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Bill Prankard

Sid: Bill moves in a ministry if you’ve ever seen the ministry of Katherine Kuhlman or Benny Hinn you’ll see the same types of miracles and the same degrees.  Bill now it’s been over 30 years that you’ve been walking in the gift of miracles; you didn’t pray 20 hours a day; you didn’t fast for 50 days; you didn’t do anything it’s called a gift from God.  Why you?  Why did God pick you for this great gift?

Bill:   (Laughing) I believe God loves to take people who haven’t got anything in the natural to offer and just use them.

Sid: Well, Kathryn Kuhlman was an example of that. (Laughing)

Bill:   You know she really was and that was my struggle way back before all of this happened when God first called me in the ministry when I was 18.  You know I didn’t feel I had anything to offer; I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t play an instrument, I wasn’t eloquent with people I wasn’t very smart.  And I said to God “I don’t have anything to give You I’ll be a liability to You.”  And God just kept calling me and I finally said “I don’t have anything but my life and I’ll give You my life.”  And what I realized in that moment was when you say yes to whatever God’s speaking to you about then comes an anointing and with that anointing comes the equipping to do it.  And I’ve never had to take a long time with people that know me to say “You know this isn’t me it’s God” they know it.

Sid: Tell me one; I like specifics tell me about one miracle that comes to mind and you know when someone has seen one miracle even a great miracle in a year that is unique here in the states. But you see 100’s if not 1000’s in a given evening; give me a picture of one miracle.

Bill: Well, let me tell you about Gary Virk, that’s V-I-R-K, he lives here in Ottawa.  He came to Canada from India; he was Sikh and he was an alcoholic.  Came in the 1970’s to Canada and got a place to live with a lady that lives in the city who had come to our meetings.  She said with you stay in my house if you rent a room in my house you have to come to these meetings.  Well, he wasn’t the least bit interested because he was a Sikh but he came to the meetings.  God touched him and set him free from alcohol, saved  his soul and he ended up marrying this lady a few years later. In the 1990’s, 1992 Gary got so sick he was hospitalized, he ended up weighing 85 pounds; we have pictures of him in fact we’ve documented this it’s on a video called “Miracles Still Happen.”  And there’s Gary 85 pounds; the doctors literally wrote out his death certificate said his body was filled with cancer; there was no hope; he was going to die probably within hours.  So the doctor instructed the nurse said “I won’t need to bother coming back I’ve signed the death certificate just put the time and date in.”  That was 1992 Gary Virk was totally healed; his wife kept coming to the meetings; Gary couldn’t get there and every time there was opportunity she’d come for prayer for Gary. Because she believed as I believe and you believe any two agree as touching anything on earth it shall be done. Gary was totally healed, the doctor later showed him the death certificate and said “But I guess we won’t be needing this.”  He’s the picture of health today years later and he has ministered to people; it’s been written up on our local newspaper here and the local newspaper reporter who isn’t a believer made the comment about Gary “You’ll never convince Gary that miracles don’t happen today because he got one.”  Gary’s got phone calls as far away as mainland China; relatives here in Ottawa clip the newspaper out got his phone number and sent to people in China who are battling with cancer and he’s ministered to them over the phone.  And that’s one of many…

Sid: Now what would you say to the person listening to us right now that’s good for him; that’s good for this Gary Virk, but I’m battling cancer; I’m battling heart disease.  I’m battling Leukemia and Lupus. What about me?

Bill:  I say if it’s God’s will to heal anybody it’s God’s will to heal everybody.

Sid: Oh, that’s so powerful; say that again.

Bill:  If it’s God’s will to heal anybody; it’s God’s will to heal everybody.  James puts it this way in the New Testament “Is there any sick let them call for the elders and the prayer of faith WILL save the sick and the Lord WILL raise them up.”

Sid: Yes, but we all have friends that believe that and died believing that.

Bill:   Yeah.

Sid:  So how can I count on it?

