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Sid: You know Mishpochah I love the gifts of the Spirit you know that you’ve been listening to me long enough, the true gifts of the Spirit. I had occasion to have some prophesy over me recently and this person knew nothing about me, she had never heard my name before.  And I actually prefer someone prophesying over me that way because sometimes the human side mixes what God says and what they know.  I was astounded at some of the key phrases that were used in this prophesy really caught my attention.  I mean I have her on the telephone right now her name is Dawn Sweigart and she lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Dawn, you may not have even remember this but you brought up the phrase One New Man; do you remember that?

Dawn:  I remember it only because you asked me “Why did you just say that?”

Sid: Of course I asked you that you said it because the Holy Spirit told you, and Mishpochah if you know much about me you know I’ve written a book on the subject and I talk about it all the time.  So you definitely caught my attention; and I want to find out more about you and I figured we’d let our Mishpochah eaves drop with us. I understand that your grandmother was a Holocaust survivor; tell me a bit about that part of your life.

Dawn:  My mother’s father was a soldier in the US Army and was a cook in the relocation camp following World War II where he met my grandmother.  She and her family, her father, her mother and her brother all miraculously made it through the Holocaust. They had been Poles for generations.  And following World War II my grandmother changed her name to Marie and married my grandfather. Came here to the United States, New Hampshire very Catholic family and within two years had given birth to both my mother and my aunt. Then left and I only ever saw her once in my life when she was quite well advanced in years. She died several years ago there was never reconciliation between she and my mother.

Sid: But you knew about this Jewish side of your family so to speak; what effect did it have on you; did you have a desire to find out more about Jewish people, the Jewish religion?

Dawn:  You know I dated Jewish guys in High School and loved going to temple with them on Friday night.  The reason for that I think not only was God pulling something deep out of my being, but also because I was raised without God in my household. Both of my parents were pretty much agnostic, there were no prayers spoke over us or taught to us.  There was a desire to know this God if He existed. So it was out of that desire that I began to search things out. I had a difficult childhood which many people do and it kind of spun me into a really tragic young adulthood, I really gave myself over to drugs and alcohol and promiscuity trying to find two things and that was peace which I had never head and love. Which I never found in the world, but as I pursued this God I searched through the Mormon Missionaries that would knock on my door, and the Jehovah Witnesses who would approach me in a shopping mall, and I began to read the Old Testament. I was actually trying to prove that it was a different God then of the one of the New Testament.  Trying to throw all of that in there with Hinduism and Buddhism and trying to find out what the truth really was.

Sid: And yet all this time you were plagued with fears of all kinds.

Dawn:  I was I was tormented even as a child; my parents would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of me screaming. I had night terrors they wouldn’t be able to awaken me. I’d be thrown in such fits of absolute horror that my nose would bleed and would just be covered with blood and screaming and that was be almost a nightly ritual and it carried on into my marriage.  I never had peace, I was never free of fear until I found Jesus; actually until He found me.

Sid: Tell me what happened to you in 1993.

Dawn:  Well in 1993 I had been married since ’88 so about 5 years and had a young son 2 years old.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity with all that baggage and I guess that’s the proper term. How was your marriage going?

Dawn:  It was horrific.

Sid: I would think so. (Laughing)

Dawn:  It was a nightmare you know when somebody is tormented by fear they tend to try to control everything that can be controlled.  My reaction to the fear was a lot of control, a lot of rage; a lot of anger and just a dysfunction that had been twisted into me in my early years came out fully grown in my marriage.  I to this day am so grateful that the Lord even before we recognized him as our Lord.  It gave both my husband and I the grace to stay in the marriage until he could fully redeem both of us.

Sid:  I’m sure that was God doing that; if it was up to our own abilities it could have never happened.  But let’s take you you’re working in a store; what kind of a store is it?

Dawn: It was a boutique in Harrisburg you know where the sold men’s crocodile shoes for $900 a pair.  You know coats for 3 and $4,000. The money makers and movers and shakers of the area would walk in and there was an attraction in me for that. As I was working there one night with a girl Joanie a young man came in he’d only been saved 6 weeks, his name is Scot Marco and he started witnessing to my friend and I started to harass him a bit when he started talking about the Bible and how it was all true.  That there was no contradiction within the word of God; and I began to ask him because I had done some study without revelation, without the Holy Spirit just with the words themselves much like many people who would consider themselves devout.  Muslims are devout, Jews or even devout Catholics. Who just without revelation without a personal relationship with Christ or the indwelling of the Holy Spirit really have no idea what is being spoken, what is being declared because there’s a veil that remains. As he was sharing and I asked him “Well what about this you know?”  First he says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and then Jesus says “Turn the other cheek.”  Was God having a bad couple of millennia, the resurrection stories they’re all different. There’s two women in this one and then only one woman, and two woman and a man and there’s angels, now there’s no angels but he looks like a gardener so which one is it?  You say it’s not without contradiction and just really artillery style firing questions.

Sid: This was a baby believer how did he handle himself with that type of an attack?

Dawn: (Laughing) By the Spirit of God he looked at me and said “I can’t answer your questions.”  Which I know the Holy Spirit put those words in his mouth because I was so filled with intellectual pride.  It was the only thing that would have shut me up, which was well, you know more than I do.  And so I stood there and he said “But I do have a question for you.”  And I said “What.”  He said “I have peace, what do you have?”

Sid: (Laughing)

Dawn:  And you know I wasn’t going to be debated into a belief in Christ; I wasn’t going to be persuaded or educated into a relationship with Jesus, but he asked me a question that cut to my heart and it was like 1st Corinthians 14 being manifested. That here I was an unbeliever but the secret of my heart had been revealed that I struggled with fear and torment and terror and panic and anxiety and worry more than any person I had ever met.  He asked the question “Where is your  peace?” And it was out of that and him leaving a New Believer’s New Testament and a book called Joshua which is just a modern day parable of Jesus. That, a week later as I sat there reading the book Joshua I heard the voice of God for the first time in my life.  It was a voice that wasn’t my own, it wasn’t audible I don’t think someone else standing in the room could have heard it but it wasn’t evasive statement and question and pleading and he said “Choose today who you are going to serve, this is your last chance.”  And it’s not that I believe that God’s mercy had run out on my life, I don’t believe that, I believe that his compassion’s don’t fail and His mercies are new every morning.  But He knew the way that I was struggling just keeping my car on the road and not running into a tree every night. The way I was turning again to alcohol and drugs even though I had a young family it didn’t matter I needed to find some relieve I was always in torment.  I think He knew what was going to happen that my own strength wasn’t going to carry me any longer.  Out of His mercy He brought me to a place of absolute decision and I closed this door and got on my face and spent the next 6 hours receiving the forgiveness of God and coming to know love for the first time; so that’s how it all happened.

Sid: Just out of curiosity what was going on with you in the feeling realm?

Dawn:  Well, I had only cried twice in the previous 7 years of my life, once when my son was born, and once when my mother-in-law had died she was a very committed Lutheran and she was dying of cancer. She told me before she died that she wanted one promise to be kept for me; I asked what it was and she said “I want you and Bob in church you need God.”  And only because this dear woman who had never been anything but kind to me was asking a question I said “Okay Mom, okay Mom.  She said “No, I want you to promise me” and I did promise her but to me everyone had always lied to me so lying to someone else to give them peace was not…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought, Mishpochah we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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