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Sid:  Hello Sid Roth here with Katie and we are talking about what Katie calls the most absolutely the most offensive message yet.  Now Katie you’re supposed to be a nice believer now you’re no longer Bonnie & Clyde. Why would you talk about an offensive message?  I’m just teasing because I know what you’re talking about.  But it is to me the most amazing, amazing sin of offense that wounds our soul and it’s so simple that it happens multiple times during the day, and if there was a way we could stop it it would transform our lives.

Katie:  Yeah.

Sid:  Tell me about that main sin.

Katie:  It’s offense honestly and there is opportunity every single day to be offended. I mean, you get in your car and somebody beeps the horn and waves at you with a middle finger instead of the whole hand.  And somebody cuts off…

Sid:  Yeah, I’m driving along and all of a sudden someone just pulls right in front of me as if I’m not there and if I wasn’t you know totally alert I would have crashed into him; I’m offended.

Katie:  Exactly, you know we get offended when people make our coffee wrong at the coffee shop, or you know when we go to the grocery store…

Sid:  Or things don’t happen quickly enough that’s my big offense.

Katie:  Hah, exactly I mean we got to fight I mean I don’t know about you my husband and I have a great marriage but you’ve got to protect yourself everyday from getting offended at each other.

Sid:  It’s and you know that’s why God put in the institution of marriage; no wonder the devil wants to destroy marriage people won’t realize how bad off they really are unless they’re married.  (Laughing)

Katie:  I’m telling you but it will make you grow up super fast because you’ll be like wow this is a great venue opportunity not to get offended and so we have a choice everyday whether or not were going to get offended and I think what…

Sid:  How about sitting in church and hearing a message of something that goes against your belief?

Katie:  Yeah.

Sid:  That takes no talent to be offended over.

Katie:  It’s true and then what happens is afterwards you go up and ask the Pastor to pray for your healing, but you’re offended at him.

Sid:  (Laughing) Well would you believe something as you just said that God gave me a word of knowledge and someone is being healed right now.  You have a pain in your neck and if you’ll move your head you’ll see that the pain is gone from your neck and there’s others that may be the same one or it could be someone with a back problem.  Please, pull over on the side of the road if you’re listening on the radio or but do something and as you do this you’re demonstrating your faith.  That’s why Paul said, “Faith without a corresponding action its plain dead,” you don’t want your faith to be dead.  If you will do that you will see that all pain is gone from back, all pain is gone from your neck and I’ll give you a little trade secret.  Katie it’s something that you probably noticed, but I’ve noticed that once God releases a word of knowledge it’s almost like the healing angel is there and if someone would only believe at that moment they could be healed of anything is what I believe.

Katie:  Yeah, and I believe that it might be attached to somebody that was offended at their pastor because you just got a word when we were talking about that.  So whoever that is right now repent for being offended at your pastor right now in Jesus name, and I command that your soul would be healed of that wound that that sin of offense made so that you could be prospered and be in health even as your soul prospers.  Be filled with dunamis right now so that you can receive your miracle in the name of Jesus.

Sid:  It’s amazing how many people when they can get rid of the scars of offense it’s easy for them to get their physical healing, it’s easy for them to get out of financial turmoil, it’s easy for them to solve the various things they’ve been praying for years.

Katie:  Oh yeah, offense is not only creating sickness but it is blocking our miracle from happening.  I mean remember when Jesus went back to His own home town and he began to preach in the synagogue and so the people were like. “Where did this guy come from, where did he get all these miraculous powers.”  And it says that “Because of their unbelief He could do, the lack of faith he could do no miracles there.”    Well, that’s not all that scripture says it says that because they look at him and said, “Where did this guy come from don’t we know his mother and his father, his sisters and his brothers, where die He get all this miraculous powers?”  And it says this, “They were offended at Him and He could do no miracles there.”  So the offense literally shuts down the miraculous so people are sick and they’re praying for the breakthrough and they’re fasting for their breakthrough and they are decreeing their breakthrough and all of this other stuff and it’s not happening because simultaneously Sid while they’re praying and believing for their miracle, they are also at the same time being chronically offended at their husbands or their wives or their pastors or their boss.  An offense it shut down even Jesus from being able to do miracles so we got to stop being offended.  And we stop being offended and we get healed of the wounds of the sins of offense made we’re going to start to see the miracles come.

Sid:  But you know what’s coming to me as you’re sharing, someone says “Okay I made up my mind, I’m not going to be offended, I’m going to follow the program that simplistic program that Katie Souza is teaching,” but they because of the previous offenses they have they can’t get control over the new offenses.

