When a person gives a testimony as a prophetic window about a healing to take place again.” But the Lord spoke to me and he said, “Andre that’s true but it’s more than that” He said, “When the spirit of prophecy comes the testimony of Jesus, it’s my testimony about you that’s in direct contradiction to about what the world says.”  So when the world says that I should have been a drug addict, a sexual aholic, or anything the Lord says “No I put my hand on you and this is who I’ve called you to be.”

Sid:   Now, I find it interesting you joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church and you started singing there in their choir.  When did you find out that you had a gift of singing?

Andre:  Probably about five-six years old.  I always loved to sing, it was always a joy for me to sing.

Sid:  But at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, one of their deficiencies, they have a lot of assets, but one of their deficiencies is they don’t understand the ways of the Spirit and when you would sing solos people would literally feel electricity so they said, “So since God doesn’t do these things it must be the devil.”

Andre:  Ha-ha, yeah and that was really confusing to me.  Because like I said, “I always loved the Lord and I’ve never walked away from Him.”  Of course I’ve done things I wished I hadn’t, but I’ve never walked away from Him.  And when people would come up to me and say “Andre or Tyrone when you were singing the devil tried to get me.”  And I was like “The devil tried to get you?”  And I would go to the Lord and I would say “Why are you letting the devil get people when I’m singing?”  And they would say, “Well, it’s like electricity went from the top of my head to the sole of my feet.”  And I was like, I didn’t know that was the Holy Spirit, I mean I didn’t know what was going on, all I knew was that I loved Jesus an when I sang, I felt close to Him.

Sid:  Well, I’ll tell you something else that it’s amazing that you didn’t have the ability to write songs until a prophetic word came on you and one of the songs you wrote is called.   And we’re featuring this week your CD called “Before the Throne,” is the song I would like to play a selection from is “Changed by Your Love,” tell me about that song.

Andre:  Actually it was a song I wrote with a friend of mine, Scott Brenner and it’s basically talking about how the love of God changes you.  And if we can, the things that I’ve come to realize is if we can get an understanding of the love of God, if we can get an understanding of His passion for us no matter what we walk through in our life it changes us into His image.  So when we understand His love, we become like Him.

Sid:  I’m feeling a presence of God’s Spirit right now, how about you, Andre?

Andre:  Yeah, me too, I really feel His presence.

Sid:  Somehow God wants this message that He doesn’t just love Andre, he doesn’t just love Sid, He’s got enough love to go around for everyone.  Let’s hear, “Changed By Your Love.”

Excerpt of “Changed By Your Love.”

Sid:  Andre I know that many people have said to you that you carry the presence of God, but you really do.  Why do you carry so much presence of God?  How come?

Andre:    Well you know, I think part of it is God’s sovereign choice and the other part is yielding yourself to His Spirit and allowing Him to be who He wants to be through you.

Sid:  What is your passion for people that hear your music, what’s your passion from them?

Andre:  That they would fall more in love with Jesus that they would be healed emotionally, that God would touch the deepest recesses of their heart.  That they would know that there is a God who loves them, who is so passionately in love with them that He gave the best of heaven so that they would be redeemed to Him.

Sid Roth:  I mean, I think that that’s the biggest lie of the devil keeping that fact out of the consciousness of believers.  I mean we fall into that natural realm rather than recognizing what’s going on in the supernatural realm, how much God loves us, how special we are and how He has a destiny in our life.  In fact that’s something else that I hear about your music, that literally people will push into their destiny as they worship God listening to your music.

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