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Sid: In the meantime I have in my studio and I’m so glad she’s in my studio Juennine Fox. She’s from Houston, Texas, and Juennine I have been looking at your background and I am really amazed that’s almost like the 29th Chapter of the Books of Acts.  Let’s go back to the beginning I’m going to start you out with your family. Your parents are into the New Age back then, they called it the occult.  And your father was driving his car fairly fast about 90 miles an hour.

Juennine: Very fast.

Sid: And tell me what happened.

Juennine: He was driving his car, he was drunk with three men in the car, he was backslidden, knew he needed to give his life to the Lord, had a praying mother who kept saying “Homer you must give your life to Jesus.”  And there was a sign that said, dead end don’t go any further.  They didn’t see it because it was night, they kept speeding and realized that there was a cliff and the car starts to fly over this cliff that there was a stream and a river underneath.  He realizes that the car was starting to fall I mean literally drop and he calls on the name of Jesus.  You know you may not be serving God, but when a mother and father prays those seeds that they plant in our lives his mother planted the word of God in there and at least he knew when in trouble call on the Name of Jesus.

Sid: You know Juennine I believe I can’t prove it but I believe no one comes to the Lord, no one unless someone somewhere prays for them.  And just because you don’t know who prayed for you doesn’t mean that someone did not pray for you.

Juennine: That’s right Sid, that’s right.  Well, my father called on the Name of Jesus and as he’s calling on the Name of Jesus he realizes that his life is the balance and he makes a vow to God.  Have you ever been in such a situation where you’re in trouble and you say okay God I’m going to make a promise?  Well, in those split seconds as he knows that he’s ready to die he says God if you get me out of this one I’ll serve you. And as his car is spinning through the air he says he saw a hand come, a large hand, and he saw Jesus lift that car; there was the wind that came as he saw that hand and that car began to spin through the air to the other-side of the embankment and it crossed over the river.  Now this was impossible.

Sid: Well, what I was going to ask you from your father’s viewpoint is there any rational explanation for this beyond the miraculous?

Juennine: Well, he knows that it has to be God, he was drunk, he knew that there was a supernatural force keeping him alive because once that car got to the other side of the cliff it started to turn over and over and over now and in the natural these 3 – 4 men would be dead Sid because the car was just like a coke can crunched together. But what happened was that these 3 to 4 men came out of the car once it stopped going back and forth, they came out totally not one scratch on them; totally perfect as if nothing had happened. My father fell on the ground and he gave his life to Jesus.  There was not one scratch on these men when they got out of the car even though the car was crashed they came out without a scratch.

Sid: Okay, about how old were you at the time?

Juennine: I was about 12 years old at the time.

Sid: Okay so your raised in a backslidden home and all of a sudden your father comes home did he tell everyone what had happened?

Juennine: He did. He was a civil rights activist; he was always working for the community he was a good community man, but I never really saw my father very often he didn’t live with us. he came home once every blue moon and all of a sudden my father comes home with this light around his face.  It was the love of God it was the beauty of God all over him; there was a difference in his countenance.  I saw him and I knew God was in my house; he said “I’ve given my life to Jesus” he said “I’m going to be the father that you’ve never had,” and he said “This is going to become a household of faith.”  I’ll never forget that.

Sid: When he said that to you forget Jesus, forget God; just a little girl gets her father back; you must have… what kind of emotion did you experience?

Juennine: I was thinking what’s happened to my father, it was very abnormal really for him to come back I couldn’t understand why he was really back. He had a lot to make up for but there was a joy in my heart that maybe I’ll have a normal upbringing just like most of my friends that I would have a normal family again.  There was a joy in that that I was getting my father back.  But about the Jesus part I didn’t know about that because I wasn’t saved yet.

Sid: Well, tell me what occurred in reference to you coming to know the Messiah.

Juennine: What occurred was that I gave my life to the Lord shortly after that probably about a year later my father grew in God; he became a deacon in the church and then he later became almost like an associate pastor.  And I gave my life to Jesus in his Baptist church; he started attending a Baptist church in Detroit, Michigan, and I gave my life to God.

Sid: No, no, no, no. I read about it it’s much more than that, you were one of these people, you were like a preacher’s kid and everyone said “Are you going to get saved.”  And then you were suborn.