Katie:  Okay, so and that is so important to understand; Paul said “I do a thing I don’t want to do because the sin nature is fixed and operating in my soul.”  Sin wounds the soul, we talked about that in our past shows so when you are offended, that’s a sin it will put a wound in your soul, and then that wound does what Paul said, and it made him do the things he didn’t want to do.  So it makes us do these things and we can’t stop being offended, we try so hard, we fight it, but those thoughts keep on circulating around in our mind and it’s because that wound is still there.

Sid:  Could soul wounds be why people no matter how hard they try can’t lose weight?

Katie:  Oh, oh oh yeah that is definitely a big part of it Sid it is.  I mean think about it, food is what we use to comfort our soul. So food is there for connected to comforting the woundedness inside of us and offense is directly connected to weight gain.  I have had many encounters where I have let myself get offended; just being transparent, over certain situations.  Like I’ll go out on a tour and stuff will happen, the communications will breakdown, nothing will be ready, something goes on with the venue or whatever and I just I break weak, and I let myself get totally bothered and offended and I noticed that during those times I’ll have this weight gain.  This unusual like five to six pounds of this kind of squishy water weight gain.

Sid:  How long does it take to have this weight gain?  Are you talking about instant?  Are you talking about over a week?

Katie:  Okay, so here’s…

Sid:  Alright, give me an exact story of this, tell me.

Katie:  Here’s where I knew that it was from my sins of offense because it would happen virtually overnight.  I would literally I would leave on tour on like a Thursday, I would get on the scale that morning, I would weigh like 133 pounds, I would get back from tour and during the tour let myself get offended and I would immediately, immediately feel this like bloating feeling in my waist of this having more pounds on me.  And by the time I get home and I had time to check I’d get on the scale and I’d be 140 pounds. Come on you can’t gain seven pounds within like three to four days; so it would happen literally overnight, it would happen during the tour and then I would come home and I would repent.  The Lord began to show me what it was, He said, “Every time you let yourself get offended it’s allowing that that that squishy weight to come upon you.  And so I began to repent for the sins of offense, I would begin to do the two steps we talked about in earlier shows.  The blood from the cross of Jesus, and the dunamis power which comes from the resurrection; that word dunamis mean to be excellent of soul.  So I put the blood on my sin, I would spend time repenting for feeling offended, for saying offended words, for thinking offended thoughts, for getting bothered at  certain people and for being offended at them.  And then I would spend time in putting the dunamis on my soul, commanding my soul to become a dunamis, means to become excellent.  And sure enough Sid I’ve had three separate occasions when I lost the weight immediately.

Sid:  That sounds so amazing but actually and I understand what you’re saying and that gave you insight into this.  But someone’s listening to us and their whole life they’ve had problems with food. Do you believe if they could get their soul wounds removed and start fresh in their soul just as they started fresh in their spirit that they could have control over these addictive areas?

Katie:  I think the soul is a majorally connected to weight and even to people that have thyroid issues or issues with a physical sickness that causing to make weight, to have weight gain.  Because the Bible does say that we will prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.  And so as I’ve gotten healed in my soul I’ve had a variety of different things healed that were attached to food consumption because I had food disorders. Since I was a child would eat my food very fast.  I would eat…

Sid:  Oh, I do that so maybe I can get some insight, I eat so fast my wife is just goes so slow, have you ever heard of opposites attract?

Katie:  (laughing) Have her lay her hand on your head and…

Sid:  Oh, she’s like to do that but maybe not; on I won’t go there. (laughing)

Katie:  (laughing) But no it’s true I have seen, we have seen collectively in our meetings we have seen supernatural weight loss.  We have seen in our team we’ve seen supernatural weight loss in myself, and I’ve seen supernatural weight loss many many times and I teach on that.  And honestly it wasn’t like some you know hyped up miracle; it was a miracle that came because somebody had a wound in their soul that was controlling them, it was harming them, that was totally wrecking their lives healed, and part of that wound was attached to their food consumption or to food issues or weight gain itself.  So yeah I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I’ve seen it in scripture and I teach on it so I know that it’s true.

Sid:  You know it’s such a simple thing that and people make it so complex but it seems it’s so simple.  If you get a new spirit by being born again, a brand new spirit and you have this old soul it’s one fighting the other constantly.

Katie:  Yeah, I mean our spirit man has no problem seeing in the spirit, hearing the things of God, understanding revelation, beginning in communion with God.  Getting along with other believers, or getting along with anybody.  Our spirit has absolutely no problems it’s Christ living in us and so He’s perfect, His Spirit is perfect. So what does that mean?  That means behind our soul and so everyone of our issues are coming from our soul; I mean…

Sid:  I’m sorry we’re out of time right now.

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