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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally, it is naturally supernatural. How would you like to have every one of your prayers answered? I mean all of them. Would you really like that? Would you? Would you like all your prayers answered? Well my guest has gone through and learned how faith operates the hard way. I don’t want any of you to go through what she went through. But as a result of the process, she saw the most amazing supernatural answers to prayer, and through revelation, God has taught her how to teach you to have your prayers answered. You want it? Now I know Jennifer LeClaire as the news editor with a major Christian publication, “Charisma Magazine”. But it wasn’t always that way, Jennifer. In fact, when you were three years old you came from a non-Christian home. You actually could see something. You saw a spirit of fear and it has plagued you, it plagued you most of your life.

JENNIFER: It did. I saw that spirit of fear, Sid, in my bedroom. I didn’t know what it was, of course, at the time, being three years old. My mother thought it was my imagination and would come in with a broom and try to chase it away. But it was. It was a spirit of fear that targeted me from a very early age to destroy my destiny.

SID: Now you had a boyfriend you were living with and you had an altercation, and you called 911, and the police came. And then you decided this is going too far, don’t want to do it. And so the police officer didn’t like what you did. There were some charges filed because you didn’t want to file something against your boyfriend, and they haul you off to jail. But then they release you, but you’re not allowed to change cities without notifying them. And everything is going along fine. You then eventually marry this boyfriend and you’re married, and you have a child. And he says, “I’m going on vacation for two weeks.” And you say, “Okay, bye-bye honey.” And then he never shows up. And so she files for divorce. Her attorney in searching things finds out that the paperwork she was supposed to have filed, which she did, to change cities, since she was on probation, she didn’t do. And then in the middle of the night, minding her own business, the police show up at her door. What happened?

JENNIFER: Yeah, they did. I was falsely accused seven years earlier. And I thought it was cleared. I thought it was done. I had done my paperwork. I had done my duty. And sure enough, the police come knocking on my door in the middle of the night. Now I had hired a defense attorney who told me this is a paperwork issue, don’t worry about it, we’re going to take care of it, and I believed him. Then long not before I had a maid who tried to actually extort money from me. She wanted to be paid more than what I was willing to pay her, and she had seen the paperwork from the attorney, and decided, you know what, if I can’t get what I want from you, I’m going to call the police on you, and that’s what she did.

SID: Okay. So now you’re taken away in the middle of the night. You’re put in jail. You have five years of hard time facing you. You’re worried about what’s going to happen to your three-year-old. Your husband has totally disappeared. And some evangelists come to the jail and they start telling you the Good News. Coming from the background you came from, how could you just simply become a believer? Wasn’t that was called jailhouse religion?

JENNIFER: That’s what a lot of people thought when I got out of jail, Sid. But you know, the testimonies, there’s such power in the testimonies, and the testimonies were so powerful. One of the women had been delivered from heroin. She was a heroin addict. And my best friend at the time was a heroin addict. And when I saw what God had done in this woman’s life it so touched my heart. The Holy Spirit, the conviction fell on me, and I decided, you know what, I’m going all the way with Jesus

SID: You went all the way in the world and now you’re going all the way with Jesus. She gets a Bible and for the first time in her life, she devours the Bible. And then the Spirit of God talks to her and says, you’ll be out in 40 days. Now you tell people you’ll be out in 40. Why was it impossible to be out in 40 days?

JENNIFER: It was impossible. First of all, they denied me bail three times, even with an ankle bracelet and even with home arrest, despite the fact that I was working for a Fortune 500 company at the time. So it was incredible that I couldn’t get out. But nevertheless, the judge was going to be on vacation on the 40th day. There was no way I could even stand before the judge on day 40.

SID: Well day 40 comes and what happened?

JENNIFER: Day 40 came. I was waiting to see another judge, sitting in a cell by myself for hours, where it seemed like hours. I get a phone call from my attorney and he said, “Jennifer, you don’t have to stand before the judge. This has all been taken care of. Get ready to go home. You’re walking free and clear.”

SID: Forty days! There’s something about the number 40. Okay. But what about all the pills you were on for depression and for anxiety? How many years were you on these pills?

JENNIFER: At that time, about 11 years.

SID: Well what happened with that addiction?

JENNIFER: Well you know, they came to give me my medicine and after I got saved they still wanted me to take these medications, and I said, I don’t need this medicine, Jesus. I had joy in my heart for the first time ever. I was free. And they said, you have to take this medication. You know, we went back and forth. Eventually I decided I’d just better do what they say. So I took it. My body rejected it. They didn’t like what they saw next, and they said, okay, you don’t have to take that medicine any more.

SID: Yes, but what happened to your anxiety and your fear, and depression?

JENNIFER: That all went away. I still had a battle to face with fear, but the depression was gone.

SID: And you didn’t take the pills?

JENNIFER: I never took the pills again.

SID: Not only that, she learned faith to such a degree, and I don’t know how you pulled this off, when they let her out in 40 days, all the records were erased. It’s almost like what the Messiah does to our sins. How did that happen?

JENNIFER: You know, there’s just no record of it.

SID: I tell you what. We’re going to come back and I want you to learn how to pray like she prays. I want you to learn how to exercise faith like she exercised faith. Be right back.

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