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Michael Hinson

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Michael Hinson and I’m speaking to him at his home in Gainesville, Florida. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Michael was literally dragged to a Happy Hunter’s healing meeting.  At the meeting he hears an audible voice and then Charles Hunter confirms that audible voice, walks right up to him invites him to head up a healing explosion he didn’t even know what a healing explosion was in Jacksonville, Florida.  He accepts, he gets the training then he almost became like a spiritual son with the Hunters he lived with them for 3½ years.  But 10 years ago over a 3 day period he had been crying out to God “God show me my heart.” God answered it and he got a lot more than he bargained for it was unbearable because you see most people think they have good heart.  Compared to who?  Compared to God?  The heart is the most deceptive of all things; he couldn’t stand it.  After he was healed of this self-centeredness and all of the things; the junk that was inside of him his life literally changed; he began seeing people dramatically healed.  Tell me a bit about what you began seeing Michael.

Michael:  Well, after traveling with Charles and Francis and traveling and studying other healing ministries I realized that God not only healed but he wanted his people healed.  And that was something that I wasn’t taught in my church.  I was taught that it happened occasionally for certain circumstances and in all sorts of odd situations.  I was also taught the ways that you could motivate or get God to move on your behalf.  But God wants to heal people; He wants to touch them and make them whole. I watched over and over again as people who couldn’t control their bowels get out of wheelchairs. I watched blind people that lost their sight over a period of years pick up their Bible and read it for the first time in 10 or 15 year.  I watched people who could walk, walk; I watched stoke victims literally get all their limb uses back.  I watched doctors fall down on their knees because they watched somebody who drugged the doctor to the meeting get dramatically healed and they gave their life to the living God of Israel.  I’ve watched it over and over and over again for 25 years to where it became second nature; the supernatural is natural in the things of God.  It’s something that we’re not taught as little kids that God healed; if we were taught that when we were older we would just expect it to be a natural reaction.  We were taught through whatever the circumstances were just the opposite of many cases and had to actually had to relearn as we became Christians “Wait a second our God is a Healer and He does want me whole and He did come to give me life and life abundantly.”

Sid: Now you tell me that many times when God wants to He almost removes the shield between you and a person and you can see what’s going on in their heart. Give me an example of this.   

Michael:  Well let me start it this way; in John the first chapter of John verse 32 it says – John the Baptist gave this testimony “I saw the Spirit come down from Heaven as a dove and remain on Him. I wouldn’t had known who He was except the one who sent me told me that the one who I baptized – the Spirit came on and remained on Him He is the Son of God.”  And he said “I’ve seen this and testified that Jesus is the Son of God.” Well he testifies, John the Baptist he didn’t know who Jesus was.  When Jesus came up to John the Baptist in a couple of other testimonies of this account John says “Wait a second I need to be baptized by You.”  I John didn’t know who He was, and he gave this account that he didn’t why did he say “I need to be baptized by you?”  And Jesus answered that when he said “John the Baptist came in the Spirit of Elijah and truly Elijah must come.”  Well, Elijah was a seer, he was one of the prophets who could see. John the Baptist baptized so many people that the Pharisees and the Sadducee and the wouldn’t see’s came down to see what he was doing because it was affecting so many people.  The reason he was helping them was because he could lead them into repentance; it’s what the Bible says he did.  And I believe he lead them in repentance because he could see what they needed to repent of.  And when Jesus came he didn’t know He was the son of God, but he couldn’t see any sin in this man and at that point said “I need to be baptized by you.” And Jesus’s response was that “No let righteousness be fulfilled.” And then John baptized him and the Spirit came like a dove.  John the Baptist was a seer and he could see the things that people needed to repent for.

Sid: Now, is it that most people have buried the sin or not even aware of the sin that they don’t… if they’re believer’s that they haven’t taken care of it; is that what’s going on?

Michael:  Well, a lot of times we are taught in different churches all sorts of different things that literally get us to end up denying the sin that’s in our hearts. Or that we’re not taught properly how to… how many people do you know come up in church and confess their sins one to another? It was common in the New Testament Church; they worked, they would go to the elders and confess their sins.  I know that there’s confession in different churches, but it’s a whole concept of being free in an atmosphere where you can bury your heart.

Sid: Most of us are not what the world calls “Quote real” we adapt a religious framework and the last thing we want to do is talk about what’s going on in our heart.

