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John GimenezAnne Gimenez.jpgSid: We want everyone everywhere to be on the Mall in Washington D.C. on October 22. Now I have Bishop John Gimenez on the phone from Rock Church. He is actually the Bishop of the Rock Ministerial Fellowship which has over 600 churches internationally. He’s come to our attention many times over the years because God has used him to have what was called Washington for Jesus type rallies that have gathered over a million Christians on the Mall.  And he says to me, and I believe it, that we’re at the most critical point in history of the United States and if we don’t do something now there’s no hope for our nation.  If we do not repent corporately he has seen God change circumstances based on Christians gathering in Washington for Jesus in ’88 and ‘80. But John I want to take you back a little bit because the Mishpochah do not know you. You came from a pretty hard background in New York.  Just briefly tell me about that.

John: Sure Brother Sid I was born in Harlem, Spanish Harlem, New York from Puerto Rican parents.  My dad was a Methodist Minister actually, but I grew up there in the slums there. And got entangled with the kids in the street at the age of 11 I was put away in a reform school.  I was just a wild wild kid, my father tried, my mother tried but I just would run away.  And so I was put away and there 4 years in reform school came out and pretty soon I was in a worst place.  And finally ended up in Sing Sing Prison; all burned out and hell fire.  I was just in jail and hospitals because I became a drug addict at the age of 15 and using heroin.

Sid: So look from what I hear you should have died.

John: I should have died.

Sid: I mean you should have been history but obviously your father and mother’s prayers must have been surrounding you.

John: I believe as a baby my mother dedicated me to the Lord and to the ministry. I didn’t know that till many years later. And that dedication of covenant was made and God is a covenant keeping God.  And although all of my friends had started with me are dead and died young many years ago.  And I had taken overdoses, I have been shot at you name it you know Satan has been trying to kill me for a long time. But God has purpose for our life and at the age of 31, same day I came out of prison I walked into a little church small church in the Bronx looking for a bed to sleep in not looking for God.  Because they used to work with drug addicts and so forth.  There I had encounter with Yeshua Mashiach and He came into my life, and man it’s just not… a lot of people don’t believe when I tell them where I came from. No education, no vocation, no future, no anything, no house, no home. Even my parents didn’t want me and God just took me in when no one else wanted me He took me.  And here we are today and it’s hard to tell this story because it’s seems impossible but all things are possible with God Sid. And I’ve met people like you and I’ve met the giants of the faith throughout the world and it’s just been… well it’s just been God, just God.

Sid: God confounds the wisdom of the wise and he uses people like you and people like me.  He uses the foolish things of this earth to show that He’s God.  But we’re talking about something so significant in the history of the United States of America, and even in the history of Israel.  What is the connection as you see it?

John: Yes as I see it, America for some reason has become sort of the watchman on the wall for Israel and sort of a protectorate. We know God protects Israel, but God set this nation aside to be a strong arm for Israel.  And the enemy understands that and that’s why he’s attacking now as forcefully as he’s ever attacked.  If he can knock off the church in America the evangelical church. The church that understands our connection and relationship with Israel, if he could do that he can stop us and bring control over us and so forth, he then has an open field, he thinks, to Israel.

Sid: Let me tell you something that our president did that most Christians in America are not even aware of it. When President Bush declared war on Saddam Hussein; when our troops went over to Iraq a lot of people were upset over that, but they don’t realize that as a result of that he probably spared great destruction to Israel. They were going to… and forget this nonsense about weapons of mass destruction. The fact that we didn’t find them there has nothing to do with anything. He’s used them on his own people.

John:  That’s right.

Sid: So we know these weapons, you know he’s got them he just probably stored them at another Arab country.  However, they were poised and positioned to use them on Israel. And I believe that God literally used President Bush to spare Israel one more time.

John:  That’s why we got to keep President Bush in prayer.  The attacks against him both verbally, and mentally, and spiritually because there are demons assigned to the White House, they are real demons. I mean fallen angels, powerful who are assigned to bring confusion, disrupt, and attack and everything against the President. So we need to keep him in prayer.  But you’re absolutely right had he not intervened I want to tell you whose heading this stuff up down there.  It’s the sons of Lot, the Moabites, and the Ammonites and I mean the Amalekites are still around.  And they’re whole life they’re heard “Destroy Israel, destroy Israel.” That’s what they live for over there. Because President Bush and the church has taken such a stand for Israel to protect Israel.  And on Israel’s side we have of course have become the main targets. Because the enemy feels get rid of the Evangelical Church that knows that they are tied not only in a book where you says New Testament, but also Old Testament there. But we’re tied together by blood, but we’re tied together by faith. There cannot be a Christian church if there is no Israel. We who know the scripture know that, but there are enemies without and within that want to destroy. Their main key and emphasis is to destroy Israel.  But to destroy Israel you got to come against us here. And if they can discourage America, bring fear in America and terrorize America. Well, then America will then say “Well, if we back away from protecting Israel and let Israel fight on its own then we won’t have all of these attacks.  Fools, fools because the moment we do that, then we become nothing and we have no purpose.  Because without the attachment of the church and Israel there is no church.

Sid: I agree, now tell me why you selected October 22nd as a day for national repentance and prayer.

John:  Well, I didn’t we never went to Washington this late we always went in April. So when we went to Washington to get a date. Because we know God called us to have this rally 2 years ago.  And when we went first they said “Well, maybe you can have it in September.”  We wanted it in April, the finally they said “No, someone else has it. This is the week we’ll give you. We’ll give you a whole week but it will be in October. Well, October I think that you have the feasts going on. And on the 15th someone said…

Sid: September starts the high holy days of Israel

John:  Well, some people say they believe the Tabernacle Feast starts sometime in October there’s a lot of different theologies but be that as they may.  We had no idea and not even… we didn’t even think about it that it would be 10 days before the national elections.  So we didn’t choose it but here I would say without any hesitation God knows what was needed ad He chose that day.

Sid: You know that we’re not allowed to say a specific candidate to vote for, but we can say what sin is. Sin is condoning homosexuality, sin is murdering the child in the womb.

John:  Right.

Sid: Sin is New Age types of activities, sin is flooding our court system with very liberal judges that want us to be a Sodom and Gomorrah and it’s a clear distinction.  You vote according to the Bible. Sin is going against the land of Israel being the home of the Jewish people.  Because the first Zionist was not Theodore Herzl but was Almighty God.

John: Amen.

Sid: John tell me the details for our listeners on America for Jesus.

John: Well, when God spoke it to us He said “The house is on fire. The nation is cracking and burning and unless the church who has the word of God will go and stand before Me in repentance. Unless the church went to the book according to 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and did exactly what God has required in that scripture, repent.” Well first of all it’s having an understanding of what we’re all about. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways.”  Four things we need to do. Then He said “I will hear, I will forgive, and I will heal.” and unless the church does that. And unfortunately Sid a lot of the church says “Well, I’m too busy.”  I say to them are you too busy to watch your house, your nation, your future. Not only of your home and your children, but the future of the church itself.

Sid: John we’re out of time. Okay Mishpochah circle the date on your calendar October 22nd.  Meet me and John Gimenez in Washington, DC.  October 22nd at the National Mall.

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