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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere because today is the beginning of Purim from the Book of Esther; we want everyone everywhere to romance the King; to have intimacy with God.  There is not a more important subject.  Now my guest all this week has been Brian Lake, we’ve been featuring his book “Romancing the King,” but as a result of romancing the King in Brian’s life, we found out yesterday that he has uncommon favor.  He’s given such wisdom in the business area by God; as a matter of fact I understand you don’t take a real large salary for ministry do you.

Brian:  Actually I don’t take any salary from the ministry.

Sid:  I know you don’t, and I believe that one way that God has extended His favor because you have learned the secret which is the most important secret in the Kingdom of romancing the King; God has so blessed your family.  I am very intrigued how each member of your two children and your wife, move in extraordinary gifting.  In fact you minister in churches as a family.  Tell me just briefly about your wife and your two children.

Brian:  Absolutely, well let me back up a little bit and say this that I see a lot of ministers go out you know and minister and let their family behind and I’ve seen that and that can you know wreck a family because the Father’s never home.  And I wanted to take my family with me because I wanted us to be a family together.  There is a lot of people out there CEO’s, managers and stuff that manage you know that manage hundreds of people but they can’t even manage their own home, three people, five people or whatever.  And I believe that if we take our family with us to different places they’re in that revival, they’re in that presence of God and they see God you know healing people and setting people free.  So that’s why you know 99% of the time I take my entire family with me.  I actually have three children, my youngest is four which is Melanie and she actually prays for people and we’ve seen the power of God hit people, you know they fall on the floor and begin to manifest and touched.  But my wife, Pamela she has a compassion you know for other countries, the poor, the orphans and we’ve done a lot of support with orphanages; and we’ve done that but we’ve seen a lot of healings and miracles take place through…

Sid:  Let’s just take each member of your family; let’s start with your wife, Pamela.  What is her unusual strong gifting?

Brian:  Well, again her gifting is compassion.  I mean she’ll take whether we’re at a big conference and there’s thousands of people there, she’ll take time out for that one person and begin to minister to that person.  And she has a strong anointing for people that have problems with their minds, thoughts, you know oppression and different things like that and we’ve seen a lot of testimonies through that.  Jordan, he carries the fire of God, I mean he goes into a place, the fire of God comes on him, he begins to throw the fire.

Sid:    How old is Jordan?

Brian:  Jordan will soon be fifteen years old here, and you know he’ll get up there and he’ll have words of knowledge and begin to give out words of knowledge. And sometimes in services it’s just like it hits him and it’s like a machine gun going off as far as words of knowledge and he’ll have people actually stand up during the service and just call them out and people are getting healed without him even touching them sometimes.

Sid:  Now what happens when he says “Fire” and touches someone?

Brian:  Well, many times people will just, if they need healing they’ll get healed and a lot of times though they’ll fall on the floor manifesting in the glory and the fire of God.

Sid:  Now tell me about Molly, she’s twelve I believe.

Brian:  Molly’s twelve years old and she kind of the, she has an anointing like Kathryn Kulman and she ministers a lot in healing.  She’ll have words of knowledge on healing, and she has many testimonies of people even getting healed from cancer.  And a strong anointing that’s on her life is that many times when she prays for people they’ll actually smell the fragrance of the Lord.  They’ll smell in the natural.

Sid:  One of the things we spoke about yesterday was the uncommon favor in your life and as far as I’m concerned and if it were just your family it would be enough; but in the financial arena you have really uncommon favor.  And you pray for people for anointing for financial breakthroughs; have you seen good results?

Brian:  We have and when we go to different places we’ll release the impartation for a financial blessing; even as a family we’ll release the family anointing on people.  And we have seen tremendous testimonies of people’s businesses begin to prosper; for an example one time we were in actually Guatemala and this family their business got broken into, stolen, they lost all their money.  We prayed over them for financial blessing, we got reports back that they started another business and their business began to flourish basically overnight.  We’ve even went into business’s, walked into their business here in America where there business was failing you know not very much  business, revenues was down, walk in there, begin to pray over their business and the next day it begins to flourish and begins to prosper again.  So we have testimonies like that, just God blessing people.

