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Sid:  We want everyone in the world to have the same visitation that Barbara Yoder had when she was listening to Handles Messiah. Barbara Yoder tell me what happened.

Barbara: I had received a phone call from a friend of mine and she told me that she believed I was called to lead a church and I just was really baffled by that.  She was so afraid of telling me the wrong thing that the minute she told me she had been in prayer but she really didn’t want to tell me that.   But she felt that she had to because as soon as she finished telling me that she hung up on me and I’m left with this piece of information.  But the minute she told me that the presence of God fell on me but I didn’t know what to do with it and it was Christmas and I was listening to Handles Messiah.  It came to that part where it says “Great is the word in the company of the preachers.” When it got to that phrase all of a sudden I began weeping uncontrollably and speaking in tongues.  I mean I couldn’t stop and for three days just day and night I didn’t even leave my condominium; I just was so overcome speaking in tongues and weeping and God just moving over me in a way that I knew He was empowering me in a new way to fulfill what He had birthed me for.

Sid: You know some of the things that interest me is that you are an apostle now that word has become cheap today.  Many people call themselves apostles because they’re super administrators; that’s not really God definition of an apostle.  Describe to me what an apostle does according to God not according to their business card.

Barbara: You know I’m totally in agreement with you Sid; sometimes I shy away from the word just for that reason.

Sid: I don’t like any titles for that reason.  They say what shall I call you?  I said “How about Sid.” you know.  I feel that way because…

Barbara: I’m with you but I do know that I’m an apostle; I’m primarily an apostle.     And the apostle isn’t a title it’s a function and so it tells me what I’m to do.  Paul said “I Paul an apostle be the will of God.”  And so that word apostle told him what he was to do and the apostle is first in order not in importance but in order of the five ministry gifts.  And it really is a breakthrough ministry and it touches all the other five fold ministries of prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher.  And the apostle can function in any of them but the purpose of an apostle I believe has the anointing of a breaker it is one of the marks of an apostle is that it is a breaker-anointing because they break into new territories, they establish strengthen churches.  They plant new churches, there’s a miraculous anointing.  If you look at the apostles they were attended by signs and wonders.

Sid: So for starters if someone is an apostle then I want to see the miracles going on in your life.  And if there aren’t any then suggest that they find an apostle to be mentored under.  (Laughing)

Barbara:   (Laughing) I agree.

Sid: Okay I want to spend a lot of time this week discussing the breaker-anointing.

Barbara:  Okay you recognize that you need a new breakthrough anointing when you’re up against a wall and you don’t know how to get or a closed door and you don’t know how to get through it.  It’s a process that occurs again and again in your life.  That’s why one of the reasons I wrote “The Breaker-Anointing” because when people understood the process would take them through their entire life.  When God gets ready to take you to a new level of anointing, take you to greater influence excreta a level of greater influence that there’s always something that has to be broken through.  And so you’re at the door to a new realm of increase that interpretation in the Message Bible that you read the other day that it so explains it so well.

Sid: Well let me read it again.

Barbara: Yeah read it.

Sid: Okay, this is from Micah 2:13 the Message Bible which I personalized.  “I God will burst all your confinements and lead you out into the open; I will follow the King He will be out in front leading me.”

Barbara:  Yeah, so the breaker breaks open all the confinement. And when you’re ready I’m ready to move into a new dimension there’s always… the enemy of our soul doesn’t want us to get there.  He wants to keep us plateaued, keep us limited; keep us from becoming all we can be.

Sid: You know I think that every church in the world needs this breakthrough anointing because most churches are not normal; normal as defined by the Bible. They’re just religious they’re doing things by rote.  Could you picture if, what did you call her Mother Beale from that great church in Detroit; could you picture her going from every church in America and yelling that breaker-anointing out and having every religious demon vacate that place?  Can you imagine what a revival would occur?

Barbara: Yeah, and you know I said first of all a lot of churches wouldn’t have let her in.

Sid: (Laughing)

Barbara: Well yeah and you know a lot of churches wouldn’t had let her in.  You know Sid she believes in the demonstration of the breaker-anointing because she was a woman who had the greatest revival; the greatest level of the ladder reign revival that happened in her church. She was a woman Sid and woman can’t move in that dimension but God will move on who He determines to move out of that church to be a church of 3,500.  It was the 5th largest church in America.  That’s a breakthrough, I mean here was a woman who was atypical that was sold out to God who literally believed in the New Testament and got New Testament results.  She practiced the breaker; she released the breaker all the time over 450 to 500 alcoholics were freed under her ministry.  People were healed regularly, tumors dropped off of people; I mean it was amazing to see her in operation.  And I just believe that is normal Christianity and I believe that we have dumbed down and neutered the church because we’re afraid we’ll lose our congregation, lose finances, whatever.  But I believer every Sunday should be a revival breakthrough Sunday over something. Because that was the New Testament pattern because they were always breaking in the new territory, miracles were happening.   When persecution came you couldn’t get the church down.

Sid: Sometimes I wonder the hottest churches in America are what are called seeker sensitive. I don’t read about seeker sensitive churches in the entire Bible.  I read about God sensitive.  But they say it works and it does because it’s wonderful things for children and families to come together and people say “I go there even though they’re not Spirit Filled because they have such wonderful social programs and for the family.  Barbara how will those churches hold out when persecution comes?

Barbara: I’ve asked the same question because the New Testament Church was so filled with the Spirit of God they had experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit of God power.  The power of the Holy Spirit which was the Spirit of Jesus and to literally get through every difficulty.  You know Jude says building yourself up in yourself up in your most holy faith praying in the Holy Spirit.  And so how are we going to get through the times ahead.  I believe it’s through praying in the Spirit and we’re not going to be able to a seeker sensitive church.  We’re going to have to be a God aware church because we’re going to have to know where the enemy is. I had a friend in Bosnia, when that was going on in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia. He told me he had to ask God when to cross the street just to miss the bullets, that if he crossed the street at the wrong time he could get killed.  And I thought today we don’t even know the voice of God; and so what is the church going to do when they’re more interested in drama lessons, family programs.

Sid: Well, the whole thing has evolved is it’s sort of like a theater style church where the believers go on Sunday to the best show in town and they sit in the audience and they applaud at the right times, then they go home and they eat and they watch their football game and then they wonder why they don’t hear from God.

Barbara: I know when I became a Christian I was so different you couldn’t sit me down or shut me up.  Because I so desperately wanted everything, I just didn’t want a pretty Jesus I wanted the real Jesus.

Sid: As a matter of fact you talk about the need for a new breed of Christians. We’ll talk about that and the breaker-anointing on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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