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Sid:  This week it’s going to be just you me and the Holy Spirit and I believe it’s going to have a major impact on your life.  It just so happens that this week is known as Pentecost in Hebrew Shavuot it begins Tuesday evening.  And this is everyone’s familiar with Pentecost because that’s when the Holy Spirit descended and literally went inside of humans.  That’s why Yeshua said, “You will do the same works that I have done and even greater.”  Because human’s became flames of fire and what a difference between those first Jewish believer and what we call 21st Century American Christianity today.  It’s like two different religions it really is.  How did we lose it?  Because God says I don’t change, I change not.   Jesus said “I’m the same yesterday, today and forever.”  So how did we lose it?  If you go back in history you read the writings of the early Church Fathers you read that they were all Jews.  You read them in the New Testament in case I mean you don’t have to go to a library.  And that pulsate with someone that’s a flame of fire that has had a living experience with the living God.  So where did we lose it?  Well, we thought was the greatest thing to ever hit Christianity was it’s biggest crisis; what happened?  Constantine the emperor of the day he had what he explained a Heavenly experience he saw a cross in the sky and he decided that Christianity was God’s religion, but he had a problem on his hands.  He had an entire Gentile culture that was just totally entrenched in what we call today New Age.  And how could he merge these two groups together?  Well, he did, he even took the temples of the pagans and made the head priests the head of the various churches.  And there was this unholy merger; well you see for every counterfeit there’s something authentic.  What was God’s merger?  What did God really want?  Well, Jesus prayed that prayer in John 17:21 Jesus said, “I pray that they, and there were only two people groups at the time Jews and Gentiles might be one so the world will believe.”  And so if we can get Jews and Gentiles, Jews if you will and Christians; Messianic Jews if you will and Gentile Christians to become one that the middle wall of separation as Paul prayed would come down between Jews and Gentiles then we would form something brand new.  It’s not going to look like Judaism today; why isn’t it going to look like Judaism today?  Because you give humans enough time and you’ll come up with the famous song from Fiddler of the Roof “Tradition” and “Tradition” becomes holier than the Word of God.  We literally have so much religious tradition in Judaism today it’s called the religion of the Rabbis.  So where as there is some truth in the religion of the Rabbis we want to keep the Biblical truth, but we don’t want to export the “Tradition.”  Is there anything evil about the tradition?  No, nothing evil about it however if it gets in the way of intimacy with God, if it gets in the way of being a flame of fire for the living God then scrape it.  And we want to do the same thing with Christianity; is all the tradition in Christianity evil, no some of it’s really beautiful.  But if it gets in the way of intimacy with God I say scape it.  So there’s something brand new coming on the scene and that’s what Shavuot, that’s what Pentecost is all about.  You see the way you understand Pentecost is from the scriptures and the scriptures describe it in the second chapter of the Book of Acts because all the Jewish people were gather in Jerusalem for Pentecost and you know what you do?  You hold up two long loaves of bread.  And this bread is different than the Passover bread.  The Shavuot or the Pentecost bread has leaven in it; the Passover bread the matza has no leaven in it.  So if the unleaven bread of Passover represents the Lamb of God who took away our sins then who does the two leaven loaves represent, leaven represents sin.  It represents humans Jew and Gentile; you see that’s what God was showing us at Pentecost.  He was showing us a graphic demonstration of the one new man.  Let’s take a look at what normal Christianity is supposed to be.  I believe the greatest statement of an example of normal Christianity is found in the gospel of Mark the 16th Chapter verse 17 and 18.  And “These signs will follow those who believe.”  Okay, you don’t have to believe a mental giant to figure this one out; those who believe are believers.  Those who believe what?  “In My Name,”those who believe in the Name of Yeshua, “This signs will follow,” not might, not probable “They will follow.”  This is normal anything else is abnormal, “In my name they will cast out demons, in My Name they will speak with new tongues, in My Name they will take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly it will be no means hurt them.”  Some people have misappropriated that and they started playing around with snakes believing they wouldn’t get bitter.  However that’s not what it’s talking about, it’s talking about in the service of God if a serpent comes upon you or if someone slips some poison in your drink.  If you’re praying in the Name of Yeshua, in the Name of Jesus it literally is going to disintegrate that poison.  “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”  It says in the Name of Jesus they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.”  Not might recover, they will recover, I’m speaking to someone right now “You will recover in the Name of Yeshua the Highest Name.”  “No weapon” disease is a weapon of the enemy, “Shall prosper” and even live inside of you.   And then verse 20 of Mark Chapter 16, “And they went out and preached everywhere the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs.  Who was working with them, “The Lord.”  Why was He working with them?  They believed in the power and the authority of the Name of Yeshua.  I’ve recently seen a scripture that has just opened up to me why Christianity is so anemic, why it’s so different from what we read in the Bible.  It’s found in 1st John Chapter 5 verse 8 “And there are three that bear witness on earth the Spirit, the water and the blood.”  And these three agree as one; we’re going to pick up on that scripture on tomorrows broadcast but Mishpochah the revelation  that God has given me on that scripture is so exciting it literally going to fill in the blanks on some of the things you’ve been asking God for.   I’ve about ready to embark in the boldest high profile witnessing campaign in the history of our ministry.  Now God has blessed us with being able to reach extremely large numbers of Soviet Jews with the gospel.  But this is God’s moment for Jewish people in the United States and Jewish people in Israel.  And that’s why we’re about ready to run very large advertisements in the New York Times.  Do you know how many Jewish people can watch potentially two our television show in New York City?  Two million Jewish people can watch “It’s Supernatural” television.  Now the truth of the matter is 2 million Jewish people are not watching us but because we’re on such a large secular station that covers all of New York City if we could direct Jewish people in New York City to watch our television show I would believe they would and they’d get saved.  This is God’s moment of mercy on Israel, 2 million Jewish people at state in New York City and Israel we’re on almost every television set in Israel.  We’re on one network where we’re on three times a week on just about, we’re talking about 5 million Jewish people in Israel.  That’s 7 million Jewish people, we’re going to run ads in Israeli newspapers and in New York newspapers.  The headline I have the ad in front of me is “I don’t make this stuff up.”  And it lists some of things we discuss on the air, “Women loses 5 dress sizes in seconds, Sky diver crashes and burns has heavenly vision, surgically stomach grows back instantly and then it lists this and then it tells them how to go to our TV show I believe we could get half of Israel watching us and believing God for a budget $200,000 and maybe even add three more zeros to that.  This is Shavuot Feast of Weeks and we’re instructed in Deuteronomy 16 – 17 “Every man shall give as he is able according to the blessing of the Lord.”

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