Sid:  I’m going to have you pray at some point this week for financial breakthroughs but it seems to me that the gifting that you have it extends to families, it extends to romancing the King.  I don’t know of a more important subject than romancing the King, do you?

Brian:  No, that is the most important thing that we can do to have that intimate relationship with the King, we have to spend time with Him, we have to live out of the secret place instead of just going into the secret place, we have to live out of that place.  Because it’s in that place, in His presence there’s everything that flourishes in His presence.  That’s, we need to go in there because the Bible says that God knows the plans that He has for us, you know for our destiny, for our purpose in life.  And a lot of people don’t know what their destiny and purpose is but they are never going to find out unless they get to know the King who knows the plan over their life.  And it’s in that place of the secret place that fellowshipping with Him, that getting to know what His desires is; and once you know His desires they become our desires.

Sid:  You had a vision of what God will be doing in America or actually in the whole world as far as pouring out spiritual and natural blessings; but in this vision you saw how people were going to lose these blessings, tell me about that.

Brian:  Right, what I’d seen was, God showed me this in a vision and what happened was, I’d seen the hand of God go out over His people and begin to pour out blessing after blessing, you know natural, spiritual anointing and just financial wealth and pour all these wonderful things out to His people.  And I’d seen in this vision the people were so excited, you know they were rejoicing and so happy that God was just giving them all this stuff.  But then after all…

Sid:  You know what you’re describing?  You’re describing the way America is now, we’ve been given all this stuff, we are the most blessed nation in the world at this point.  You know it’s almost on a double level, its individuals but you’re describing America to me.

Brian:  Absolutely, absolutely, and what I’ve seen next was, I’ve seen the hand of God go back out over the same people, but I’ve seen His hand instead of pouring out the blessing, I’ve seen His hand turn and begin to motion for those people to come to Him.  And what I’ve seen next was very disturbing to me because all those people that had the blessing, you know were happy and excited, but when He motioned for them to come, only a rare few begin to come to Him.  And that motioning to Him was a call of intimacy with Him relationship, He was saying, “Hey, I gave you all this stuff, now do you want Me?”  And only a rare few begin to come to Him, and the people that did not come to Him, their blessing begin to dry up.  And I believe that’s where we’re at now, the blessings are about to dry up and the people that actually came to Him, they’re blessing begin to flourish even more.

Sid:  So what you’re saying is even if things get very rough in the United States of America, we can walk in the most blessed time in history because things aren’t contingent on the economy, their contingent on our intimacy with God.

Brian:  Absolutely, that’s totally correct, and this is for me is probably one of the most exciting times for me and I’m not looking at the economy, it’s an important time for us right now because God is shifting the wealth to the people that know Him.  This is the time for that out pouring, I mean if people out there listening right now are close to Him and have that intimate relationship with Him, He is going to bless them more than they can every imagine.  So this is a critical time for people, this is a time that actually God spoke to me and told me.  He said, “Brian, in the next three months, which we’re coming to the end of that when He spoke to me in January here.”  This is a critical time that we need to seek Him like we’ve never sought after Him before and He’s going to reveal you know instructions to us and tell us what to do, and line things up in our life.  But it’s a critical time that we seek Him like we’ve never sought after Him before.

Sid:  Is there a period of time that you try to carve out every day to just be with God?

Brian:  Absolutely, because…

Sid:  And how much is that time?

Brian:  Well, it varies, you know for everybody I believe it may look different, it may not be the same with everybody, but for me you know I enjoy my time in the evening and early in the morning too, I enjoy that.  You know and I’ll spend you know sometimes Sid you know if I really want to get into His secret place I’ll even spend you know eight hours a day at times.  But on average you know I might spend a couple hours every morning.  In the evening I’ll spend more time and like I said, it may look different for everyone else but you know I’ll get my Bible and I’ll begin to read my Bible, I’ll listen to teaching tapes and then one of the most important things we can do is just sit and listen for His voice for Him to speak to us.

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