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Sid: My guest Donner Roberson is the sister of Pastor Dave Roberson whose book we’re featuring this week, it’s called “The Walk of the Spirit, and the Walk of Power.”  And this is a book that will teach you what happens when you pray in unknown tongues. And some of you say “I know what happens.”  No you don’t have a clue because if you did you’d be devoting hours praying in unknown tongues, it’s perfect prayers opening up the vision that God has given to you.  Well Dave not only wrote the book he lived the book and I can tell you he is a man that knows how to walk in the Spirit. Now Donner with everything that you went through I mean you were molested from a young age, her mother literally sold her to someone for $200 and some would consider you the youngest prostitute in America.  You got into witchcraft, you got into violence, you got into drugs, but with all these people family member in particular that did horrible things to you I mean they’re literally unmentionable we can’t even talk about it on the air what you went through how did you forgive these people?

Donner: Well, to be real honest Sid it wasn’t easy.  When I very first was born again you know I read that passage where “The Father can’t forgive you and my sheep forgive them.” And I literally cried for three days because I said “Lord you just don’t know what they did to me.”  Well, our course He knew, and I said “You’ll have to help me.”  and it was still a process I mean I spend a lot of time in prayer, I spend a lot of time in fasting, I spend a lot of time in the word and the one that was…two incidents where the hardest for me to get over was the one where my Mom had laid in the same bed with me and allowed a man to molest me and just kept telling me to be quiet.  And I was you know it was right before I was sold and when I became a Mom myself I thought, “My God how could you do that, you know have your little girl there crying for you to help her.”  It was my oldest sister that couldn’t take it anymore she six years older and she broke a chair over his head and made him leave and that was so much responsibility for my sister she was only ten.

Sid: But in my notes I’m looking at even what your grandfather did, how did you forgive your grandfather?

Donner: Well, that was the other hard one because I was so thrilled when he came and got us and you know at Christmas he made toys and stuff and then he molested me and I felt so ashamed and like it was my fault.  Because when my mom caught him she whipped me she spanked me like it was my fault and years later when I was going through some fasting and praying I had a dream about him. And in this dream I went up to him and I said “Grandpa I said “How could you do this I said “You were the apple of my eye, why would you do this?”  And he looked at me with such tormented eyes and he said “You don’t know what it’s like when those devils are on you. “ And I said “Well, I just want you to know that I forgive you and I loved you and I kissed him on the forehead in the dream and I woke up.  I never had a problem with him as far as forgiveness goes since, or anything else.

Sid: You really understand God’s mercy, you really understand God’s love, would you talk a little bit about His mercy and His love.

Donner: When I got into the word and I saw how He extended Himself to Mary Magdalene and the devil possessed and the unclean; the heathen and the tax collectors and He just loved them so much. And He set them free even when religious devils tried to destroy and tell him not to have anything do with Him He embraced anyway.  And I told the Lord I said “I don’t ever want to hurt anyone that you died for.” And He died for everybody; He died for everybody and I told people and I said “If He could use me,” I said because I had to repent  for how I was toward people.  I told Him that if He could forgive me He could forgive anyone and I said “He’s so wants us to be free, He so wants us to understand that if we were the only person here he had died just for us.  That’s how much love He has and I told people I said “And the enemy comes so fast to condemn you; to steal kill and destroy everything God’s trying to do in you.  And I said that you become through your emotions your own worst enemy with self condemnation. That’s why I continually urge people to pray in the Holy Spirit building up their most holy faith.  Not only does it do that but it starts teaching you about Jesus and I found that it to be so true. You know in 1st John when he said “How can you love a God that you haven’t seen if you can’t love a brother whom you’ve seen.”  If we can’t love like Him that’s all His commandment “Love one another like I’ve loved you.”  He laid down His life for us, I don’t know how much more you know people I told them I said “How much more does it take, what else can He do He’s already done it all.”  And He’s extending that love and that grace to everyone of us, He knows we make mistakes, Peter denied Him how many times?  Three times or twice, I mean everyone ran and deserted Him and He still loved them and He still used them.  And I told them, “He hasn’t forgot you, He’s never forgotten you and He’s trying so hard He’s moving heaven and earth to meet your needs but He won’t override your free will; but I’m tell you He’s strategically places people with times or dreams in your life.”  I know He doesn’t give up on us because if He did I wouldn’t be here.

Sid: You know the devil really tries to operate through lies in our mind, I’m sure he tries with you.  What do you do when you catch yourself believing these lies?

Donner:  Well first of all I repent because I know better, (laughing).  And when he tries to bombard me with things I do what the scriptures say he said “Fill yourself full of songs and hymns and spiritual songs; think on the good things.”  And I do and I tell the devil “Your greater than my Lord or will you ever be.”  I said “I read the scriptures right He beheld you satan as you fell from heaven; He didn’t fall you did and I said “My Lord’s the truth and I’m choosing the truth over you.”  And then I pray in the Holy Spirit and I worship until it breaks.

Sid: One of the things that I’m excited about and we’ll talk a little bit today and a little bit tomorrow is God has given you a very powerful deliverance ministry.  Many times when you pray for people do you actually have discernment, do you see the demons?

Donner:  At times, I’ve actually had them manifest and take over and talk to me in a different like you see woman and they’ll talk to you in a man’s voice.  And I’ve had them try to attack me physically; they’ve never been able to touch me, it’s amazing what God does I feel so protected.

Sid: Now you know the power of the devil because you were in witchcraft. You know the power of God because you have surrendered totally to Him.  Is there anything the devil can do when you know who you are in Jesus?

Donner:  He can only do what you let him.

Sid: So is it sort of like the scripture that says “How can two walk together unless they be agreed.”  So you have to agree with the devil for him to have any hold at all on you.

Donner: Yes and his tactic is your mind and then he’ll try to attack people so hard through fear, fear tactics.  How many people do you know even as Christians Sid that are terrified the minute that someone tells them they have cancer?

Sid: And that’s actually what the devil wants you to do with that lying symptom is to just pair up with.  Fear is a powerful force that the devil operates under.

Donner:  Absolutely.

Sid: Donner I have in my hand your brother’s book “The Walk of the Spirit, the Walk of Power.” and I know you give this to as many people as you can.  Why do you want people to read his book?

Donner:  Because I believe it is one of the best foundational books to where you become like that rock where no matter how hard the storm beats against it you’ll still stand and it teaches you how the enemy comes and tries to destroy your emotions. It teaches you how you purge when you pray in the Holy Ghost; we want to start out sometimes changing everybody on this planet and his goal is to change us first.

Sid: You know I read that in his book; I had never heard anyone teach that before.  What you’re doing is your taking care of yourself first through when you’re praying in tongues so then once you’re cleansed then you can help others.

Donner: Absolutely, see because to me what it does for you it’s like in Psalm 51 you know where it says “Create in me a clean heart, a pure heart before You Lord.”  Because he said “You really can’t teach transgressors their ways until your clear.” You know the enemy if you don’t let him, if you don’t let the Holy Spirit purge you and teach you and like I had to learn to let go of all that bitterness and hatred.  And I would have much rather changed everybody else.  Actually I was worse than that when I was born again it would have been “Rain fire on their head Lord,” I would have been happy.  But he did such a work in my now I can’t bare the thought of hurting someone.

Sid: Mishpochah He wants to do that some work in you, He wants to do that some work in you that He did in Donner; He has such a wonderful plan for your life and I believe that it’s not accident that you’re listening to this broadcast.

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