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Sid: If we’re one new man and we have the Messiah of Israel living inside of us and if God’s word says that the same Messiah that died for all of our sins died for all of our diseases then anyone that has intimacy with God should be walking in Divine health.  Well that’s the theory and there is a difference between what God says and how it plays out in many people’s lives. And I must believe that the problem is not on God’s side; the problem is on our side.  He even says in His word “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”  Now I have Pastor Henry Wright on the telephone from Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. Henry you were just like what I described the way many people are today; you’re a pastor, you have seen in your own family you mother rather than dying had a miraculous cure of cancer.  But you’re a pastor now you’re praying for people and most people aren’t being healed.  What did you do about it?

Henry:  Well I asked God why?  I think it’s important that if you don’t have answers to pray.  And I think God hears, and so I asked God way back years ago early 80’s when I was beginning to have no success like I needed to in prayer.  Why aren’t these people being healed?  In the first part of the answer to my prayer these words began to form inside my thinking and my mind and God spoke to me and said “Henry” He said “Apart from few exceptions in the past several months as you’ve been ministering I haven’t sent’ the first person to you the devil has”  And I said I said “Are you the devil talking to me; are you telling me that our enemy will send somebody to me for payer;” that’s as abstract as I can imagine.  And God spoke to me in my heart and said “First of all I’m not the devil speaking to you but He said they may even call themselves Christians they may carry a Bible.  They may go to church but I’m not their Lord and I said “What do you mean You’re not their Lord.”  He said “They know what I said in My word but they don’t practice it” and He said when these people come for prayer the enemy has a legal right to their life even as Christian’s and believers he has a legal right to their life and the enemy knows it.  I said “If you’re God and You’re really God talking to me you’re going to have to show this to me in the Bible that the devil can hold people captive at his will and he has a right to.  Well it didn’t take me long I found it in 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verse 24, 25 and 26 says “A servant of the Lord must not strive, must be gentile unto all men, patient and able to teach in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves that God per adventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; that they may recover themselves from the snare of the devil having been taken captive by the devil at the devil’s will.”  I think the NIV says “To do the devil’s will.”  And right there in three verses Sid I found a missing link that there’s things in people’s lives that are not of God and they need to be taught. They need to be discipled, they need to be shown that the source of their thoughts and how they speak and how they act and react with God themselves and others. And I found these are things that they need to see and if their thinking and speaking and acting away that is different than how God would have us do here on the planet they need to do something. They need to repent to God, tell Him that they’re sorry and He is able to forgive them.  And in this moment because I now understand the devises of the enemy they’re able to turn away from that and turn towards God and they met the conditions of the covenant and God is right there to heal them.

Sid: Now how in the world though did you identify the exact spiritual roots for so many diseases, and we recognize that it’s not 100% but as you were saying yesterday in many cases it’s over 80%.  How did you pin disease in a particular condition? For instance if I was to throw out to you Leukemia “What are the roots?”

Henry:  Well, leukemia there is probably about 20 different kinds of leukemia’s; the primary leukemia that we deal with which is a proliferation of white corpuscles in the marrow is a disease coming out of lack of being loved by a father.  And there is a type of…

Sid: Wait a second alright you have found this; you have identified this but how in the world did you know this?

Henry:  Well, let’s see we’ve got about 23 years of thousands of case histories and setting down and doing family trees and case histories of people’s spirituality and how they think.  We are also able to go into the medical community Sid, and I’ll tell you something that not many people know is that even at the research level in allopathic medicine alone they know that behind much disease is a way of thinking.  Stinking thinking or things like fear and stress and bitterness; I mean even in Time magazine a few months ago it made the connection between fear, anxiety and stress and infertility.  Then unforgiveness and health, and even the world is figuring out there’s a connection between health and forgiveness.  But we’ve learned through the study of science, the study of psychology case histories and currently in “Be in Health Global,” which is our research arm of “Be in Health,” we are currently researching over 700 major diseases.  We intend with God’s help of defeating every single one of them in our generation.

Sid: Henry I have tell you something that bothers me and I’d like to see your spin on this. I personally take vitamins; I personally on Messianic Vision have interviewed doctors that have talked on nutrition and vitamins.  But here is what really bothers me I see so much of this on Christian television it’s almost as if we’re falling back on the vitamins rather than relying on God healing us and it’s bothering me.

