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Sid:  Red hot is almost an understatement for my guest. I’m speaking to him at his home in Superior, Montana Steven Zarit.  Steven was a very successful Vice President, General Manger of a publication in Orange County, California, but there was something missing in his life, he was searching and dabbling in the New Age and the metaphysical books, he would watch on television people that were healing evangelists and he’d say “Boy I would love, there is something in him, I would love to be able to pray for the sick and have them be healed.”  And one day a brand new believer in Jesus walks in his office and said “God just spoke to me and He wants me to pray for you” well Steven said, “No, thanks,” this guy was persistent he kept coming back, last time he came back Steven for some reason said, “Okay, you can pray for me.”  And Steven I’m going to ask you to say this again because when you said this on yesterday’s broadcast there was a release of the presence of God.  When he touched your foot what happened?

Steven:  Oh yes, when he touched my foot there was a fire a burning fire that went up my left leg and down my right leg and the trunk of my body and into my arms and in my face.  And I started perspiring and I didn’t know that I was meeting gentle Jesus, meek and mild that I was meeting the Lion of Judah, and that it was just, it was phenomenal.  And I was frightened because I wasn’t in control of it and I knew I hadn’t taken any drugs because I was at work and it was just a phenomenal feeling and then it lasted for about oh two minutes and then about five seconds after that it turned in that feeling of fire and heat and power, this incredible power turned into this incredible, the only way I can explain it is liquid love.  I had love for humanity, if I could kiss everybody in the world I would kiss everybody in the world I was so in love with everybody in the world.  And I was so in love that I felt like I was going to bust inside I fell onto the floor and I started laughing hysterically and I started laughing so hard that I started getting cramps in my cheeks.

Sid:  That’s laughing hard!

Steven:  Laughing so hard that I said, “Jim, what is happening to me?”  And he said to me, he said, “Steven you just got baptized in the Holy Spirit.”  I said, “The Holy what?”  He said, “Go home read the book of Acts and read the gospel of John, you have a bible?”  And I said, “Yes I have a Bible.”  So I left and about 2:00 in the afternoon I went home and I started reading the Gospel of John, and then when I got to the book of Acts the second chapter of Acts I went “Oh, my gosh this book was written over 2,000 years ago and what happened to those people just happened to me.  Jesus you are the Messiah, you are the Son of God, You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the end.

Sid:    So I guess when you found out all of this Steven then you just kept it all to yourself, you didn’t tell anyone at work.

Steven:  I went in the next day and I told everybody what had happened to me in my office and seven people came to the Lord, I had like thirty-five women and men working as graphic designers and seven people came to the Lord.

Sid:  Could you keep quiet about Jesus?  Were you able to just zip your mouth and not tell any one about Jesus or was it out of your control?

Steven:  No, it was totally out of my control the phone would ring, this supernatural, the phone would ring and I knew who was on the phone before I picked up the phone.  And I knew what I was suppose to say and he was a Jewish bother, Morris Fox and he lived in Los Angles. I picked up the phone and I said, “Oh hi Morris,” and he said, “How did you know that it was me?”  I said, “Let me tell you what just happened to me yesterday,” and I told him and he didn’t want to listen and he said, “Oh no, no, no that’s not for me, that’s not for me.”  But I said, “I said, “How did you think that I know that it was you on the telephone?”  And he said, “Oh, it’s just a coincidence.”  I said, “No Morris, let me come and we’ll play some tennis in Los Angeles and let me come and tell you what happened.”  So I went to Los Angeles and I told him what happened and he let me pray for him, he let me pray, and the prayer that I prayed is the same prayer that I prayed over my father.  And I said, “Jesus show him that you are the Son of the Living God and within a month he became a believer.”

Sid:  You know what you are describing to me Steven is normal, you couldn’t keep quiet, you had to tell everyone everywhere the good news.  How do I know this, because the same thing happened to me and there was a move of God’s Spirit about that time and many Jewish people became normal.  And then they infected the Gentile Christians and then the Gentile Christians started being normal and the Jesus movement started and the Charismatic movement started.  But then everything calmed down with Jewish people and you know what we call Charismatic and Pentecostal churches today outside of speaking in tongues and a prophecy here of there or one or two healings there is not difference between them and a seeker sensitive church.  There is more, and I know that right now Steven we’re at the move of God’s Spirit once more upon Jewish people and I tell you do not miss this.  That’s why I’ve put together a book of ten Jewish testimonies because God Himself told me to do this.  I mean well over half a million of these in the Russian language alone being mailed systematically to Russian Jews and the streets of Jerusalem, they’re being distributed in Hebrew but, now is God’s time for the United States and this is not just a good book there is an anointing for spiritual scales to come off of the eyes of Jewish people….Now Steven all these people come to the Lord in your office; tell me how did your employer like it that you were witnessing all the time.

Steven:  My employer was a Jewish man raised in the Orthodox Jewish family in Chicago and I went to him and I told him what happened to me and he said to me, “As long as it doesn’t cause any problems with you running my company I don’t have a problem with it.”  And many many years later I went back to work for him he told all of his salesmen, “Steven Zarit is the best General Manager I’ve ever worked with, he’s only got one problem, he’s in love with Jesus Christ.”  [Laughing]

Sid:  Now tell me when you got baptized in the Holy Spirit and angel visited you tell me a little bit about that.

Steven:  Well, I had read all these metaphysical books so I sat in my living room and I started praying and I wanted tongues. So I bought a book called they speak in other tongues and I started reading it. Then I would sit in my living room and I would just keep saying “Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah,” and the presence of the Lord would come on me really strong.  When I picked up my Bible the presence of the Lord would come on me really strong, when I put my Bible down the presence of the Lord would dissipate and I thought “Gee, this is pretty bazaar.”  So I laid in bed one night and I was just lying there going, “Praise You Lord, praise you Lord, hallelujah, hallelujah.”  All of a sudden I man about 8’ tall appeared at the foot of my bed all dressed in white, and I looked at him and I panicked and all of a sudden out came this incredible prayer language, and I got my prayer language.  And I got my prayer language from the Lord and I was just dumfounded by it and then I would go to work and I would try and work but I couldn’t even work because the presence of the Lord was so strong that the Lord would speak to me so clearly and so audibly and say “I want you to go into your office shut the door, get on your hands and face and worship me.”  And I would go into my office, shut the door and get on my hands and face and worship the Lord.  And then I told the Lord I said, “Lord I’m going to lose my job I can’t do my work.”  And the next day Jim showed up and said, “Hey how you doing brother.”  And I said, “Well, I’m doing fine but I told him what was happening and he said, “That’s why I’m here in Anaheim again and the Lord told me that you need to get baptized.”  And I said, “I need to get baptized?” and He said, “Yeah.”  And I said, “It’s October, where am I going to get baptized the oceans ice cold!”  He said, “Well, my mom has a heated swimming pool at her apartment at Garden Grove, California and we can go over there.”  So drove over there at 2:00 in the afternoon and I took off all of my clothes except my underwear and a baby Christian baptized me in his mother’s swimming pool.  I can’t begin to imagine anybody that was looking out their curtains or drapes that day or venetian blinds; when I came out of the water I was able to handle the power and the presence of the Lord that was on me at that particular time.

Sid:  But then all of a sudden miracles broke out; I want you back tomorrow because not only were miracles breaking out on people he prays for, they are going to happen to you.

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