Bill:    You know what, as far as I’m concerned every believer has a mandate to stand in faith and believe for miracles. When you’ve done everything there is to do then the Bible says you just stand.  And we talk about that in the book “Six Keys to Breakthrough in Healing.”  We don’t heal people; we’re not responsible for results but we’re sure responsible for obedience and for just doing that. The only mandate we have as believers is to lay hands on the sick to pray the prayer of faith and to believe for God to heal them. We’ve all see people that haven’t been healed but you know what, I’ve seen people that they’ve heard the gospel and they haven’t come to Christ.  And yet I believe it’s God’s will for every person to be a Christian and come to Christ.  And some people say “Well, I pray for somebody to get healed and they didn’t get healed.  Well, I’ve prayed for some people to get saved and they didn’t get saved, but I don’t change what I believe based on what happened or didn’t happen to somebody.

Sid: You know it’s one thing to have faith for the multitudes to be healed; but in your own home you’re wife Gwen had a thyroid problem; tell me about that.

Bill:  Well, Gwen she had a very serious thyroid condition that the doctor said that they put her on medication and the medication would keep increasing as the thyroid kept decreasing. He said after a period of a few years probably she’d be totally relying on medication.  She suffered with migraine headaches for 12 years very severe one after another that really crippled her.  She had a very serious back condition that put her in into seizures and that she couldn’t even stand tall like that. And her eyes she’s worn glasses since she’s been just a child; she had all of those things.  Prayed for healing, no healing, anointed her with oil, no healing; we prayed for her she as in the meetings, I mean she’d see people healed that she ministered, healed of thyroid conditions, back conditions, eye problems and all of this and yet she wasn’t getting healed.  Until God took her back to her relationship with her father and Gwen never trashed her father, I didn’t feel dishonored her father but she never really honored her father. And her father had been very very tight fisted when it came to finances he grew up in western Canada and homesteading and clearing land and a very rough life going through the depression and all of that.  And so when Gwen’s Mum died when Gwen was 13 her father was the only one in the home the only parent in the home and didn’t give Gwen or her sister or brother really any money.  They had to earn every penny for anything; for school, for clothing, for any extras and Gwen resented that didn’t even know it but resented that.  And when Gwen’s dad died when Gwen was 27 she hardly shed a tear; and that bothered her but she didn’t really grieve.  And a few years ago about 5 years ago or so she was sitting alone down by a lake and God brought her whole father thing to her and said “You’ve never honored your father.”  And the Bible says honor your father and mother that you might have a long full life.  That means a long healthy life; in other words how you deal with your parents affects your physical health; it’s not about your parents it’s about you.  And in that moment Gwen realized as God showed her her dad didn’t mean to be mean; her dad did the best he could, he loved her, he just didn’t know how to show it; he really didn’t know how to care.  In that moment she grieved she shed tears like she would have the day that he died. From that moment on Sid her thyroid condition is constantly improving they keep decreasing the medication.  The doctor says I’ve never seen this before, my wife is 60 years old now…

Sid: What about her glasses?

Bill: And every time she gets her eyes tested they decrease the prescription.  They said “Your eyes getting stronger. They’ve said “Probably by next time she won’t need glasses at all.”

Sid: And you know the thing that you put in your book that is so important especially here in the west is we have greater reliance on doctors and medicine than we do on the power of God.  And people accept their condition because they have high blood pressure.  Well, they can get medicine for the high blood pressure; however there’s side effects from the medicine; but there’s something better than living with your thyroid disease.  Living with your glasses, living with your high blood pressure. What is it in us that causes us to just accept it?

Bill:  Well, sometimes it’s easier you know and we just say “Well, you know what the doctor said you got to be reasonable…

Sid: It runs in my family.

Bill:  It runs in my family and we just accept all of these things and say “What can you do about it.”  Well, the fact is my wife is getting younger and healthier and you know…

Sid:  Are you saying that or is that really true, is she getting younger?

Bill:  She is in every way; I mean there was a time a few years ago because of her medical problems that she couldn’t travel much, she couldn’t minister much.  She’s been with me in the rough trips to Arctic Russia now; she does things that most woman couldn’t do.  And the doctors have said “You’re not deteriorating like you should be.”

Sid: Bill, we’re out of time… I believe that there are areas of blindness that when they read this book they’re going to say “Oh, I see it” and the minute they see it healing is going to breakthrough.  But you told me your heart was not just to get people healed, although that’s what this book will do.  Your heart was to cause people to be activated into the miraculous and go lay hands on the sick; on their neighbor that you or I will never get to and that they’re going to be healed.  I mean I can see a congregation starting from this book.  I can see evangelism; you’ve cried to God you want a breakthrough what more do you need a telegram?



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