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Sid:  I guess I’d have to say that is an understatement for my guest, Evangeline Weiner.  And Evangeline we have never really met, but I’ve known your father for many years.  Her father’s Bob Weiner and mother is Rose Weiner.  Her father is known for having started college groups all over the world, Marantha Ministries.  And he’s also known as a man of faith.  And so you’re a second generation of someone and in fact I would have to believe as a young child you were taught faith.  What was it like being around the Weiner residents?

Evangeline:   Ha-ha, yeah I would say that growing up that way we were always by my parents even to you know to go after whatever God asked us to do at a young age.  And even you know that nothing you know that he didn’t have a big Holy Spirit and we had a small Holy Spirit, but whatever God asked us to do we could do no matter the age and so whenever we were brought around we were part of the tea.  You know we were always essential members of the team and you know we would have our, if there were people needing healing we would be right there praying for our own people to get healed.  And I remember even being in Russia and…

Sid:   You’re like five years old; did you see a lot of miracles?

Evangeline:  Yeah, like even, even at five because we started going to Russia when I was five and actually before that even I remember praying for people in Ocala, Florida and me and my Dad both had our own prayer lines.  And anyway some of you might think that’s funny to trust a five year old, but he was trusting you know in the God in us.  And you know it’s not about us but anyway, so I was praying for this one lady who had cancer under her arm and at five I remember that cancer falling off.  I had prayed for her and she came running back saying, “I was healed, I was healed.”  And her cancer the lump that was under her arm was gone.

Sid:  We’re introducing Evangeline’s book called “The Calling of a Generation,” and I would retitle it “Full of Faith” because if you need to start fresh in your faith and I happen to know something about you, you do.  Let me introduce you to Jennifer Toledo, one of the women that’s featured in this book.  I have Jennifer Toledo on the telephone and she’s ready to set the world on fire, she graduates college, she goes off to Kenya Africa and you didn’t realize it but you bumped into one horrible situation, describe it.

Jennifer Toledo:  Yes I did, I ended up in Northern Kenya in the Triconya Desert and just very unlike anything that I ever expected.  It was just not modern Africa; I mean it is a Nomadic Tribe, just incredibly rough conditions.  There was famine and draught, and extreme violence and extreme weather, you know it was between 110 and 120 degrees year around; just really horrific conditions.

Sid:  But then you found out that one of the reasons that the conditions were so horrible is that the Triconya Tribe had made blood covenants with the devil for thousands of years.

Jennifer Toledo:  Yeah, you know what kind of what I thought it really couldn’t get any worse, I found that out and I said, “No Jesus, what am I going to do?”  And it’s true, this tribe had for generations lived in blood covenants with Satan and there was this continual fear in the people.  They had to offer blood sacrifices continually to appease the demons and the people really were living in so much bondage and it wasn’t just the tribe, the people, but the land also was in covenants with Satan.  And you know honest I felt like a young woman I felt just totally out of my league, I just felt like this was something I just was totally unqualified to do.  And you know one day I was in my hut just crying out to God saying, “God, I’m just totally inadequate for this.” And He just spoke really clearly and He just said, “You know what, you are absolutely inadequate, don’t forget it because that’s your greatest strength.”  And then He just reminded me that he still uses David’s to bring down Goliaths.  And I said, “Okay God I’ll believe, what do You want to do for this land?”  And that really began the journey.

Sid:  And a Bible teacher arrived by the name of Arthur Burke and he gave you a new concept and that was, “If you could enter into a stronger covenant then it would defeat this covenants with Satan for over thousands of years.”

Jennifer:  Yeah, yeah absolutely.  We began to really just press into the Lord and say okay God, you know it felt so up hill and we’re going “Okay God, how do we see breakthrough come to this land?”  And one of the strategies the Lord gave us was to invite a dear friend by the name of Arthur Burke who I really didn’t know at the time, he has this incredible anointing just in understanding the redemptive qualities over a region and calling them out.  And so we invited him to come out and he joined us and yeah, but yeah basically that was the strategy that the Lord gave us.  He said, “Gather all the leaders of the tribe because generations before, all the leaders had come together to place the tribe in covenants with Satan.”  And so “Gather all the leaders, repent.”  And the strategy the Lord gave us was very simple, He said, “The only way you get out of a blood covenant is that you enter into a stronger blood covenant and that’s the blood covenant with Jesus Christ.”

Sid:  But along the way it wasn’t exactly the way that you thought the script would be, you almost died.