Juennine: You know I had a lot going for me, at that time I was on a television show, a radio show that was live called WGPR TV Teen Profile.  I was very well known for my age and I hosted a television show there in Detroit, Michigan and I had a lot going for me and I didn’t think I needed God.

Sid: But one day to get the people off your people off your back.

Juennine: But one day to get the people off my back I decided I was just going to lie because I was tired of people every Sunday Sid saying “When is the pastor’s daughter going to get saved?”  They would come to me and say (singing) “Come to Jesus, come to Jesus come to Jesus right now; come to Jesus come to Jesus right now; He will save you, he will save you he will save you right now, He will save you, He will save you right now.”  And they would hold their hand out and beckon me to come down to the altar and I said “I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take this pressure everyone asking me every Sunday “Have I given my life to the Lord?”  I’m just going to fake an altar call.

Sid: And…

Juennine: I said “I’m coming,” they almost fell out because they couldn’t believe here’s Reverend Foster’s daughter coming down to the altar and I remember walking down those stairs coming down to the front of the sanctuary and the whole congregation screams “Oh hallelujah, hallelujah Reverend Fosters daughters coming down to give her life to Jesus!”  I stand in front of this preacher who loved God with his black robes on and he was so happy.  And he said “Ah do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He died for you?”  But before I got a chance to answer the first question and lie to this preacher something happened Sid, a supernatural being came right in front of me He was love, his countenance, His radiance was beauty and He looked at me in my eyes. I can’t explain to you how God looks at you, but I could literally see Him, I could see God and He was standing in front of me.  And my whole life passed before me and I became aware that I was a sinner then, I needed God.  I remembered every thought that I thought that was bad, I remembered every sin, every sin every lie I had ever told and I said “I’m doomed God’s here oh my goodness He’s standing right in front of me.”  I looked at my life and said “I’m going to die, I am a sinner.” But then the Lord started to – His presence started to become rays and billows of love and He started to communicate to every fiber of my being His love; every cell of my being was being washed by the love of God.  And He was saying “Juennine I love you, I’m not here to kill you I’ve come to save you; I love you.”  And I recognized for that first moment that this is what I’ve been looking for.  All I was looking for was unconditional love, that love that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ and I had found it.  And I gave my life to Jesus because I said “Yes,” I screamed “Yes!” with those words but it was a true surrender and it was out of a true heart.

Sid: Now I’m sure the people that heard you, heard you singing recognized that you had more than a normal type of voice, you actually studied opera at the University of Michigan, then you studied under a famous opera singer in New York City.  And you became part of something that many people have heard of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. One time you were so hungry for God and the Holy Spirit came into your room tell me about that.

Juennine: I was so hungry for God because I wanted more of Him, I noticed that I was powerless without the empowering of the Holy Spirit.  I wanted to do good works for Jesus and I started trying to pray for people on the streets of New York and just nothing happened and I realized that there’s something wrong with my life, I need to get closer with God.  I need some of God to rub off on me so I decided to go on a fast and I went on a fast to seek the face of the Lord and the Lord will wake me up at 2:00 am to read my Bible for a whole week Sid. I just was so hungry for more of God and that word became like Living Bread, it was like real food.  Jesus said that “His word was food.”  It was so awesome because I actually thought I was being infused with life and with sustenance and His word was changing me and transforming my thoughts.  I was reading the New Testament and the Old Testament about the works that Jesus did and on the last day I saw a cloud, I actually saw with my natural cloud.

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought.  And you may say “Well, I know about that, but you don’t know that it is literally a major, major key to breakthrough.”  You see most people don’t realize it but when you get your thinking straightened out the Holy Spirit has free access and if you will listen and follow through on what she suggests that you do you’re going to have a major transformation in your life.  Juennine you’ve been teaching on this area for many years what feedback do you get from people that either sit under this teaching or listen to the CD.

Juennine: I have not had one person who has come to me say they’ve been disappointed they’ve said to me “My God this has changed my life, I never knew that this tape about transforming my thoughts by what I think and guarding my thoughts has changed my relationship with God.  I’m having breakthrough’s in my situations, my relationships with others is being healed and mended.  My relationship with God is so much more improved and there is such a communion between me and the Holy Spirit this is so awesome it’s been the breakthrough and the key that I’ve needed.”

Sid:  Listen, I’m mentoring you, this is another mentoring key that you really need

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