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SID: This is so amazing. Three of the generals that had been at the Azusa Street Revival, they were part of the revival that was spreading throughout the United States, that just didn’t even know each other were prophesying this, all prophesied the same thing about a great revival that was coming. What was the prophecy?

TOMMY: That in about a hundred years, there would be a revival like Azusa Street, only greater, that will return and greater miracles, and it wouldn’t be in one place with one person. It would be all over the world, Sid. Record people, record church members, even children, older people, even people in nursing homes would start having healing ministries there, and it would last until the Second Coming of the Lord.

SID: How far off is that revival?

TOMMY: I believe it’s starting now. I’ve seen it.

SID: I do, too.

TOMMY: I’ve seen some miracles. Shawnee, Oklahoma, you should have seen some miracles I saw.

SID: Tell me one.

TOMMY: Okay, one. A young man, 17 years old, it looked like a mass had been carved in his back. He came up. This young minister, when he heard my stories, people started getting healed. The young man didn’t, he didn’t touch the young man. But the young man, he fell out the spirit. He didn’t go forward. He fell sideways. When he got up, his back was perfectly straight.

SID: But you know, that is a miracle. But what I want you to hear is, this is almost too hard to believe. Tell me about the person whose face supernaturally became normal, no plastic surgery, supernaturally.

TOMMY: You mean like the elephant man.

SID: Yes.

TOMMY: This man, his chin dropped down to about here. How he ate, I don’t know. And even those people at Azusa told me, they didn’t know. But they started praying for him and then you could hear bones popping and his chin started coming back up. And in just about a few minutes, he was normal again. It was really kind of attractive.

SID: Well speaking of attractive, even a movie star that had a horrible accident—


SID: Robert Montgomery. Tell he what happened to him as a child? Most people don’t know this.

TOMMY: He had, had fallen and his head had hit on concrete and it had busted his head. They said you could see the skull and you can even see some brain matter coming out. Well Mama didn’t run him to the hospital. She ran down to Azusa Street and took him in there, and they started praying for the kid. And things starting coming back in, and it went together. When he grew up, he was one of Hollywood’s golden boys, Robert Montgomery.

SID: And listen to this. Many of these saints had like specialties, just like in the natural. A medical doctor might be a specialist for a heart, a specialist for skin. Well those that have gifts of the Spirit have different specialties.

TOMMY: That’s true.

SID: Tell me about the woman that had a specialty for teeth.

TOMMY: That’s Lucille. Now Lucille was only four-foot-10. But she would tell me, she says, “Tommy, I even play games with it.” She says she would get people with no teeth. She wouldn’t pray for all the teeth to come back in. She prayed for one at a time. She wanted to put her finger down on the tooth, push down, pray for God to grow it back and have the tooth with her finger on it. And she’d go around the mouth, bottom and top, take some time, but she had fun doing it.

SID: There were young people that would be just playing in the Glory. Explain that.

TOMMY: That was Ralph Riggs and C.W. Ward. Not C.M. Ward, C.W.

SID: Okay.

TOMMY: That, when that Glory would get thick, Ralph told me it’s about like you couldn’t see more than 10 foot in front of you. He said him and Ralph would play hide and go seek until their parents, their mothers found out, caught them and then put a stop to it.

SID: Tell me about Goldie who had a specialty for growths.

TOMMY: Goldie, that’s the one that led me to the Lord in Venice and bought me to Pisgah. She even would take a little dust pan and put it in a towel and throw it away. People had growths growing out all over, she just loved praying for them. She’d stand there and watch them just falling off, and some, you’d hear the little clicks as they hit the ground. And she didn’t want them laying around a rotting, and getting bad. She’d clean them up and put them in the towel, and then throw them in the trash.

SID: How about the woman who had her ear off?

TOMMY: She had caught her husband with another woman, and the other woman and the wife got into a fight, and the other woman bit the wife’s ear off. She had come to Azusa Street. Sister Carly saw her come in with a bloody bandage over her ear. She said, you can see she was in tremendous pain. So she went up to her to minister to her, and she told her what had happened. She said she pulled it back. She said, “Tommy, it looked like a raw piece of meat. There was nothing there. A raw piece of meat.” She started praying for her. And the woman said, “Oh, I feel tingling. The pain’s all gone. The pain’s gone.” She says, she looked back and right before her eyes there was created miracle. She said, an ear, a brand new ear.

SID: Now for those that don’t know, Pisgah was the place, like a retirement place where all the elderly saints were, where Tommy heard these stories and received this amazing impartation from all of these people that had these miracle ministries. I’m going to ask him to pray for you when we come back.

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