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Sid: If I was not red hot before I’m sure red hot now. But I was red hot before because I just literally got back from Israel. We do the recording a month in advance, but literally I just got off of a plane from Israel. I was invited to speak at a New Age festival filled with the worst hedonistic examples of humanity that are so depraved, and just witches, and devil worshippers, and Satanists, and New Age Kabbalists, Orthodox rabbis that are into Kabbalah. They had it all focused on me; I was supposed to speak a couple of times praise God I did, and large numbers of Jewish people made professions of faith, and healings all over the place. I have to tell you I have an intercessor on the phone that’s been one of my main intercessors for… I don’t know Carol how many years do you know?

Carol: Oh at least 15 Sid.

Sid: Carol Howe and she’s literally travelled all over the world praying for the various meetings that I’ve had.  I asked Carol to get a team together to pray for what was going on. I’m not sure I’d be speaking to you right now if we didn’t have the prayer. Tell me not knowing what was going on, what you and the other intercessors sensed.

Carol: We were led to pray together in a conference call and we finally got together Saturday night Sid when you were up in the air flying home. We felt it was very important. We prayed our regular prayers which were wonderful, and then we sensed something we had never sensed before. What I was sensing was the Father’s extreme pleasure in what had happened as a Father to you, and also how long He had waited for someone to get out on the streets of Israel and to do what was done in the original outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It was so profound that we had to stop praying and we just sat in silence; it was like a 3rd heaven warfare or something where we didn’t even have to talk anymore; we were somewhere where God was expressing His pleasure that it was a success as far as He was concerned. We also felt that it was part, and if not the beginning of what everyone’s talking about is this new realm, and this new place, and this new… that we know what happens in Israel affects the entire church. This is like an arrow going into Israel that was actually going to open up for the entire church. We felt His pleasure… your obedience Sid and the whole team.

Sid: Well thank you, but I can express on behalf myself I am so appreciative that you and everyone listening that was an intercessor prayed because I don’t think I could have survived without that prayer.

Carol: We could pick that up.

Sid: [Laughing]

Carol: [Laughing] But praise the Lord there’ll be many more Sid.

Sid: Thank you Carol. Now I have another team member on the telephone Lance Wallnau. Lance you told me when I actually interviewed on the Messianic Vision a few months ago you told me about a vision that you had some 15 years ago. Would you tell us about it?

Lance: Yeah Sid as a matter of fact that was the catalyst that got me to go back on such short notice. Fifteen years ago I had visited Israel, I have some family living down there. I felt what Derek Prince described as that very strong headwind that is always blowing against you when he would be 6 months out of the year interceding in Jerusalem. I picked up on that. I felt as though the western influence was so strong in the culture, I don’t know what I had expected sentimental Christians go to Israel with all kinds of notions of what they’re going to run into. At that time I was praying in a pool I was just sitting in Arad, and I was just thinking “Lord what about Israel?”  I turned and saw children about 5 or 6 years old splashing in the water. As clear as anything the Lord immediately took me into a dimension of the Spirit and spoke to me and said “When these children become adults I am going to come and I am going to visit the land of Israel with a great move and a great shaking, and a great harvest of My Spirit.” Suddenly I knew that I was in Israel spying out land 15 or 16 years before that generation would mature. I hadn’t thought about that nor shared that publicly until you asked me the question “Did God tell me anything about Israel?” I had to honestly say something the last thing I heard that was definitive was 15 years ago, then you challenge me with the fact that that generation’s been growing up. [Laughing]

Sid: That’s the generation we saw with our eyes. Would you describe what your impressions were from that trip?

Lance: Yeah indeed that is the generation. It was mixed experience for me again because I realized that generation now has grown up… I guess the average age according to my wife the people she interviewed was maybe about 15 – 17 – 18 something like that, young teenagers. The hunger that is there for spiritual reality mingled with the fact that without any real demonstration such as what you were bringing into the country. Without any real demonstration of God manifesting Himself there’s a kind of resigned secular spirit that is like… we interviewed people for instance on the beach of Galilee and there was a feeling like we’re hungry for something but we don’t know if God is a supernatural God because what we’ve seen has just no really demonstrated that. So they’re looking at alternatives and looking here and looking there. A hungry generation and a generation living in stress and despair and really just trying to seek a way to exist and enjoy life. That was my impression but that comes out of the trenches of my own experiences.

Sid: You know what excited me to no end it was just like we were back in the book of Acts. You weren’t with me at the time but I told you about it. I was waiting because we had two car loads and I was in the last car load. I see a guy walking by and he’s kind of hobbling and he’s using his buddy as a crutch, he’s holding him on the shoulder. I said “What happened to you?” He said “I fell and it’s so sore that I cannot put any weight on my ankle.” I said “Can I pray for you?” I don’t know what he was thinking but he said “Sure.” So I got down on the ground and I put my hand on his ankle and I said one word “Yeshua” Hebrew for Jesus. He didn’t know what to do so I said “Put some weight on your ankle,” and I could see he was a little nervous about it, but he put some weight on his ankle and he could walk. He started screaming and just like Peter and John went in by the Gate Beautiful and they saw a man that was crippled and he started jumping and leaping and praising God. He said “I have a miracle, I have a miracle!” Shortly after that 2 girls walked up and I told them what had happened and they said “Well explain in detail.” I said “Well I’ll let him do it.” This guy that didn’t even know Jesus was saying “This guy prayed in the name of Yeshua and I had a miracle. Look I can walk!” He starts pointing at me and he says “That man he healed me.” I said “NO! I didn’t heal you God healed you!” and I’m pointing up to the heavens. He starts pointing up and he says “God healed me, God healed me!” The young man, the person that was his crutch that he didn’t need as a crutch anymore, and these 2 young girls all went with me into this tent where we were serving Chai. We sat down and they found out more about the God of miracles, the God of now. That’s why I have such a passion for the supernatural. I have such a passion for you to be equipped with the supernatural to reach the Jew to form the One New Man.

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