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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, now you would have to be really stupid to not realize that we are in the last of the last days and I don’t want to paint a picture for you I don’t want to be pessimistic because I’m an evangelist at heart and I want to see everyone everywhere hear the good news.  And I think that we’re coming into the greatest time in the history of planet earth for true believers in the Messiah and the worst time in the history of planet earth for those that don’t believe in the Messiah.  But with what’s going on as far as terrorism, we know the terrorists are already in the United States with what’s going on with the economy we know that it’s hanging in there by threads.  I might add that I know that as a fact that there will be a wealth transfer of the unrighteous money into the hands of the righteous.  With what’s going on with various diseases worldwide and wars that are going on and the flooding of the demonic through television and through books and books against God; you can see the hand writing on the wall.  But there is almost a forgotten understanding of the power of the blood of Jesus and that’s why I’m so excited to be making available to you this week a book titled, “The Power of the Blood.”  Without a doubt it’s written with Dr. T. L. Lowery and this scholar has traced from the Old Covenant the New Covenant understanding.  It’s one of the best Bible studies you’ll ever see on the blood of Jesus.  And I don’t know a more important subject even if you understand the blood of Jesus and then how to appropriate that blood to overcome the power of sin your life; to walk in Devine health; to live in peace no matter what’s going on in the world; to live in Devine protection no matter what kind of war situation is going on; no matter if a nuclear device goes off and you’re in the area where you should be destroyed.  I believe there’s such power that we’ve never tapped into with the blood of Jesus and this book was written with the assistance of Dr. T. L. Lowery but written by Mary Kathryn Baxter.  And I have her on the telephone right now, Mary Kathryn you told me about a vision you had in Israel, tell me about that.

Mary K:  Well, yes it was about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ before He went up to the cross. I was at a church, I had some very bad experiences there and I was very discouraged and I wanted to just quit Sid, I wanted to just leave, I dropped a box of box on my foot that day and several things happened.  Like for two days I hadn’t really ate normal and when I came to the church it was like 500 people was there and this was my fourth night and before I could even I’d get there around 8:00 I wouldn’t be able to get to the pulpit until 10:00 to preach and it was very wearing my flesh was acting up.  And I was sitting there one night I said to myself, “Now Jesus if I have to sit here like I do every night I’m going to walk out of here, I’m tired of this.”  And all at once I heard the voice of the Lord, “He said, “You haven’t even begin to suffer; He said behold upon the left wall,”  And I looked over there and there was a mural an open vision of a mural of the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem; there was I saw this like a movie screen in action.  There was people on each side of the road there.  And there come at the very bottom was Christ.  He had this cross on His shoulders that was cut with an ax and the splinters was stabbing Him in His back; He had His robe on, His whole body was covered in blood and He tripped and His robe then fell down and a black nationality brother come out of the line of people and help Him lift up His cross.  And when He did the thorns in His head, the blood He had not one speck of skin showing and He looked at me one eye had fell out on His face and He looked at me and He said,  “Press on, press on, press on you haven’t even begin to suffer.”  And as He slipped in His own blood that man helped Him up; I begin to weep but I begin to cry and I thought “Who am I, who am I to even complain about something.”  And as He went on walking up the road the stones covered in His blood and they took Him up to nail Him to the cross and the vision went away.  And I thought to myself Sid, this blood needs to be preached about more and more what He did for humanity it needs to be talked about and told from one end of the earth to the other.  And this book, “The Power and the Blood,” and I really believe it and this book is one of the best books every written about the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  Tell me about the night when you awoke and everything seemed to be covered in red.

Mary K:  It was I was going through a trial in my life that I’d been studying about the Old Testament and the New about the fire that went before the children of Israel and a cloud by day and a fire by night.   And I turned to the scriptures where it said, “I’ll be with you I’ll be a wall of fire around about you.”  And I begin to quote that word of the Lord and we were going through a heavy trial at that time, and then all at once the walls were all lit up with this Brinson fire all around me and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Fear not this is the presence of the Lord, He is covering you with His fire.”  And Sid this is the truth I had phone calls from people told me that they saw my house on fire, it wasn’t consumed and I told them that it was the presence of the Lord.  And I would see that wall many times in prayer and it was a protection and the blood was in there, the blood was mingled in there, the blood of Jesus and it was real Sid.  And I see it a lot even when I travel all over the world.