Michael:  And that’s especially true with women.  Women are emotional creatures and God made them that way and they become emotional over their issues and over the things that happened to them and hurt them.  And they end up putting this wall up because if they didn’t put the wall up when they went into a room their emotions would give them away and over a period of time they end up getting caught behind this wall; and then all these things that they have yet to deal with are still tied up in their heart.  And their trying to get on with their walk with God and love God with all of their heart but they’re carrying all this weight around and it’s showing up in their bodies in all sorts of physical systems.  And simply ministering to the root causes a lot of things that came in, the words that were said, the things that were done forgiveness, repentance and healing people are totally free, absolutely totally free.

Sid: Can you give me an example of someone that you had this knowing about and what happened.

Michael: Well, everybody that we’ve met with fibromyalgia that has come to the meeting and I’ve yet to know of anyone that hasn’t come to our meeting with fibromyalgia that hasn’t gotten totally healed.  Because when they come up we deal with a lot of the root causes that’s inside the things that have yet to be exposed and when those are removed fibromyalgia in its wholeness is completely gone.  People have gotten prayer for arthritis over and over again they would come and it would come back, the symptoms would come back.  We would deal with the root cause of whatever that was; lead them through simple prayers of repentance and forgiveness.  And I know people think “Well, gosh I’ve forgiven everybody I’m a Christian.”  Well, one of the barometers to check for forgiveness is “If you sat down at your dinner table tonight to eat and anybody from your past came and sat down beside you while you were eating it would change the way that you ate your meal.”  My question is “Why would it change it, if it changed your comfort zone, why would it change it?”   

Sid: And the truth is it should not or there is a problem of a degree of unforgiveness.

Michael:  Or anything that associated with that, you know if I walked down the street and I step off the curb and twist my ankle a pain will quite often run from my ankle up to my head, and God made me He said “That pain would happen to let me know that there is a problem with my ankle and it needs attention.”  Equally God made us so that in our heart and our spirit or in our belly, when we start feeling that pressure and that pain God’s letting us know there is something wrong there and it needs attention. If we just cover it up or ignore it or try to fake our way through it without dealing with the things He wants us to deal with.  And please I am not opposed to faith in any way shape or form, I’m just opposed… faith changes the facts it doesn’t deny the facts. So I want to see people move in a freedom where they can deal with those issues. Paul in his writings quite often directs us… listen if you have this kind of heart repent and then get on with what God called you to do.  It’s not something that we have to hold on to, it’s a very simple procedure, it’s just being real before the Lord. 

Sid: Okay I’m holding in my hand your new book that you co-authored with Joan Hunter “How to Heal the Whole Man Handbook.”  And the thing I love about it is you take… first you do the teaching and then you actually teach how to minister to the sick to someone else or to yourself and you take each disease and you really in point the causes and exactly how you should pray. Tell me about some of the feedback you’re getting in email, I know it’s a brand new book but tell me about some of the feedback.

Michael:  Oh the books only been out since the 1st of September but the emails are just pouring in daily I mean it’s more than all of us can handle sometimes at one time from the people that are being healed.  We get emails from people who they got the book and took it home and went and looked up whatever the illness was they’re dealing with in their own life, read the prayer in it and commanded… did what the book said to do.  They’re emailing us back and telling us all the symptoms are gone. We’re getting people that are going to the doctors and the doctors have said “You’re blood pressure is normal,” or cutting their medicines back or changing their circumstances, the cancers are gone, the pains in the body is leave instantly.  People with gum disease healed instantly, people with bad backs healed instantly. Simply by doing the things that are in the book because it is a biblical truth. When you apply these and the principals that are in it people get healed. 

Sid: Now why are people after they read it getting multiple copies of this book?

Michael:  Well, I don’t know why they’re getting them, but I can only assume that we’ve had people go and buy one book and then come back and buy 12 more and give it to their friends.  The only reason I can imagine they’re doing that is because it dramatically affected their life.

Sid: And you know something’s else that is going on in your meetings people are supernaturally having their broken hearts healed. I mean God’s showing them things at your meetings, how does this operate?

Michael:  Well, again this is dealing with the root causes that are in people’s lives, there’s a root cause to every situation that we’re in there is nothing that doesn’t happen without a cause.  The Bible says “A curse can’t stick with us without a cause.”  So being sick is not a blessing, the Bible talks about that and we explain it in the book so that the people have an understanding of where we’re coming from and the simplicity that is in this book.  And so people get dramatically healed because we deal with the root causes which are fundamental and the parts that’s so amazing it’s so simple.

Sid: Michael we’re out of time….

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