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Sid: Sid Roth here with L.A. Marzulli. L.A., we’re talking about the Bible codes, which are fascinating. But what if you took another large book, like say, “War and Peace”, and looked for predictions in that using the Bible code? What would you find?

L.A.: It doesn’t work, plain and simple. It just doesn’t work.

Sid: But there are things predicting the future. For instance, Prime Minister of Israel, Rabin. Tell me about.

L.A.: There was a Bible code that was done with Yitzhak Rabin. And in a very tight grouping of letters, “Yitzhak Rabin, assassin will assassinate.” This was done primarily before the event.

Sid: That’s pretty specific. It even gets wilder than that. Someone found it and went to the Israeli authorities, but obviously they didn’t pay any attention. What about the Bible predicts there will be strange signs in the skies. Tell me a few.

L.A.: Well certainly we’re looking at objects around the sun that NASA seems to redact those images from the Soho twin satellites. Redact, meaning they brush them out several hours after researchers would look at them.

Sid: Why?

L.A.: Good question. I don’t know the answer to that.

Sid: Tell me about the moon.

L.A.: When you look at films from YouTubers all over the planet who were looking up at the moon, filming the moon and going, hey, I’m not an astronomer or anything, but I’m looking at this body and it’s not where it should be. It looks different. It looks weird. Well if one person says that you kind of dismiss it. But from all over the globe, people are reporting the same phenomena. So we did some research on it, my partner and I, Richard Shaw. And what we discovered was a paper by an Italian scientist by the name of Lorenzo Iorio, and he wrote a paper called, “The Eccentricity of the Lunar Surface”. He thinks that there’s a large body coming into the solar system, which is perhaps making the moon act in an erratic way.

Sid: There was actually a Torah code about the moon in that particular year. Explain that.

L.A.: Well the Torah code, which is really interesting, because when this was all happening, my partner Richard Shaw sent it to the rabbis. And so they did a Torah code, and it said, “The moon will be observed in the day,” basically 2011. Anomalies in the lunar surface will be observed in 2011. So the Torah code sort of corroborated what we had been investigation, which I found absolutely fascinating.

Sid: He has an ending of the Mark of the Beast I’ve never heard before, and it rings true. I think it’s historic what you’re going to share. Will you do that right now?

L.A.: I’d love to. Thank you for allowing me to do this. We see in Matthew 24, Yeshua states something, “As in the days of Noah so will be the son of man returns.” We alluded to that before. What differentiates those days are the presence of the fallen angels. But there’s also some other dynamics in that passage which we overlook. One of them in particular is the length of lifespan, five, six, seven, 900 years old people lived, and I believe that’s literal. They lived to 900 years or older. Hold that thought. Then jump over to the Book of Revelation. It says, we all get this one, that, “Anyone who takes this mark will not be able to buy, sell or trade.” That’s an easy one. But then we find out that anyone who takes this mark, whatever this thing is, grievous sores will appear over the body. Then we find out in the Book of Revelation also, anyone who takes the mark is immediately thrown into the lake of fire. There is no grace. There is no mercy. It’s just, you got the mark, bam, you’re in the lake of fire. Not my words. Those are the words of Yeshua and those are in the Book of Revelation. A little further on we read something which is not necessarily tied into the Mark of the Beast. But here’s the deal. It says that in those days, the days of the mark, men and women will seek death and not find it. How can that possibly be? I’ve held a chip from Dr. Lear in my hand. I’ve asked him point blank, what is this thing doing? It’s changing the DNA. This thing, and this is how they’re going to do it.

Sid: This is the chip that people going into flying saucers, have the surgery.

L.A.: Right. These are prime contacts.

Sid: By the way, did this doctor find that these people were loonies?

L.A.: No, not at all. All these people that had been abducted, most of them, I would say well over 90 percent do not want any notoriety. In fact, they seek anonymity. They’re not interested in any type of [unintelligible].

Sid: Why doesn’t the U.S. reveal all the information they have on flying saucers? Other nations have done it.

L.A.: Well the other nations have done it. Greece, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, they’ve all released what were one time top secret documents. We don’t do it and I think the reason is simply this. They fear some sort of a backlash, religious backlash. What happens if people all of a sudden find out that maybe the God we’ve all believed in isn’t. This is what I call the great deception, and I believe it’s been orchestrated for thousands of years.

Sid: Okay. Let’s go back to this changing the DNA thing. Why would someone want a chip inside of them?

L.A.: Here’s the scenario. Let’s say there’s an upcoming war in the Middle East and we see some sort of a nuclear holocaust. Remember, this is just a scenario. Okay. So we see a nuclear event in the Middle East, perhaps in this country, and all of a sudden, mile-wide UFOs begin to manifest, begin to appear all over this planet. How is that going to affect everyone? They’ll come with two things. They’ll come with a free energy source and they will come with a chip, and this goes right back into what Matthew 24 states. They will come with this implant which when you take it will usher you, bring you into as a member of a new world order. And when they scan this thing, not only will it have its medical records, but it will change and correct your DNA. That’s what we’ll be told, correct your DNA.

Sid: So it will allow you to live longer.

L.A. You’ll live to 500 years, disease-free. All this…

Sid: So who’s going to say no? Only someone that knows the Lord. Only.

L.A.: Exactly.

Sid: And you can see why they’d be enemies of the world…

L.A.: We’d be look at as Neanderthals. How can you possibly believe in this ridiculous mythos of a Judeo-Christian God? Why not just take this mark and live disease-free for 500 years. It sounds like a great deal. Look, I’ve held it in my hand and this is what I think is coming. And it’s the only thing which fulfills all that criteria, which we just spoke about that’s found in the Book of Revelation.

Sid: And as far as timing, isn’t it interesting in this whole scenario of what we see shaping up right now with the nations coming against Israel, is on the horizon with Obama’s name in the secret code. It shows you how soon it will be that the Messiah is going to return. Tell me about the rapture vision you had, real brief, because there is a blessed hope.

L.A.: I didn’t seek this in any way. I was getting ready to go in the shower. So unlike our last guest I didn’t fast or pray or any of that stuff. I was just getting ready to go in the shower. I was not in the body or out of the body. I can’t tell you, just like Paul says. All I know, I was snatched up. I found myself in the heavenly scene. I was there for three seconds, one second, two seconds, three seconds, bam, back again. Second one, I look around and I can see that we’re not sandwiched in like sardines, that there’s 20 to 30 feet between myself and other people. We are all looking in the same direction. That’s second one. Second two, there was a holy reverential silence which permeates the entire scene. You can hear a pin drop. No one is asking, gee, where are we? There’s none of that. Everyone knows exactly what’s happened. It’s a holy, I can’t even describe it, the best words, holy reverential sound. The stillness is unbelievable. Second three, I realize to my utter amazement that my sin nature, what I mean by that, is all the little nasty stuff that we do that crops up even though we don’t want it to. It just crops up and sort of eats at us, our anger or our bitterness, whatever it is, all that was gone and I was liberated. That’s in three seconds and bam, I was back and I wept.

Sid: Let me tell you something. This has never happened to me before. But a few days before this interview I woke up from a dream, and this is what I was saying in the dream, “Jesus is coming soon. Jesus,” I said it three times, Jesus is coming soon. I say to you, Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?

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