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Sid:  My guest Walid Shoebat is, I am overwhelmed of the revelation that he has yet it’s so simple that it all comes from the Bible, it will totally change your paradigm for end-times, you will not get a book in a Christian or secular book store that has this paradigm in it.  It took someone raised and born in the Middle East that understands things from an eastern mind set to understand the scriptures of the last days.  Now Walid on yesterday’s broadcast you talked about the group of Arab nations that the anti-Christ is going to rule from and you said, “The major nations of the world will come against them,”  who will be the major nations that will come against this collision?

Walid:  Well, just what the Bible says, in Micah 5 God says that He will raise seven shepherds, and eight principl men.

Sid:  You know I’ve always read that and I’ve always wondered “What does that mean?” Seven shepherds, what does it mean, eight principal men?

Walid:  Seven world leaders that will have good principals, just what it says.  And how often have you examined the interpretation of those seven shepherds.

Sid:  Well, the only one I see that are doing real good is the Prime Minister of Canada, but who are they.  Who are going to be these seven, not their names, but what countries are they going to represent?

Walid:  Well, what the Bible tells us.  In face most westerns never focus on how the anti-Christ is destroyed, the destruction of the anti-Christ is very clearly described in Ezekiel chapter 28 he is called the prince of Tyre.  And by the way, Tyre isn’t in Europe, it’s in Lebanon, he rules Lebanon, he’s called the fellow of Egypt.  He rules Egypt, he enters Egypt in Daniel chapter 11, and he’s destroyed in his Ezekiel 28 by these powerful nations, no one can escape verses 7 and 8 after reading them within context.  It says “Behold therefore I will bring strangers against you the most terrible, the mightiest of the nations, military powerful nations.”  Daniel 11 tells that the anti-Christ what?  Declares war on the most powerful nations, he declares war on the strongest military might.  So it tells us the basically the conclusion, in Ezekiel 28 He raises this nation, God does and in verse 8 “They shall throw you down into the pit.”  If we examine after the anti-Christ is thrown into the pit it tells us what other nations goes with him, in the pit and every one of them is Islamic.

Sid:    But, who are the ones that are going to come against the Islamic nations?

Walid:  Well, the most powerful nations, today they are the United States of America, Europe, ships of Chittim, ships of Chittim are the western coast of the Mediterranean; Italy, Spain, the United States, they’re very powerful countries and they come against him.  We can’t identify them each by name, but we can take a look at the most powerful country in the world.

Sid:  But then, so we know the seven shepherds are, who are the eight principal men?

Walid:  Well, we don’t know the names, you don’t know who they are; they could be the eight principal men, seven of them are also shepherds, but there is an eighth one that remains mysterious.  We do not know everything in the Bible, but what we do know is that they will destroy the Assyrian in Micah 5.  Micah 5 is not just about the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem, but it’s the conquest of the Messiah leading these seven shepherds and these nations into battle against the anti-Christ.  And Ezekiel 30 that’s the day of the Lord, the day of the Lord is the day when the Messiah fights these nations.  Who does he fight?  In verse 5 of chapter 30 Sudan, Somalia, which is Cush, Libya hello, the Arab Spring Libya, Tunisia, all those regions.  Lydia is Turkey; in fact the Messiah in Zechariah 9 He comes from Jerusalem going north, He doesn’t west to Europe, He goes north to who?  To Greece, that is Ayonia we have to look at the Greek, Ayonia is Turkey.  That is it, it’s the battle between the Turk’s and the Israeli’s in which the Messiah in the end will be triumphant and we all will be with Him fighting the battle over Jerusalem.

Sid:  What about Gog and Magog and where does Russia come in and the Armageddon, explain a little of that.

Walid:  Well, Russia is nowhere in the Bible; Gog is the…

Sid:  What I’ve always heard Gog and Magog were Russia!

Walid:  Well, Gog is the chief prince of, Meshech and Tubal.  Meshech and Tubal, is not Moscow and Tubal.  Meshed and Tubal is Mushki and Tubalani which are in Turkey so if you look at every Bible…

Sid:  Everything is pointing to Turkey!  It’s amazing and we don’t even hear that much about Turkey, it’s always Russia.

Walid:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And Iran, but Turkey is really going to be a major end-time player.

Walid:  Look at the Arab’s Spring, what is Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, what are they saying?  They’re saying “We want the Turkish model of Islam.”  Turkey will bring peace to the world, Turkey is being ushered now a days even by the United States of America as the peace maker in the world, the Anti-Christ brings peace supposedly and he makes a peace covenant.  Those that want to make Covenant with Israel. The Bible maps don’t lie; the Bible maps are correct, every single Bible map whether McKinnon Bible atlas, the Moody Bible atlas, the Encyclopedia of Bible Lands the location of Meshech and Tubal, Magog are all in Asia Minor and Southern Russia, not Russia proper. What split from Russia?  The Islamic nations, the CIS nations, the Commonwealth of Independant States of what Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and also Turkey will unite with them with the Middle East with Persia as well in a war effort against Israel.

