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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Mary Jo Pennington; her family calls her Ma Jo so I’ll call her Ma Jo.  She’s the grandmother of little Victoria who at age 4½ had encounter with, and that’s the title of the book “Six Big, Big, Big Angels.” I’ll tell you if these angels hadn’t rescued her she probably would have died.  We talked about it earlier this week, she would have died; I mean falling 9 feet down on concrete and just having a tiny little scratch.  But these angels rescued her, took her to Heaven; she had encounter with God.  And since that time she’s been having many encounters. One of the places that she visited in Heaven she talks about many of them in her book, that brings such comfort to people, but especially to those that have been involved in the sin of abortion.  Tell me Ma Jo a bit about the Baby Place, or even the Baby Room that you talk about in the book that you wrote which is basically you transcribed tapes of her visitations and experiences.

Mary Jo:  Yes, well she told us graphically about the little pretty room the very first day that she fell, she said that these two little babies were in this beautiful room that she said “This tiny baby I could hold in my hands.”  At 4 ½ years old her hands were very small. Then she described the room as having flowers growing like the walls have flowers growing on them, and that there were beautiful rainbows all over the place just glistening in front like rainbows of light in front of all of the flowers on the walls.  They had every kind of animal and every kind animal in every color.  These animals were every color and the babies played with them; each baby that she talked to personally, there were four or five of them. She actually, when she was talking to them could talk, she could see how they died and where they were from; she knew that the first baby was from Brownsville and she knew that the second baby was from Tampa.  She just described her mother as being very young and her father as being very big and strong.  And then she said “There was another baby there that told her a very very sad story and she looked kind of sick when she told me this.”  And I said “Well honey you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”  She said “I will tell you, her was put in the garbage thing and then her was took on the garbage ride and then the angels came with their big wings and took her away” And then she said “When her was in the garbage I could smell it, and I wanted to get a water hose and wash the bugs and slim off of her and I could smell it and then the angels came and took her away.”

Sid: By the way Mishpochah you have to understand that this 4 ½ year old Victoria doesn’t even comprehend the word abortion or even realize what had occurred.  She’s just describing what she saw, but go ahead.

Mary Jo:  Alright, so I asked her …she said “I wanted to get a hose.”  I said “Okay you wanted to get a hose and wash the baby off, was this in Heaven or was this on the earth?”  She said “It was on the earth, but in a different kind of world.”  I don’t understand that, I just think she saw it as she talked to the babies. The babies are actually in a wonderful room.  And when this baby got through telling her about, or she got through talking to her about the garbage and everything of course it made the baby a little sad so they went for a ride and a kangaroo pouch of a wonderful kangaroo that smells good, that sings to them and bounces them all over the place, in fact they bounced out into the park, this wonderful park around this Baby Place, they would bounce up to the sky.  They would bounce up as high as the sky with this wonderful angelic creatures that was like a kangaroo pouch, and she and this baby just held on.  And when they came back she got to talk to this other little baby that she called Little Victoria.  But the angelic creatures are there to help them recover being estranged and taken away from their mother.

Sid: And it’s so wonderful the way you explain the love they have for their parents on earth and what peace that brings to woman that have had abortions.  But there was something you were not bargaining for because one day Victoria told her mother about your child explain.

Mary Jo:  Yes, her mother asked her on one of the tapes that I was transcribing she said “Did God hug anybody because God had come over, Jesus and God were at the Baby Place my relatives were all there that had died and gone to Heaven and God was hugging them.”

Sid: She saw relatives that have died and gone into Heaven?

Mary Jo:   Yes, she said “Granny had her teeth.”  And so Sandy said “Well, Victoria did God hug anybody else?”  And she said, “Oh, yeah God hugged everybody, God hugged Granny and everybody and Ma Jo’s son.”  And she said “Whose son?”  And she said “Ma Jo’s beautiful, beautiful son.”  She said, Sandy said “Oh, you must mean Uncle Harry because my brother had just died that month before.”  And she said “Oh, yeah he hugged Harry and everybody.”  Well the second time I read this transcription it just blasted through me; the first time I read it, it didn’t really sink in, it just like skimmed over my head.  And the second time I read it the Lord had me by this time tendered enough that I could remember something that had been blocked from my memory for many many years.  In 1969 I had caused myself, my own hand to have an abortion and that almost killed me, I was almost dead the next morning, when they found me on the floor in just pools of blood and it was a desperate time in my life.  I had five children, and I had done this out of desperation and almost died from it.  But she saw my baby.

Sid: Ma Jo, when this was reported to you and God dealt in your life and you got free for the first time, what difference does this make to you now?

Mary Jo: Well, I can finally feel like that God truly loves me and that I’m worthy of His love, that Jesus gave His life for me and I’ve been redeemed.  I never could come pray without confessing sin first, I always felt like I had to repent of my past life over and over again even though he had put it under the blood.  But now, I know that He’s forgiven me and I can go from that point forward and truly grow in God without having to go back and always think.  I felt guilty all the time and I didn’t really know why; and now I don’t have that guilt anymore because I know that Jesus forgave me, God forgave me and I’m free to move forward with God.

Sid: And you said this early this week but I want you to repeat this; when your granddaughter Victoria talked with these aborted babies what was their opinion of their parents that were involved in the abortion?

Mary Jo:  They forgave them. I asked her if they held it against…if the babies held it against their Mommies for getting rid of them?  She said, “They didn’t they never get rid of their baby they will always love the baby and the baby will always love the Momma.”

Sid: There is some women that are listening even some men that were involved in consenting in the abortion that I believe that if you pray for they’ll be and they read this book especially they’ll be set free.  Would you pray for them briefly?

Mary Jo: Yes I will.  Father in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son I come before You and I ask that You open the hearts of the people that have been hurt by abortion. Lord open their hearts and pour the sunshine of Your love in, let them forgive themselves.  Their baby has forgiven them and they’re happy and they love them and they pray for them.  And Lord we just pray that You help these people understand that the love that they have coming to them and that they are forgiven; let them forgive themselves oh Lord and just receive peace as I have done.

Sid: In Jesus Name.  You know something else that you had mentioned earlier before we went on the air that God has stationed a big angel by your swimming pool and that’s amazing, but what is even more amazing is so many people come to your house and they report that they can sense it or see it.  Explain.

Mary Jo: Yes, he’s very large and he stays at the ladder of the swimming pool and most people, most of our friends who come by we take them back there.  As soon as they step through our glass sliding door to the deck and look across the swimming pool at the sliding board they can see this angel shaped mist it’s like a mist and he’s close to 15 feet tall but they just stop they get off of the deck and they go “Huh!” because they can see him.  He’s not a clear like you would see a picture of one because you can see through him but you can clearly see an outline of him. 

Sid: I’m sorry we’re out of time.


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