Sid:    Now, are you just someone special or will God put this wall of fire and of blood around everyone?

Mary K:  Yes He will His children if they’ll believe it and they’ll speak it He truly will; I see it in churches Sid.  They don’t even recognize that it’s here but it’s His promise, it’s His covenant promise that He’ll be with us and protect us and go with us.

Sid:  Tell me an experience for instance well one time you were in a church and you saw angels come in to the church with a large cross.

Mary K:  Yes, I see that too a lot okay.  Many times okay when I go to churches to preach about the blood or I get studying ready to talk about Hell I will see visions in the church of angels coming in only when God allows it okay.  And I can be setting on the platform as the high praises of God go up it’s like the back of sanctuary or the top of where the pulpit is in the back area there will be bands of angels begin to descend and some of them are already there.  They’re already in the church and they come in and they begin to prepare the way, they bring this cross and this huge cross usually means deliverance or God’s approved of that church.  And I will see those anchor that cross, this big cross and they will put it before the pulpit and normally it’s during a process of the whole service, it takes like the whole service and I watch them every once in awhile and they are anchoring this cross and then the power comes through the cross and out the beams of the cross and deliverance comes.  If there’s people in there bound by habits and drugs I begin to, you know it’s the preaching of the cross is what set’s them free.  And I soon learn through the vision that this cross represented that God had approved of this church and they leave that cross there, the angels do when they leave it’s left there, but it’s invisible to the people but I see it and I tell the pastor that and he gets excited.  And it’s normally where God has approved of that pastor, the leadership and his preaching of His word.

Sid:  Now have you used the power of the blood when witchcraft is used against you and give me a specific example.

Mary K:  Okay, I’ll use another person there was a lady came up for prayer yes one day and she had been involved with the people in the occult and she was wanted, she had got saved but she had been tormented by evil powers.  And she wanted, I told her she needed the Holy Spirit and that we would pray over her, so we ministered and we got the anointing oil, we prayed over her in the Name of Jesus and we begin to cover her with the precious covenant of God and begin to break strong holds in the spirit realm off of her.  And I could actually see the blood of Jesus fallen and cleansing and breaking strongholds.  When I say, “I see breaking strongholds Sid” it’s like in the air, the atmosphere like high in the heavens or somewhere I see the angels of God drawing swords and fighting with the word of God, it’s always the word of God against these strongholds there is always like a red covering comes down which represents the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Sid:  And what about someone that’s say struggling with sin; how should they pray?

Mary K:  They first should confess their sin and their faults to the Lord and say “God I need help I really need your help, I can’t overcome this by myself.”  And as they begin to pray they need to call upon the Name of Jesus and call upon the power in the Name of Jesus and the blood, the blood of Jesus to set them free because that’s in the covenant.  That through the blood of Jesus we can be delivered from these sins in our flesh.

Sid:   Let me ask you something, if on tomorrow broadcast I ask you to pray over the airwaves, what do you believe would happen as you speak about the blood of Jesus?

Mary K:  I believe that there will be a breakthrough, I believe it because Jesus said, “We sit in Heavenly places with Him and we fight against prince and powers of the air and we put them under His feet.”

Sid:  People that are reading your new book “The Power of the Blood,” you’re getting so much positive feedback.  Pick one person and tell me what they said after they read the book.

Mary K:  Oh, wonderful, they love it it’s helping them, it’s encouraging them, it’s making them have more knowledge of the Old Covenant and the New, they just love it; a lot of good feedback.

Sid:  You know Mishpochah there is so much power in the blood of Jesus that that really we’re not taking advantage of and if we ever needed to take advantage of the power and the blood of Jesus it’s now.  And that’s why this bible study and the experiences worked in on this book by Mary Kathryn Baxter  I mean this is one of the best I’ve ever seen of explaining exactly throughout all of the scriptures the power and the blood of Jesus.  I mean you’re going to understand how you can appropriate that blood to live in peace no matter what’s going on and Devine protection…

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