Jennifer:  It’s true, I did.  You know the night before we gathered all the leaders together the Lord really spoke to me and just said, “Jennifer, I am so proud of you for believing for this, but you need to know that you’ve really stirred up the enemy if you go forward with this the enemy will try to take your life.”  And I didn’t, I mean obviously I knew that it was very serious, but I felt like God was giving me a real decision and I had to press in and say “Okay, God I know that my life is in Your hands, Satan cannot steal my life, I will gladly lay my life down for this tribe but the enemy can’t steal my life.”  I knew I just had to tell the enemy, “To take it up with God,” and I did I got very sick, but God amazingly and miraculously healed me.

Sid:  Oh you have to tell me about when you were without hope, who walked into your room?

Jennifer:  After our time of breaking the covenants and I ended up in the hospital and you know basically I was told that I wouldn’t have any chance of survival and they wanted to do surgery on me and my chances were very minimal and I had just the most beautiful encounter with Jesus.  And in my sleep Jesus walked into my room and performed surgery on my body and completely restored my body.  And literally raised me off my deathbed and you know it was such a testimony of His goodness and having just seen what had happened in the Triconya and then Him personally meeting me, just the beauty of who He is.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity did any of the doctors question your miraculous recovery?

Jennifer:  Ha-ha, you know of course, they were shocked because they had been doing all the tests on my body and not able to you know find a cure in the natural; and so when I just told them, “I had this visitation and I saw Jesus do surgery on my body.”  And when they retested me so many of the doctors and nurses would come into the room and just ask me about it and yeah, my doctor just wept and just really just really committed his life to the Lord.  It was a very beautiful moment, a very beautiful moment.  But Sid the most amazing thing too is just out of all of that we got to see the whole tribe come into freedom.  And when God told us to come into blood covenants with Jesus, all these leaders as a sign of doing that they took communion; they poured communion on the land and we just declared that the Triconya Tribe was going to come into the blood covenants with Jesus.  Because it was amazing you could feel something shift in the Spirit when we did it and it was just, it was…it seemed so silly in the natural, but it was just obeying the Lord, you know the strategy He gave us.  And what we did we asked God, we said, “We really  need signs that Your in this,” because you just don’t pick a battle with somebody’s who has blood covenant with Satan and not have God in it.  So we’re like, “God we need to know that You’re in this so would you give us two signs;  will you give us a sign that You’re pleased, You know sign Your name to this thing and would you give us a sign that you really brought down the demonic stronghold in the land.”  And sure enough after all these leaders came into covenants with Christ, you have to understand this is the peak of the draught, the peak of the summer, it was such horrid conditions; it hadn’t rained for like two years in this region.  And after we prayed this, it was like watching a Bible story, it was amazing literally the heavens opened and it began to pour down rain right in the desert.  And you don’t have to tell people God’s pleased; you don’t have to tell African’s that when it rains God is pleased.  And so people were showing themselves on their faces just worshiping God and we knew that was our first sign that God was pleased and was really into this.  And then shortly after we got our second sign, this huge bolt of lightning just came just of the sky and hit this mountain, Goat Mountain.  Which is the high point of all the demonic power for the land it’s where all the sacrifices are offered and instantly when that hit you could feel the power shift in the region.  The witchdoctor’s were freaking out, they were running down the mountain and we knew that it was like God had brought down, you know it was defined for us that God had brought down the demonic stronghold of the land.

Sid:  So, what’s that land like after this stronghold has come down?

Jennifer:  Yeah, we tracked and similar factors in the area for a year and it began to rain so this is crazy, Kenya by nature is a tropical area, but Triconya desert is so dry, it began to rain so heavily that they received that year, the Triconya received more rainfall than anywhere else in the rest of Kenya.  And you know a year later where the span as far as you can see with your natural eye it was just grass, the animals were fat.

Sid:  Did many people come to the Lord?

Jennifer:  Oh yeah, I mean so many you know not just…so many people got saved and came to the Lord, but out of that so many people were provoked to the reality of the supernatural and what God can do.  And I think the Triconya Team that was raised up ended up over the next couple of years raising up about 40,000 intercessors from all around because the Triconya is bordering several countries and they just began to just raise up all these intercessors.  And because so many witchdoctors got saved and so they were telling us you know that when they got delivered and set free and kind of were in a process of restoration, they began to just share you know the strategies of the enemy and incredible information about how to begin to pray and see the Kingdom of God come.  So they really raised up all these teams of people to go in and bring healing and restoration into communities; it is incredible what God did.

Sid:  Jennifer, thank you so much.

Jennifer:    Absolutely, yeah.

Sid Roth:  Now how would you like to be as full of faith as Jennifer Toledo?

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