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Sid:  My guest James Goll is a seer, now I know about people that hear things, what is a seer?

James:  You know a seer is a prophet, but not all prophets are necessarily seers. So a seer is actually a word from the Old Testament a couple of different Hebrew words are translated into the English word seer.  And it simple means a revelatory gifted person in God who moves in the visionary and dream capacity.  In other words, it’s the way God speaks to them is through the seer dimension.

Sid:  And I found it interesting on a previous show that you said that you didn’t start out this way, you prayed it in.

James:  Yeah, that’s absolutely true and I also was around people who moved in this way because you know what atmosphere or association makes a big difference on what you catch.

Sid:  You know I also believe that same things is true for the church that you go to; you go to a church that doesn’t believe in healing and guess what slowly, slowly you’ll become like them; they’re not going to become like you.

James:  That’s right you see you need to be in the atmosphere of the supernatural and if your around healing you are going to catch healing; if you’re around the evangelism you’re going to catch evangelism; if you’re around signs and wonders, you’ll move in signs and wonders.  If your around the prophetic seer, dreams and visions it’s going to get on you.

Sid:    Well, speaking about the prophetic seer dreams and visions I believe you were talking about yesterday’s broadcast that we didn’t have enough time to finish; is for right now for God’s people and it’s extremely important.  Would you recap it and then share the rest?

James:   That would be great. I had this wonderful experience just recently that was a dream about open heaven’s and I had been writing about this, praying into it and speaking about it and God had his heavenly Devine commentary and He gave me more understanding.  And in this dream and in this dream the feeling arena was very alive, and in it I’m in a room where there’s a low ceiling. I’m trying to stand up all the way, stand upright, but I couldn’t stand up all the way because the ceiling was too low.  And in the dream I could feel my head budding up against the ceiling of this room.  Now this was a religious room, it was filled with stale old smells and an atmosphere that was just stale.  Sorry but a lot like some church cultures are who don’t believe that God is same yesterday, today and forever, and they believe in sensationism.  But in the dream it was a stale atmosphere and the room was too small the ceiling was too low, and I’m trying to push up, push up the ceiling so that it would be higher.  Now in the dream the Holy Spirit let me know that he appreciated all my efforts of trying to raise the roof and make the ceiling higher.  Then God responded to like my desire and He came from heaven’s initiative and he bore a big hole open like He sawed a big hole open in the middle of the room.  I moved over in the dream, out of where it was too small and too low over into the center and I had to centered on God’s word; centered on God’s presence; centered in God’s will and centered on the person of Jesus. When I moved over and was properly positioned I looked up and I could stand upright and the room was filled with just wonder and atmosphere of faith, and revelation, and the supernatural.  The sky was blue, that’s revelation and that’s a prophetic promise and then a breath of fresh air, the wind, the Holy Spirit blew down through the open heaven opening came down into the room; swept the stale atmosphere out. Then I’m looking up and then there’s a word after I woke up with the dream and it said, “Get position for an open heaven.”  I woke up from that and I just had these divine knowings that you know what you can carry an open heaven with you wherever you go.

Sid:  For those that aren’t familiar with that terminology what does an open heaven mean to you?

James:  Wow that’s really good it’s used several times in the scriptures, it’s used in the book of Genesis; Jacob took a nap and he had a dream that the neighbor Jacobs ladder that came down and the heaven’s opened.  God was standing at the top of the ladder, angels ascending and descending.  The Book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel has an open heaven experience; in the book of Mathew Jesus it says “The skies were opened the Holy Spirit in bodily form as a dove descended, fell and remained.  Descended and remained upon Jesus and the voice of the Father spoke in an open heaven and said “This is My Son in whom I’m well pleased.””  In the book of revelation and in the fourth chapter the first through the fourth verses it says, and I saw a door standing open in the heaven and I heard a voice out of a trumpet speaking to me saying, “Come up here, come up higher and I will show you things that are…

Sid:  Alright, what does it mean to be positioned for an open heaven?  What do we have to do to be positioned?

James:  We got to move from the side issues over to the center, the center of God’s Word, the center of God’s will, centering in upon in upon the person of Jesus Himself.  Don’t get stuck over here in the side thing’s, don’t get stuck over here where it’s a low ceiling, move out of that place; move over into the center or God’s Word, the center of His will; the center of His presence; the centering in upon the person of God Himself.

Sid:  You know I see so many Christians that are divided over minors rather than the majors.

James:  That’s right.

Sid:  And these minors I don’t think we’re going to know the answer to until we get on the other side.

James:  You know you stick with the main and the plain, major on the major things, don’t major on the minor.  And I tell you when you keep centered in the Word, centered in the will of God; centered in the person of God, God will put an open heaven over your life.  And the Spirit of revelation will be upon you.

Sid:  Now you talk about in your book that there different categories of dreams.  Some dreams are from the natural man; some dreams are from the demonic, some dreams are from the Holy Spirit.  Talk a little bit about how we should figure out which it’s from, and what we should be paying attention to.

James:  You know you can always; sometimes tell by a period of time because it’s by their fruit you will know them.  And this is true in dreams as well, there are some things that are just natural dreams. There because of what you’re worrying about and your soul is rehearsing those things.  But you can tell when it’s a dream from heaven, it’s clear, there is a recall, it doesn’t haunt you in a fear manner, but it will produce edification, and faith.  And of course the whole demonic arena of dreams it still tries to steal your faith, it tries to shut you down, it tries to speak unbelief, and fear, and things of this nature to you.

Sid:  Now, I’ve got a copy of your book, “Dream Language;” you’ve written many books, but I happen to believe that this is probably one of the key books for the time and season that we’re living in.  You’ve been teaching about dreams and visions and words of knowledge for a long time.  What are you so attracted to this?

James:  You know again it was because the Lord spoke it to me and He commissioned me to release training materials to help people, help mentor them.  You see books were some of my mentors, these books of mine and Sid’s and other’s.  Dream Language could be a mentor in your life, it can help equip you; give you practical tools.

Sid:  Alright you talk about there is a supernatural impartation on this book, what do you mean?

James:  You know if you just partake of this I tell you it’s so full of the word of God the Holy Spirit is going to activate the Spirit of Revelation into your life.

Sid:  James, tell me one person in the affect your teaching on dreams had on them.

James:  You know I have a friend who’s actually an architect, and he you know does a blueprint of things. He’s a brilliant man but he sat in this class and he read the book and there has been an impartation or change that’s happened in his life.  He now get’s dreams and revelations where he’s like hovering over geographic areas and he sees what’s called spiritual mapping and he sees the dark areas and the light areas and he’s being given keys to spiritual warfare through dreams, and this can happen for you too.

Sid:  You know I find that when I interview people that have strong anointing for say miracles or healing I say “Who laid hands on you for that impartation, or who were you hanging around.”  And the same thing is true for dreams and visions and words of knowledge and wisdom and that’s what James is talking about.

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