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Sid: I was talking to our guest Paul McGuire just before we went on the air. He had explained yesterday that the fire of God had come on him.  And God said “He was healed,” and he didn’t even understand what he was being healed of but the anointing for healing was so strong.  Tell me about what that power felt like that came on you Paul.

Paul:  Sid it was a burning; I’ve experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit being baptized with fire; this was a burning and being set on fire supernaturally at a level that I’ve never experienced in my entire life.

Sid:  Oh, I think that you were being prepared for what’s ahead with these 30 years of research of what you’ve done on the microchip and the mark of the beast.  But out of curiosity since that occurred when you pray for the sick are you seeing a difference.

Paul:  Yes I am seeing a difference and one of the things that I’m teaching believers.  In Daniel it says you know that in the last days knowledge will increase.  Not just general knowledge but knowledge of God’s word but I believe that God is supernaturally downloading into His people a quantum increase of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and supernatural knowledge which is what happened to me. So when I minister now, or when I speak now before a group or pray for people individually, the level of the power and the force and the fire of God that flows through me is so much more powerful and so much more intense than anything I have ever experienced before.

Sid: Okay you are being supernaturally prepared to give prophetic warnings to people now but in addition to that you’re a researcher and you have researched the microchip for the last 30 years.  Why did you research the microchip?

Paul:  Well, the first thing I want to say is that I’m a skeptic so I always perceived the research with skepticism I’m not gullible I have to have credible sources or I don’t believe it.  When the Lord began to tell me to investigate and research our economic system, and I began to do that, and the obvious part which many of your listeners and viewers know is that on the back of the dollar bill we have an occult pyramid where it says New World Order on the bottom. But that bird which many people think is an eagle is actually a Phoenix which is an occult bird. And that’s the name of the global currency they plan to circulate starting in 2018.

Sid: It’s called the Phoenix. How do you know from a pragmatic objective bases what you just came out of your mouth?

Paul:  Because I’ve read research and reports from groups like the Bilderberg Group which is not a conspiracy theory it’s a real group, and other power global institutions their own reports and bulletins that they plan to call it the Phoenix. And the target date is 2018.  Sid: So what’s going to happen to our money when this Phoenix comes on the scene?  What’s going to happen to a $100 US?

Paul:  Well, the $100 US is right now being deliberately devalued.  The economic crisis we’re experiencing is not accidental; this is a manufactured crisis with a strategic plan to devalue the dollar so the world currency can be accepted by the people and then the people will convert their depreciated dollars into phoenix’s or whatever currency there is. Then the second phase of the operation is, and the pretense will be identity theft; human trafficking; people with Alzheimer’s.  The second phase of the operation is to push that people would receive a microchip, or a biochip, or a nanochip implant which would act like a form of currency via computer chip imbedded in the body.

Sid: Now you say there’s a precursor of this already going on in our own driver’s licenses.    What do you mean?

Paul:  A lot of people don’t realize this but let’s just start with this. The Lord supernaturally talked to me about this when cell phones where first distributed. He spoke to me before I understood the technology and He said that the cell phone is a tracking device primarily, it’s a communication device, secondly. And I don’t know if a lot of people remember but in the early days of those cheap cellphones when you first turned them on it used to say in big electronic letters GPS Global Positioning Satellite.  So the purpose of a cell phone is to track you.

Sid: You know a thought just crossed my mind; one of the big areas of discussion these days is the number of cell phones that are being given away to people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford a cell phone.  I’m wondering if that’s part of the strategy that you’re pointing out.

Paul:  Well, you’re absolutely right, the primary… people need to understand that these phones are not being given away out of benevolence or kindness. When somebody has a cellphone they essentially are tracked, their communication is tracked, their where abouts are tracked and we could go further than that we know from criminal cases that have gone on in court that that cell phone can be activated even when the power is turned off, it can be activated to locate you where you are geographically, but also the camera can be turned on and the sound can be turned on even with the cell phone turned-off so they can view and see things that you’re doing.

Sid: Okay tell me how far off the technology is to implement what the Bible calls the Mark of the Beast?

Paul:  That technology is already here.  Officially it was announced but it was here before that; this technology actually goes back to the ’70s in terms it was called electrodes back then.  But after 911 Verachip Corporation which changed its name to Digital Angel, and I talk about this on the book that your offering, began to sell chips for the elderly, for celebrities.  So for example celebrities who are afraid of being kidnapped have been injected with the chip.  There was a Mexican Governmental Department where about 30,000 people were given a chip, elderly patients with Alzheimer’s have chips.  Little children who parents are afraid of them being abducted have chips.  And animals have chips as well.

Sid: Now where are these chips?  Are they embedded in the people?

Paul:  They’re embedded underneath the skin and ironically they’re embedded most often either under the forehead area or the right hand area which is exactly the same area’s identified Revelation 13 where the mark of the beast is described as being given either one the forehead or the right hand.

Sid: Okay, but we’ll people get it that this is what the Bible is talking about because it sounds so beneficial?

Paul:  Well yeah, it’s being sold as extremely beneficial, but many of the Christians that I’m talking to especially the ones that hear programs like yours and hear about Bible prophecy; unfortunately many churches are forbidding the teaching of Bible prophecy but Christian’s who are…

Sid: Why would a church forbid; I mean if not in a church where would it be?

Paul:  Well worse than that Sid it’s a form of intellectual insanity; who goes to a movie and walks out before it ends?  He who picks up a novel and refuses to read the end; how could you possibly understand the Bible if you refuse to read the end of it?  So any pastor or church that is forbidding the teaching of Bible prophecy is not only rebelling from God but they’re attempting to censor God’s word.

Sid: And yet the intent is honorable. I believe what you’re talking about is the whole movement called seeker sensitive where they want to be so sensitive to the seeker that they don’t say anything bad.

Paul:  Yeah, so (Laughing) but the way I look at that is if Jesus Christ walked into many churches today He would not be allowed to minister because He would not be considered seeker friendly. Conversely I know this sounds harsh but I am absolutely convinced that if the anti-Christ was to walk into many seeker friendly churches he would be invited to take over the pulpit because he’s so seeker sensitive.

Sid: Well you know these seeker sensitive churches seem to be moving in their direction of the emergent church; explain that very quickly.

Paul:   Well I talk about that in the DVD series that your offering; the emerging church is a church which has departed from the Bible teaching and it teaches false doctrine, false teaching, and error. So that would be a fulfillment of the Apostle Paul’s warning of the great apostasy that is coming before the return of the Lord.  So to me the emergent church is the first wave of the great apostasy.

Sid: So what do they proclaim?

Paul:  Well their leaders will openly proclaim things that are direct contradiction to the Bible.  For example they’ll say “There are many ways to God not through Jesus.”  Or they’ll say “There are many ways you can get married, God doesn’t care if it’s between two men or two woman.” Now if you to back the Garden of Eden the marriage was between Adam and Eve.  So they’re making statements that are in direct opposition with the revealed truth of God’s word.

Sid: Well, one of the leaders right Bruce McClairen according to your research they’re for gay marriage, they’re for boycotting Israel. What a great way to cause the cures to hit America.

Paul:  Yeah, and Israel thing is very serious because as you well know the Abrahamic covenant where God says “Those that bless Israel I will bless and those that curse Israel I will curse.” Is an everlasting covenant that means it is in effect today; so if the United States chooses to curse Israel by going against it then the United States and its people are going to receive a curse from God.  So if the emergent church is teaching otherwise they are inviting the judgment of God upon America.


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