Sid:  Well, why is the battle of Gog and Magog also called Armageddon?

Walid:  Well, look at the text in Ezekiel 38, the first mistake westerners do is the attribute Ezekiel 38 as a battle before the battle of Armageddon.  However, people cannot escape verse 18 “My fury will show in my face?”  Who is speaking hear?  God, God whose God’s face?  If His feet stands in the Mount of Olives, that’s the Messiah, His face is the Messiah there too, Ezekiel 38 happens when the Messiah comes to fight the anti-Christ.  Gog is the anti-Christ.  In fact in Revelation after the thousand years are over, what happens?  Satan is released God and Magog; so Gog is Lucifer in the book of Revelation; if he is Lucifer in the book of Revelation he must be Lucifer everywhere else in the Bible including Isaiah 19 and 14 and including Ezekiel 28.

Sid:  In the next two minutes give me a quick scenario of what’s going to happen between today and the return of the Messiah in the order you see it in the Bible.

Walid:  Awe, that’s a very good question; the first thing that’s going to happen is the false peace, that Islam is a peaceful religion; that the Turkish model of Islam the peaceful version of Islam is what’s going to basically take over the Middle East so this basically will make the west not worry about Islam.  This will usher in the anti-Christ, the Mufti of Islam who will make a Covenant with Israel for seven years.  When Christians see this begin to count, so we’re going to see the Arab Spring turn into the Turkish model of Islam in which will pull the roost over the eyes of the west until the west wakes up in the end.  So in the meanwhile we will see this false peace in the Muslim world; then they will be a war in Israel in which the nations of Ezekiel 30, 31, 32; read them on how they basically have a war with Israel and how they will all fall into the pit with the Anti-Christ.  For anyone who doubts just look up the term, the pit in the Bible; do a search on the pit and you will see that every single nation that goes into the pit are all Islamic, every single one of them.

Sid:  And just out of curiosity, how quickly could this scenario take place in your opinion?

Walid:  Look how quickly the scenario has taken place already.

Sid:  Look how quickly the whole world has changed before our very eyes you can see the world changing, it’s amazing.

Walid:  Correct, the idea of Islam is what?  Is the destruction of nationalism; why?  Because Babel wanted what?  One world government, one world order.  We will never have a world government, it’s impossible, why?  Because just as the rainbow was the promise that God will never flood the earth, God promised that the world will never be ruled by Lucifer.  This is why in Babel, “Let Us go down and confused their tongue.”  The Muslim world wants one language, Arabic, one religion, Islam, one law, Sharia and they want to destroy Israel.  This Babylonian effort will fail in the end when the Messiah comes, God will come down; this is why we see the Messiah all over in Ezekiel 38, in Ezekiel 28, all over the Bible fighting who?  Muslim nation.

Sid:    Just out of curiosity, you were born in Bethlehem of Judea an Arab, why don’t you call yourself a Palestinian?

Walid:  Well, you see the judgment of the nations which is Islamic nations that want to divide the land of Israel and create a Palestinian State.  When I read the Bible I saw how the Messiah Himself judges the nations.  Why?  It’s in Joel Chapter 3; “For they have scattered my people, they have also divided up my land.”  In Daniel Chapter 11; “Who divides the land for gain?”  It is the anti-Christ.  So if the anti-Christ wants to divide the land he wants a Palestinian state.  If I wanted a Palestinian state which side am I on?  The Messiah or the anti-Christ.

Sid:  So you’re saying that anyone on the side of a Palestinian state is on the anti-Christ side.

Walid:  Absolutely.

Sid:  Is America in bible prophesy?

Walid:  Well, when we look at the destruction of the anti-Christ, the anti-Christ is destroyed by what?  By the mightiest of the nation, the most powerful; what the Bible says the most terrible of the nations; terrible in what?  Terrible in battle, America has been the most strongest fortress, in fact the anti-Christ declares war on the strongest fortresses.

Sid:  Now wait a second now, we’re destroying our atomic bombs, we’re cutting down our military, I think that America is going in the opposite direction.

Walid:  But remember Brother Sid, God is in control, He’s in control in the destiny of Israel and the destiny of the United States of America, not President Obama.  God has intervened when America wanted to say “Well, no for Israel.”  And if you remember you know George Marshall, the state representative of the United States they didn’t want Israel, yet the President said, “He had a dream,” where did that dream come from?  God is in control.

Sid:  I’ll tell you what, “Were out of time, but you will have your entire paradigm in understanding illuminated like you’re never had it before…”

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