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SID: Sid Roth here with Steve Solomon. So what happens when a Jewish guy that’s deeply involved in mysticism, the occult, new age, trying to find what were you trying to find, what were you searching for Steve?

STEVE: You know there had to be more to life than just what I was living, there was something out there and I had, there was something drawing me to something, there had to be something more.

SID: All right , you asked two questions, repeat the questions and tell me what happened. Steve, okay, “Is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are you real, are you out there?” “Is Jesus Christ who he says he is?” Suddenly, remember now for months I had been trying to find a supernatural experience, trying to have something happen, and nothing worked. Suddenly when I asked those two questions simultaneously, I know now what it was, I felt myself lifted out of my body, I felt myself, I know now my soul lifted out, and I saw simultaneously, now the room is dark, all the lights are out, a ball of fire, it looked just like the setting sun, amber in color, real bright, and a right hand came out from the center of this fire across the room, probably about forty feet away, across the room, touched me on my head, pushed my head straight back, and then I heard an audible voice and He said, “Yes I am, what you are doing is wrong, stop and follow Me.”

SID: Well did you just say, ignore it or what did you do with this.

STEVE: No, I was stunned. Two things, I didn’t know who to tell, I knew that I asked if God was alive, the God of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, my forefathers, and is Jesus Christ is who he says he is. I got one, “Yes I am, stop what you are doing, and follow me.” I totally stopped what I was doing, all the trying to meditate and all that stuff, I totally stopped, I went home, I didn’t tell anyone because, number one I didn’t know of any Jews who believed in Jesus of Nazareth as being the Son of God, I knew none. I never heard of this that any Jews did believe. And my wife had purchased a Bible when we were going through our marital problems, she had purchased a Bible and so secretly I would take her Bible and start reading the Bible, Old and New Testament behind her back for a few weeks and it was phenomenal. The words just like they were alive, they came off the page. You know I was raised you know and we in Massachusetts there were Jewish sections and Irish sections, and my Irish friends were named John and Matthew you see, and Mark, I thought those were Irish names, you know. They are Jewish names. You know guys in the New Testament like Matthew, you know, Mark, John, all these guys were Jews, and the word of God came alive to me Sid. I read everything, it was phenomenal.

SID: Well did you leave your wife anyway?

STEVE: No, I started preaching to my wife a couple of weeks later. I said you know Sid How did she take this?

STEVE: Not good at first, I said Diane we need to start living for the Lord, and she said, and she said to herself, what does this Jew know about my Jesus anyway? And so she found out that I knew more than what she, you know I told her, I have had an experience with Jesus, she came back to the Lord and the first thing the Lord did, the first thing, he gave us a phenomenal love for each other which stays even to this day and it has been thirty eight years.

SID: A funny story wit your mother-in-law, tell me that?

STEVE: Well, you know my mother-in-law, you know she went to the Four Square Church in Orlando, that’s where Diane got saved, in Orlando, and my mother-in-law was a life-long charter member of that church, she got saved after Diane went to that church as a child with a neighbor, now listen, and once in a while she would say, now Steve, Jesus is your Messiah, and it just wouldn’t mean anything to me, you know, and then she would turn to Diane and go, now Diane you know better, you are a backslider and you know better, but the first person I publicly told other than my wife, we would have dinner at my mother-in-laws house all the time, and then one night we left, I walked back into the door and said Ma I want to tell you something and she goes what? I said Jesus is who you say he is. And I turned around and walked out and she was stunned. And she came to find out that I was; that I had really had an experience with God.

SID: Talk about people being happy, can you imagine how happy his mother-in-law was, how happy his wife is now, how happy he is, how happy his children are, I mean his whole life was transformed, you want to know what happy is? The happiest music I have ever heard is on this CD, River Walk DNA, and there is a song, it is my favorite, it is called River of Life, do you like that?

STEVE: I love it.

SID: Because wherever the river goes, There is healing, let’s hear a selection.

§ music § All right, all right, all right Here we go § If you want to really get happy § § If you want to find yourself a friend § § Let go jump into the river § § For the river is where new life begins § § Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh § § If you want to really get happy § § If you want to find yourself a friend § § Let go jump into the river § § For the river is where new life begins § § If you will search for the river of life, § § Just raise your hands and shout § § If you will search for the river of life § § I’m going to take you to the river § § The river of life § § To the river, the river of life § § I’m going to take you to the river § § The river of life § § music § § All my friends are swimming in this river § § All my friends are swimming in this river §

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