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Sid:  My guest Mary Kathryn Baxter in 1976 just a normal housewife, a normal mother she was selected by the Lord to go to Hell 30 nights in a row, observe what happened there and tell people.  And Mary Kathryn you were telling me that just at the church your at right now that when you share what you’ve seen with your very eyes in Hell are there many people that hold back from accepting Jesus?

Mary K:  No, they come to the altars, there’s no hard hearts, the testimony seems to just melt their hard hearts because they have understanding and they have a knowledge once you testify of what you’ve seen of Hell and the judgment of God they don’t want that they want to get saved.

Sid:  Now tell me ah you must have had a lot of experience 30 nights in a row, tell me the worst circumstance you saw in Hell of someone suffering.

Mary K:  It was where the abomination of desolations are in Hell, it was that big round metal looking places full of fire, liquid fire and hot lava are bubbling.  And when souls die that go to this place they’re called the abominable, they come down by the demon powers they have a chain on them Sid, their skeletons they pick them up and throw them in this fire.  And they are salted in this fire and swimming in this fire and they feel like they have a real body and there is no end to the torment, no end to the burning, and where some of them like in the left leg of Hell the fires will die down around their ankles and then it will shoot back up over them again.  And the demons in Hell have no feelings, they have no soul so they have no mercy and where the vat are they laugh, they accuse them they say “How can a God of mercy put you in a place like this?”  The accuse God, the demons say that to them and these are the abdominals and it’s horrible, it’s a very horrible experience.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity did you see any people with specific sin such as people that were lesbians or homosexuals in Hell?

Mary K:  There was a river, yes their torments really bad too, it’s in the Book of Hebrews and the Book of Romans.  The scriptures are written in the fires and they’re big block letters like letters, the whole scriptures are written out In the flames and though there’s a current okay that about ten feet wide and the flames from this place is around ten feet high the flame and it flows all through Hell, it’s like a river.  And in this river is live souls being pulled through a current of skeletons they’re charred red from burning in the fire and they’re pulled with it like 80 miles an hour they’re going through this river and they’re screaming and saying “Why didn’t somebody warn us, is there anymore hope for us?”  And they’re voices echo Sid through the chambers of Hell and that where they go.

Sid:  And so in other words they had the scriptures from the two books of New Testament that you mentioned having to do with homosexuality so there was no question as to whether that was a sin.  What other people with specific types of sins did you see?

Mary K:  Okay, in Galatians about the seventeen works of the flesh there was categories in Hell separation in Hell of like there would be 2 million over here like in a valley part of Hell and they would be burning and screaming with a black chain on them and a humongous dead dry feel and would be the liars; people that lied on the earth okay.  And then you would go to the belly of Hell and in the belly of Hell Sid would be a large heart as big as a football field shape of a human heart.  And it would have black snake skin on it and this  place, Christ took me in there and it was horrifying; there was doorways into it and in this place there was a skeletons on fire with a liquid fire that never went out and this was a judgment of God on Hippocrates and backbiters in this section.  And then when you’re out of there you go and there another section for people that were in witchcraft, sorcery in the very center of Hell is the belly of Hell and part of these jail cells are seventeen miles high and three miles around.  The man that was here Sunday saw and he called them cubes.  And these cubes some of at the very top would swing and they would go out and demon powers would have souls in there burning and screaming to get out.  And if you look in the book of Ezekiel it talks about the sides of pits and the fallen kings and evil people in there well that’s in Hell too.  There’s a levels, different levels of torment in Hell, souls that are lost.

Sid:  Let’s talk about you had 30 days or evenings going to Hell in a row and then 10 evenings going to Heaven.

Mary K:  Yes.

Sid:  Tell me one thing that, I might be really excited about that you saw in Heaven.