Henry:  Well, it’s bother me too Sid because the Bible says that “Meat and drink; the Kingdom of God is not meat nor drink.  The Kingdom of God is not nutrition but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.”  If it was just nutrition we wouldn’t even need God; our God would be our belly.

Sid: But Henry maybe because we’re in such a wonderful sophisticated age and we’re discovering all these things through medical science that we’re relying less and less on God and we’re seeing less and less of God.

Henry:  Let’s not go there because there’s many scriptures that indicate that when we start to trust the strong arm of man that God cannot help us.  And I’ll be honest with you I deal with thousands of people in the world that even believers have fear of death; fear of dying disease, and we’ve become just like the world.  We forget that we’re eternal; we forget… I think we forget that there’s a kingdom of God available to us that we absolutely refuse to practice godly principals.  As far as nutrition is concerned there’s in my office and I have a chart of Genome chart of chromosomes and genetically inherited disease there’s over 600 genetically inherited diseases that are involved.  I promise you that nutrition does not change genetic code defect; there’s probably a thousand pages of information on psychiatric and psychological disease.  And nutrition does not change psychiatric disease. So I don’t know what’s left there isn’t a whole lot left.  Now there is and it is important Sid that we eat balanced meals; it is important that we get plenty of rest and drink fluids and eat balanced nutrition.  We need building blocks in metabolism for cell repair and maintenance that most people are not eating out of that mentality; they’re eating out of fear.  And if you read Roman’s chapter 14 concerning eating of food it says “What’s so ever is not of faith is sin” and so I wonder why we bless our food and then we’re worrying about it.  I wonder maybe our fear and our unbelief negated even the prayer of blessing.  Now I’m sure someone will take issue with that statement but it’s a challenging statement on my part.

Sid: Okay I want you to go real quick and tell me I’m going to pull something that is quite common in our society high blood pressure. What is the cause and give me a quick testimony of somebody that was healed?

Henry:  Well high blood pressure is very easy disease to get healed because it’s not really a disease; that may come as a surprise to many people but classic hypertension should be classified as a syndrome.  Because it is simply the result of an imbalance of the sympathetic nervous system coming out from a person who has a particular spiritual and physiological defect.  The lack of being a doer of one scripture; the scripture that we see behind high blood pressure hypertension is very simple in the New Testament.  It says “Take no thought for tomorrow, the evil of today is sufficient unto itself take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow may never come.”  And so people who get classic high blood pressure hypertension are people who are filled with worry.  They’re worrying about what can go wrong tomorrow, it could be business, it could be finance, it could be health a number of things.  As they begin to project into the future the potential of failure or something the hypothalamus, the watchdog over the intekrin system and the sympathetic nervous system causes an imbalance which produces a narrowing of blood vessels and the building up of pressure.

Sid: So very quickly give me one quick testimony of…better than that what does someone do that says “Okay, I’ve got high blood pressure Henry what do I do?”

Henry:  (Laughing) First of all you need to recognize that you’re not a doer of the word, you’re worrying about something could go wrong in the future, that’s fear and fear is sin.  We might as well just call it sin…it’s not a negative emotion.  It’s serving something that’s not of God; fear is not from God.  So to get people healed of high blood pressure we do 2nd Timothy chapter 2.  We teach them, we disciple them, we bring them to a place to recognize that they have fear and anxiety and worry.  We get them to repent for that, we minister to them around those issues and then get them to take their peace back and begin to live their life without fear.  We’ve seen thousands of cases of high blood pressure disappear as the people start to become doers of the word and quit worrying about tomorrow.

Sid: Listen, I’ve been to your seminars and I’ve seen some marvelous results in just a couple of days. But the truth is most people aren’t going to be able to afford to or take the time to get to your seminar, what results are people getting from your book “A More Excellent Way?”

Henry:  I’ll tell you it’s amazing to me that just as the two cases of cancer I mentioned that these two individuals were healed by God of cancer and nobody even prayed for them.  The material in this book “A More Excellent Way” and the pathways that it indicates is so accurate and roots behind the disease is so accurate that when people see this they either admit that they have these spiritual issues in their life or they deny it. But the ones that are saying “Hey man he knows me or that’s certainly my battle.”  And they begin to repent to God.

Sid: They’re getting healed..

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