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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. And I am overwhelmed because I know what’s happened in my life when I’ve walked into supernatural peace, that I can actually walk in this 24/7. Now Dennis, tell me about this Micmac Indian woman.

DENNIS: Yes. This was an exciting little trip that we took with a group of pastors up into the Maritimes. And we stopped at a little home meeting. We had as many pastors as we had pastors in the home meeting. There was like one for each person. Some people were receiving Christ for the first time as a believer. Others were getting filled with the Holy Spirit. And in the midst of this, we had 15 ministers there, in this midst of this, a woman just goes ballistic. She just has a meltdown. She’s watching what’s taking place. And she said, “I want more Jesus, too, but you don’t understand. I would like to have what these people are having. But you don’t understand my whole life.” And she started talking. And of course then 13 out of the 15 looked over at Jennifer and I and went, “Here’s one for you.” And we knelt down by the side of her, and this is front of all these people. And she is just emotionally having a meltdown. And I got her to just put her hand on the belly and say, “We’re going to let Jesus in you deal with these things that you’re crying out to.” And I said, “One at a time,” because she’s hysterical. You have to slow her down. We had to do it one at a time. And probably unlike anyone I had ever ministered to she had more traumatic events. But in less than 20 minutes here’s what happened.

SID: You literally showed her how to release the Prince of Peace into that situation.

DENNIS: Yes. The Prince of Peace on the inside was going to move into all of these areas. She had five serious violations. The first one was she was beaten with a belt as a child until it left perfect scars. The second thing that she told us, and now she’s crying and then getting peace on one. Then we go to the next one. Then after the belt beating, she went to the fact that she was sexually molested as a child. And it just breaks your heart. And then you watch her go from the hurt of the pain, and it changes to peace. Then she caught on in the middle. She goes. “You know what’s going on inside of me when it’s happening, don’t you?” And I said, yeah. But that worked as a dual witness. It wasn’t for me to show off that I know what’s going on. What she saw was, if he can tell what’s going on in me it’s real and it affirms it. It’s like a dual witness is what I call it. The third one is she said she had been raped. The fourth one was that she had had several abortions in her life. And we prayed through the hurt and pain, and grief. And the last one, she just started weeping, and I said say it. She could hardly say it. She said, “I saw my own son murdered before my eyes and nothing was ever done about it.” And we prayed her through that. And all of these were serious, serious violations of her personhood. And that’s why, you know, only God can do the supernatural. But her response was a countless change, smile, joy. But the revelation that came out of her mouth is what really impressed me. She said, “I feel the peace of God surrounding all around me and making me safe. I’m going back to the reservation. I’m going to help people. I’m going to teach people how to do this.”

SID: Well we’re going to teach you how to do this in just one moment. But the most amazing thing is that when Dennis goes into places like shopping malls, restaurants, the whole atmosphere changes, and what God is doing in Dennis, He wants to do with you. Would you teach them how to move in this.

DENNIS: The first thing is change your focus. And it’s like we always call it first, feel, forgive. But in your mind any person or situation in your mind that causes you to lose your peace down here, and sometimes it helps to even put your hand down on the belly area, because you can sense that with the person or situation there’s something unruly down there that needs to change. Then you let or allow Christ the forgiver to flow to that and through that until you feel peace. Not only when you feel peace and it will happen quickly, but then you will know that up here you have the historical record. But down here you have the heavenly record. I want you to close your eyes wherever you’re at right now. I want you to put your hand down low. And you’re asking the Holy Spirit to search my heart for any disruption, any chaos, anything that needs to be brought back into order, and restore my peace. That first person or situation that comes to mind, allow, let Jesus the forgiver in you, go to that disruption, to that feeling, through that feeling and let him carry it away. So that just like the scripture we quoted, out of your belly is flowing rivers of love and forgiveness, rivers of living water flowing out when it changes to peace. Most of the time that is all you would have to do, 99 percent of the time.

SID: I can tell you, I experience that peace. I say shalom to it.

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