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Sid: You know Mishpochah I have found a long time ago that God has a strategy to reach humanity; when God wanted to reach humanity He looked for a Gentile who He made the first Jew. So in affect He went to the Jew first to reach the world. Then when Jesus wanted to reach humanity He said “I go only the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  When Paul wanted to be used to reach humanity he said in Romans 1:16 “I’m not ashamed of the gospel because it’s the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.”  And this is God’s law of evangelism; and I have made this my thesis statement if you will; this is my law of evangelism because for the past 30 years I’ve been going to the Jew first and reaching more gentiles than if I had gone to the Gentile first.  And I was so excited to see an email from Jerusalem in which it states that l of the first Chinese Jews from Kaifeng, China has been recognized as a Jew and now is a citizen of Israel.  Because a number of years ago I went to Kaifeng, China because there’s a prophecy in the Bible Isaiah 49:12 which says “A sign of the last days is the Jews from Sinim (Sinim is the word for China) the Jews from China will return to Israel.”  When I went there I pumped into these Kaifeng Jews I led many to the Lord and this opened up a supernatural door in which the Chinese television stations covered us throughout that entire city.  So I found that when you go… I mean we literally conducted a Feast of Tabernacle celebration on a Buddhist temple and young school children where there.  It was glorious, but I have found that going to the Jew first it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism. Many of these Chinese Jews that we led to the Lord I believe are immigrating to Israel in this thrust that’s going on that shows us we’re in the last of the last days.  Now I have on the telephone a New Covenant Prophet; his name if Mark Pool.  And God has shown so many things that have happened in the past and the accuracy is so precise with Mark. Mark I’m a little concerned because on your web page and by the way if you’re interested go to our web page and look up Mark Pool and you’ll get his webpage. On your web page you talk about the things that you see for this year; and I just got back speaking at the church you attend and I stopped over in New Orleans and I could not believe what I saw in the streets of New Orleans.  I have you know I didn’t get saved until I was 30 years of age and I’ve seen gay people and you know it’s not like I’ve lived in a sheltered life my whole life but I have never seen gay bars where the people are lined up outside and just I mean Sodom and Gomorrah could not be worse than what I witnessed with my very eyes.  And what did God tell you about New Orleans Mark?

Mark:  As I was in the top of the Bankwin building the highest building in New Orleans by invitation I looked over the city in all directions and often times the Lord will do this and just in the bright middle of the day there was kind of like an open vision.  I looked down and I no longer saw the streets of traffic I just saw I would say what looked like 20′ of water all under me all over the city with refuge just floating about.  Much like we saw in the pictures of was the aftermath of the Tsunami.

Sid: But let me ask you this, last year New Orleans was headed for a direct hit which would have put New Orleans underwater just like you saw for this year. Question, is it locked in concrete or is there, if Christians pray would God stop it again, what do you believe?

Mark:  I always believe that prayer will absolutely you know change things just like it happened all throughout the Bible and so therefore to move destiny actually we can come in the power of agreement in prayer and change the situation. And I believe it’s much like the tree where they walked by and said “Well, give it another year.”  And see if things don’t change then destiny must take place.

Sid: But things, this has been another year Mark and I can tell you with my own eyes what I saw. I mean I don’t know what Sodom and Gomorrah looked like but I doubt if it was any worse than what I saw with my own eyes.  Now did you see devastation in other parts of the United States?

Mark: I saw devastation, yes I did, but much like to answer your question in New Orleans yes, there’s going to levels of great calamity because of certain amount of sins that have just been wroth continuously with that right by design.  Also there’s a remnant in there praying now and God will spare his church; God will spare those who are really serious about Him.  And then He’ll get the attention of that area just like He showed me in the East Coast along the East Coast and also the West coast.  I saw both sides of all the coasts really being shaken literally with turmoil of calamity from all types of natural disaster from both earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunami waves, hurricanes, especially from the south south west and the far east each all up and down the east coast again.  Florida again is not exempt because it didn’t change their hearts it only got some of their attention.

Sid: Now in the natural I can tell you the prognosticators, the weather people are saying that we’re going to have a bad year for hurricanes this year; but in the supernatural you’re seeing these things.

Mark: And I did see them before there word ever came out; and I do believe that the church is given a two-fold chance for themselves number one and for the body of Christ.  The Body in this nation will be shaken if you’ll see in this word God gave me in 2005 like it’s never been shaken.  There is a certain amount of judgment you keep bring up that is actually layered spiritually and prophetically and it’s for this nation.  And this nation has killed it’s unborn, we’ve lost a whole generation due to abortion; we’ve neglected Israel in trying to divide up their country, God’s country excuse me; our country because we’re one new man and if we do not.  I saw if we do not take notice God must begin to get us to our knees.

Sid: Now do you see any earthquakes going on?

Mark: Oh yes, many earthquakes, many continued increase of earthquakes matter of fact in regions that you’re not even familiar with.  But over in the east that’s been ignored because the west coast catches move everything first like the mudslides I’m seeing even greater mudslides even more land loss.  But this can be changed but it’s going to have to come to an agreement in prayer and actually embrace God’s chosen people first.  I believe this is a prophetic hour of that answer and we must cease and desist; we just must stop this spirit of exclusivity that my side and my corner and what I have and what I understand from God is better than your corner and so forth and so on. The division walls have to come down and crisis when they bring the division walls down, when we have to hold arm and arm together we forget about our little petty agendas and we get back to the basics.

Sid: Now what do you see happening in the Middle East?

Mark: The Middle East seem actually the next hell which is a false peace, I saw this in this and it’s going to be for 3 to 5 year pattern I’m not absolutely sure but I at least saw 3 years where there’s going to be and that’s a regrouping.

Sid: Listen, I am very disturbed over what our President is doing in fostering a two-state solution based on my understanding of the Bible.  He’s a Bible believer; has God shown you why he’s pushing this?

Mark: Well, he is doing things I’m not saying this anything against out President.  I’m just saying that by his advisers as in a kingship if you’ll look in the Bible there are many advisers around him.  God’s going to first shake out the wrong advisers in his administration and he’s going to increase the good advisers even the prophetic words coming from Almighty God will be allowed in his court.  He’s going to have prophets that he’s going to his inner circle and he’ll begin to listen to them, and that will absolutely transform; it will be almost like an Esther in the kings court to begin to stand up for righteousness for His chosen.

Sid: Well, in your prophecy I was reading for this year you talked about you saw Christians dancing in a circle and I don’t know if you realize this or but that’s the Jewish style of dance.

Mark: No.

Sid: And these concentric circles did you know that?

Mark: No Sir.

Sid: And I see that as prophetic of even though you didn’t understand the One New Man until you heard me speak of the one new man that is coming on the scene.  Do you see a revival in Israel?

Mark: Absolutely, and I believe you’re going to be one of the key ingredients for this; it’s because your pushing God’s agenda not Sid’s agenda.  This is God’s agenda folks and I’m going to tell you if you want to hook up to something with destiny that will bring you to the front row seat of actually where God wants you then you need to connect with something that’s Biblical. 

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