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Sid: Somebody has just been physically healed if you have a neck ache; if you move your neck right now you’ll see the pain is totally gone; you’ll also see that the pain in your hip and the pain in your back is gone. If you’re driving pull off to the side of the road because it’s very important for you to do your part God’s just done His part through a word of knowledge you’re part is to just test it; that you can do.  Now I’m speaking to Dr. Doug Weiss on probably one of the most significant topics we’ve discussed in quite a while. Because as it’s affecting every household; it’s affecting every family; and it’s out to destroy your family and it’s sinister it’s sexual sins.  In particular pornography, but every type of sexual sin. Doug as I’m looking through your literature and beginning to understand how the brain operates; I told you I usually on TV you talked about using something for medication; my medication is TV.  But I watch good things; I watch sports, I watch news, but I’m having trouble even watching that these days on television.  You know I’m just even the stuff that’s approved for children; I mean I see the cartoons I don’t watch them but I’ve seen the cartoons I wouldn’t want my children seeing those cartoons they’re demonic!

Doug:  Absolutely, and my kids didn’t what that; we don’t do TV as a practice I don’t really watch TV if I get a couple hours a year it’s usually like you know like someone like the President is getting elected or something like that. I want to know about that but the world is trying to get you to lust and move towards its product and lust is one of the emotional enticements he uses, and that’s why scantly clothed woman sell tires, it doesn’t make no sense no guy looks at a women to by a tire; you know when you go to the tire store there is no beautiful woman there; there’s a bunch of greasy guys right.  So… but those principles that the enemy is trying to bring his 10 commandments into entertainment and God has His 10 Commandments.  I used to tell my kids “Let’s watch something until they break 3 Commandments.”

Sid: Well, that eliminates almost everything except some Christian TV.  (Laughing)

Doug:  And what happens with television which is really scary Sid my first paper in Bible School was on this is when you watch TV within 3 minutes you literally go into an altered state.  So your conscience is really not available to you much; what a little kid watch TV and their bottom jaw drops. There as close to being asleep as they possibly can be.

Sid:  So it’s hypnotic.

Doug: It is hypnotic that is exactly what it is; and the world is actually throwing it’s ideas into our hearts directly.

Sid: Many years ago I heard about subliminal advertising and then I haven’t heard much about it; where they put a message in that your conscious mind doesn’t hear but it actually gets into you.

Doug:  Well, you don’t even need that; I mean just look at some of the beer commercials and the car I mean there is enough lust going on there and again lust, sin and death.  And it’s not just lust for pornography and sexual behaviors. It’s lust for the bigger car, or the bigger house, or the more you get discontented with what God has already given you the inheritance you have.

Sid:  What about TV that has violence; it seems as though that’s big time.

Doug: Well, yeah and that’s well so you know “Thou shall not murder.” Right? So you can be off in less than 3 minutes. Okay, I totally agree now; we live in a culture where the entertainment is going to be there.  We’re the only culture though that has had so much entertainment that we actually have to budget it. Okay, and I really think Christians don’t budget their entertainment.

Sid: What do you mean budget it?

Doug:  Give themselves so many hours of entertainment a week; 3 hours, 5 hours, I mean you don’t need to be entertained 20 hours a week; that’s ridiculous Sid.

Sid: Well, we’re a nation that has stopped reading books because of TV and computers.

Doug: Well, but the church is to be the light; go out and heal people; go out and cast out a demon; go set people free; go share God; do something to advance the Kingdom. If we would just spend one…

Sid: But the church is trained to be an audience, that’s the way the church is today; we have the paid professional that does the work; we go we pay him and we listen to a wonderful presentation and then we go home and watch TV and we put the hours in TV outnumber the hours that we read the Bible or that we’re in church. And no wonder this has happening.

Doug: Well that’s the whole point, that’s what I’m saying, budget your entertainment; give yourself a limit and live within that limit.  Because you don’t need to…your life is not so bad you live in the best country in the world; you don’t need to be entertained 20 hours a week; that’ ridiculous!  

Sid: Alright, explain to me what happens to someone’s brain… first you said “We almost go into a hypnotic position when we’re watching TV for a period of time” and then they can slip their message not subliminally they can slip their message really into… what happens to someone who watches TV to just relax and falls asleep and they don’t even know what they’re taking in.

Doug: You know I don’t know what all the consequences are but I know that you begin to take on a worldly world view; and you become to become desensitized towards the Spirit and things of God. You just become desensitized to well, it’s okay to sleep with other people; it’s okay to do this; it’s okay to sin a little bit; it’s okay to you know do this sometimes.  And most of the things are not okay to do ever, and so you begin to slip into again lust, sin and death. You begin to move down a process where you become unclean, defiled but you don’t know it; that’s the scary part Sid.

Sid: But talk a bit about the images formed inside of you, and then when real life conforms with the image what happens?

