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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. I don’t know about you but I have been breathing the air of heaven and I love that atmosphere. What happens when a Jewish doctor has an incurable illness staring him in the face and the mother comes in and says, “A miracle happened, my son is healed.” And this Jewish doctor says, yet with his own words, we have it on tape we will let you view it in just a couple of minutes, he says, “This is a miracle.” Karen, when you had James he was a healthy little boy the first fifteen months or so, tell me about him.

KAREN: Oh he was wonderful; he was born right on time, happy and healthy, he was one of those children you could just pass to anybody, very calm, everything was perfect, he was right on track.

SID: But at eighteen months something very weird started happening.

KAREN: I mean very weird happened, we had taken him for his well check and literally he started running to the same place in the hall and he would stand backwards against the wall and slam his head back and forth into the sheetrock and I thought I don’t know, maybe this is what little boys do, maybe this is the beginning of the terrible twos but after about a month he literally with his head broke the sheetrock open, there was a hole in the sheetrock.

SID: But then he started doing things even worse bizarre such as eating the sheetrock.

KAREN: Absolutely, he would start picking away the sheetrock, he started eating the rubber backing off of our bathroom rugs, he ate the rubber lining out of the door of our cars.

SID: Now she is not just talking about something, I have got the bills here; there is an eighteen hundred and fifty dollar bill for sheetrock repair.

KAREN: Right.

SID: He would just bash his head in the wall?


SID: To get the sheetrock to eat it?

KAREN: Yes, he was obsessed with putting things in his mouth and chewing, he would eat a flip-flop off your shoe, he was eating bark off of a tree, and he was just obsessed with putting stuff in his mouth and eating it, things that weren’t food.

SID: The doctors finally diagnosed his condition, what was it?

KAREN: It was classically autistic, there are sixteen markers that make you autistic and he had
all but one of them.

SID: What is the cure rate for autism?

KAREN: Oh there is no cure, it is incurable, there is no treatment and there is no hope and you have it forever.

SID: And how prevalent is it in society?

KAREN: It is what I would call pandemic, it is one in a hundred and fifty births.

SID: On and hundred and fifty births?

KAREN: One in one fifty, in some cities it is as high as one in ninety-eight births.

SID: So how did you cope with this situation?

KAREN: I coped in every way wrong, I coped with drinking and eating and overworking, I couldn’t believe I was in this long nightmare, this was not what I prayed for, this is not what I wanted, I wanted a little boy to be the captain of the football team and a daughter that would be the cheerleader, I didn’t want this rabid child in my house with no way to control him and any professional that we went to doctors, specialists, they all said the same thing, this is what he has, there is no treatment, there is no cure, he will always be like this and at one point you will have to put him in a home.

SID: Now something good came into your life, I mean the way it was headed was pretty bad, I mean did you really face the fact that you would have to intuitionalism your son someday?

KAREN: It took me a long time to come to terms with that but I think women instinctively know that things are getting better or worse and because he was so big for his age I knew that I couldn’t handle him because when he got upset his rage was off the charts, he could not be controlled. When he was little you could give him a toy or redirect, but as he got to be four and five, he was much older and we had another child and he was beginning to be of a danger to her and so I knew that my options were limited and it was where I couldn’t keep him, I loved my child, I adored him but I had no idea what to do with him and I knew that we would have to put him in a home.

SID: So you were desperately.

KAREN: Absolutely.

SID: You turned to drink. You were so desperate you even went to a prayer group that helped you a little bit, what did they do for you?

KAREN: Yes, we were directed by a friend of ours to a deliverance team called Gospel Revelation Ministries and I signed up for personal deliverance, I didn’t know what that was, I grew up in a denominational church, but I knew that I needed to do what ever I needed to do to get to be the person that God wanted me to be so I could raise this handicapped child, so I thought this is what God wants me to do, he wants me to be this great handicapped mother and I am going to raise this child, then that’s what I will do. So I went through deliverance where it identifies what is operational in you life, where there had been some curses, things that happened to me, by other people, by my own actions and words and I just, God set me free from all the things that were binding me up and I was going to be able now to raise this child that God had given me.

SID: Now he also gave you direction on some things to do at home to benefit your son.

KAREN: Absolutely, in the beginning it wasn’t time for, God didn’t say it was time to take James through deliverance initially, but they did tell us to always play praise music in his room continually, praise music is something the enemy cannot stay in the presence of, and that immediately changed his temperaments, I believe our children are tortured the most at night when they sleep, and also to anoint him with oil and pray over him and seal this vessel that nothing could attack him or torture him while he slept, and that initially really changed him.

SID: And then one day they said something that staggered you about James your son.

KAREN: Yes, they said they believed they could take James through deliverance for autism. And I said, “Oh, that’s not possible, if that was possible it would be on national TV shows, it would be on the news, nobody is ever healed of autism.” And they said that is what the Lord said. So who am I to argue with the Lord? And so in January of 2000, they called and they said God said it is time now. And I said time for what? And they said to take James through deliverance for autism so he could be completely healed.

SID: Now was you faith level that something good was going to happen or were you still pretty skeptical?

KAREN: My faith level was that of my experiences, my experiences were, I had been in churches, we had been on staff at churches, my experiences were that most of the Christians I knew were sad, unwell and disappointed in their whole life, I didn’t know Christians that walked in freedom, wholeness and wellness, but I had a little tiny glimmer of hope that just maybe, not for me, but maybe for this boy, that God would show up and do what he said he would do.

SID: Okay let’s find out what happens when they drag James for a deliverance session and I mean, this really should be a movie Karen, you know

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