Mary K:  Heaven, oh praise God!  You…

Sid:  I can tell you’d rather talk about Heaven (laughing)

Mary K:  I love to talk about it, I really do; we’ve had a week of almost seven days of just straight preaching on Hell.  Heaven is a place, okay the main thing I would like is the throne of God, I like to go, I went seven times before the throne and I saw the throne like in Revelations 4 I saw the colors, the rainbows, I saw the lightning coming around the throne.  I saw this huge cloud and the Lord inside the cloud because you couldn’t see His face.  But His voice was like many waters and as it came out there was the redeemed in the audience thousands in seats and angels and the children’s seats are solid gold with diamonds as big as fists where the children sat.  And they’re in the audience they’re in with the other people and then you see an order, an order in Heaven, you see how before His throne there’s angels standing with great dress, their garments are made some of them look like they have feathers on them.  Then some of them have jewels on them and some of them they have their, I don’t know it’s like they earned these garments, I don’t know how to explain it but I felt it that these garments they’ve wearing mean something.  And then they stand before the thones, some blow trumpets 35 feet long, long trumpets, others music playing a piano, there is a piano forty feet across, several angels are sitting there playing the piano and a choirs of music like you’ve never seen.  And you hear the, oh man you hear I don’t know how to say it but you hear the presence of God as well as being there in His presence and it’s like I don’t know how to say it, never on earth have I experienced anything like that.  And when you go before the throne there’s always a purpose and I was brought before the throne several times.  I got to hear what was going on, I got to see treasures being given out, I got to see books of tears opened up.  God was always, they were doing things and it was awesome but when God spoke there was silence and it was just awesome to see, I’d love to go before the throne of God.

Sid:  Now I’ve interviewing you primarily this week because I want to put in the hands of everyone listening what I call an essential mentoring tool and I believe it’s totally demonic that we have a generation of Christians that do not understand the power of the blood.  You talk about in your book pleading the blood, what does that mean to you?

Mary K:  Okay, like prayer when the children come up that maybe there is a young man on crack cocaine and you begin to pray and Holy Spirit prompts you to say “Cover him with the blood of Jesus and you break the stronghold off of him through the name of Jesus and through the blood of Jesus.”  That is saying I believe the blood covenant of Jesus Christ is strong enough to remove that demonic power from him, and as you pray in the Holy Spirit and you cover them with the blood of the lamb they totally get transferred, they get saved, they get filled with the Holy Spirit.  I’ve seen it all over the world, and when you’ve seen it all over the world and when you begin to cover them with the prayer of God and that Jesus loves them and wants to set them free and they get understanding about the blood that Jesus shed.  His blood is right there, right at that moment to wash away their sins if they’ll repent of cocaine and repent of what they are doing they will totally be transformed.  It is the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  Now in my notes it says of all of the revelations that God has given you none has impacted you like the knowledge of the blood of Jesus, why?

Mary K:  Right, because I’ve seen the evidence of it Sid; I’ve seen even angels standing when God permits it it’s called the bloodline.  And I actually see the angels standing really with the blood line, like a line in around the church and all around it and its solid red and their holding that around the church.  And I thought about that and the blood of Jesus has empowered me so much because I prayed for people that’s been very ill and cover them with the blood of Jesus because the blood signifies what Christ did, why He died.  There’s healing in the atonement; there’s healing in the blood of Jesus it impacted my life so because I see the fruit of it; I see the evidence of it.  I see the change in people’s life when we pray and cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  You talk about even deliverance by pleading the blood, explain.

Mary K:  Yes, okay I was in the church service one day this was a vision that’s in the book, there was a lot of youth coming up for prayer, many of them was into habits, addictions and I was telling them, I said, “You know if you will repent of your sins you know I explained and the blood of Jesus will wash you clean.”  And all at once I saw like the whole in front of them like a screen dropped down and there it was solid red and it begin to wash over those children backwards and forwards.  And they begin to raise their little hands and shout and praise the Lord and they begin to want to be saved and to confess Jesus Christ, they were going through the sinner’s prayer.  And as they went through the sinners prayer this came over them again and again and one of the young woman said, “Can I say something?  And I said, “Yes, honey.”  And she said, “As you were talking about the blood I felt as I repented to God, I was washed in a river of water.”  She said, “I felt a cleansing come all over me.”  And the other ones told it too, some of them were shy but they told how they felt and I saw that, I saw what God was doing.  And it is His mercy and His grace being poured upon us through the blood of Jesus.

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