Doug:  Absolutely especially those guys who used pornography or the media and they take that and when they have sexual encounter they literally glue that image into their brain.  Now suppose that’s you know we were talking about Joe on another show; his was particularly blonds; so when he sees a blond he’s going to see blonds as an object instead of a child or daughter of God.  Okay if he does that with red heads he’s going to attached sexual reinforcement to that redhead who’s a Godly woman who you shouldn’t be looking at that way anyway.  But what we do to our brain could be what I call set up land minds in the book “Clean” and when you see a landmine in reality it can trigger lust because you’ve trained your brain to lust after that particular type.

Sid: So what does someone do that’s been raised their babysitter was TV and now computers, and they’ve taken all this; they have all these images inside of them.  So they have all these land minds, what can someone do about it?

Doug: Well, “In Clean” I tell them, I mean real practical Sid, if you’re struggling with images and lust in your brain and stuff like that put a rubber band on one of your wrist and every time you lust you check some girl out you rubberneck or make her an object one dimensionalize her, snap it. Quote a scripture afterwards you know “Think of things that are true, just worthy of praise.”  I love what you said earlier about being pure hearted, whatever works but start negatively reinforcing lust shut it down.

Sid:  Now let me see if I understand this alright; are you saying put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it so that you hurt yourself?

Doug: Yeah, I’m saying spank the dog.

Sid: Okay, (Laughing)

Doug: I mean if your dog is kind of peeing on the carpet you spank the dog.

Sid: Okay, I just wanted to make sure I got that. (Laughing)

Doug:  You got it, but you may be how red.  I do a lot of man’s conferences in the country and I hand out like I’ll hand out 500 rubber bands and I’m preaching on Sunday.  So this is like….

Sid: I think that every pastor ought to pass out rubber bands this Sunday.

Doug: Oh, I think so too.

Sid: (Laughing)

Doug: And there are a lot of churches that are trying hard I mean “Clean” is making an impact. There are people that aren’t sitting and watching; and your audience is probably very active in their church and we need active people to really help this move down to…the church needs to be the church in this next decade; it really needs to be the church. 

Sid: You know you’ve got to tell everyone the story about Tom the head greeter that took this message so seriously what he did.

Doug:  I love him, I want Tom’s in every church; so Tom heard the message of “Clean” and he heard the thing about you know confessing to each other and holding each other accountable.  And so he was the greeter so he would literally ask the two questions that I talk about in “Clean” to every man who walked into the door. He said “How you doing with…” and he’s ask those two questions about self-behavior and pornography and if the guy drooped his head and said “Hey I’m kind of struggling.”  He’d say “I want you to go to this group; I want you to get in there.  And what happened is there became this culture where it was okay to talk about it in the men’s side of the family.  And that church has several support groups; the men are honest about what’s going on and that church is growing and multiplying because the men are clean and they’re talking about being clean.  Really it only takes one guy in any church to start being the solution to get this cancer out of the church.  Because in every man’s spirit they want to be clean, clean is in there they cry out to be clean.

Sid: I have to tell you it’s the most wonderful thing in the world to be clean.

Doug: Amen.

Sid: I love it and you’ve been clean how long Doug?

Doug:  Over 25 years.

Sid: So you know what it’s like to not be clean; I do too, I mean I wasn’t saved until I was 30. I know what it’s like to be clean because I’m in my 70’s now and I have been clean all this time.  And I have to tell you clean is better!  (Laughing)

Doug:  Yeah, it’s kind of like that statement I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor; rich is better.

Sid: Yeah. (Laughing)

Doug: (Laughing) But yeah you want to have a clear conscience and the great thing is Sid is like what you’re offering on the program anybody can do this thing; anybody can start it.  Anybody can be the solution; you don’t need to be you know a pastor to do this; a plumber, a real estate guy, an electrician these are the kind of guys that are getting the battle done.  It’s us; it’s not what you call the professional team.

Sid: Okay, let me explain the kit that Doug has put together for us it’s called “The Clean Kit” and it is good to be clean.  It’s 2 DVD’s and a book and a journal and if someone follows these steps.  It’s sexual addictions, but how about gluttony, how about gossip, how about TV, how about whatever your addicted, how about drugs; how about homosexuality; whatever you’re addiction you can be clean.  What’s your experience with people that go through the course and do the work?

Doug:  If they do the work their lives are changed, a lot of guys who are self-employed their incomes more than double which is kind of cool side-affect for pastors.  If they’re spiritual leaders their ministries tend to expand; their marriages improve, their spiritually and emotionally way more mature. And they feel good about themselves and often times they’re destiny begins to release and it’s really exciting to see these guys who were kind of so selfish and self-absorbed become real spiritual men at home, the church and their community.

Sid: You know there are so many people listening to us right now that are sabotaged and some don’t even realize it because and because it’s little compared to what they call the big sins.  But the Bible talks about the little foxes and let’s get that sabotage out before it becomes a fox.  Woops we’re out of time.

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