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Sid: My guest is Tommy Welchel and Tommy is the last living link to the Azusa Street Revival and he’s going to share what he heard firsthand from the survivors; they were elderly people.  He actually lived with them; they took him off the streets. His father was in prison and he was living in the streets and he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.  And he got radically saved; he got radically set free from his addictions.  They felt God told them to pour into Tommy the anointing’s they had.  To pour into Tommy the stories of everything that they had seen firsthand; because there was coming a time in which he was supposed to release this information.  And the thing that intrigues me the most is the 100 year prophecy; three of the leaders in different locations prophesied 100 years from the Azusa Street Revival there would be a breakout of miracles greater than Azusa Street.  It wouldn’t be just be 1 or 2 places, 1 or 2 special men or woman; it would be anyone that opened themselves up to the move of God’s Spirit.  And he was released by Jesus to start talking about these miracles.  Tommy, you were told these miracles as a young man and then you were told to keep quiet for something like 40 years about the miracles.  How do you remember them so well?

Tommy:  I’m in a major tribe; I’ve got an awful lot of Cherokee in me and I’m what they call in the Cherokee nation; “It’s a keeper”  We’re a people that you tell us something and then 30 years later we can retell it exactly like you told it to us.

Sid: Well and the thing that I am so intrigued over and yesterday we almost got to that point is the one that God used; one of the most unlikely; if you’re an unlikely guess what get ready.  God’s going to use you.

Tommy: That’s right.   

Sid: One of the most unlikely was a one eyed black man at a time before integration and the Spirit of God showed up in this warehouse in Azusa Street in California.  Almost everyone that walked in would walk out with radical miracles happening to them, but it lasted only 3 ½ years.

Tommy:  Yes.

Sid: And we found out yesterday that this fellow was so humble, William Seymour.  That he would put a black box over his head and he would pray.  Now when he prayed was he praying in supernatural languages; tongues or was he praying in English?

Tommy:  He told Brother Sines would ask him (the piano player) “What are you praying?” He said “I pray in the Spirit.”

Sid: So he would pray in tongues but I understand that then he would know what he was praying in tongues.

Tommy:   He understood it.

Sid: He had the gift of interpretation.

Tommy:  Yes.

Sid: And once he would find out what God wanted he would then; and only then take the box off of his head and whatever God said would happen.  But 3 ½ years later he had a broken heart; people were talking about him.

Tommy:  They tried to take the mission away from him.

Sid:  Why would they want to do that?

Tommy:  I don’t know, but they wanted… well one thing was he was not supposed to know anything he’s black.

Sid: So there was discrimination.

Tommy:  Discrimination.

Sid: Okay, do you know why after about 3 ½ years he took the box off of his head?

Tommy:  They said “He never did say.”

Sid:  But you know what I believe; I’m going to tell you a story a true sad story.  I was involved; I’ve been involved in several moves of God’s Spirit.  I was involved once in a move of God’s Spirit nothing like Azusa Street but a genuine move of God’s Spirit.  And one time I saw the Senior Pastor tell someone that was laughing in the Spirit so loud and he felt that he was disrupting his wonderful message.  He said “Next time that happens to you I want you to go out into the lobby and take a towel; put it in your mouth so that you’re not disrupting the service with that holy laughter.”  That’s what I believe happened with William Seymour; when William Seymour took that box off of his head what happened to the revival?

Tommy:  Within 2 weeks they told me; all of them told me within two weeks Shekinah glory had left; a few healings’ and a few people receiving the baptism but no natural stuff.  It just died.

Sid: And how old was he at that time?

Tommy:  Well, that would have been in 1909; he died in 1922 at 52 years old.

Sid:  But when the revival stopped how long did he live?

Tommy:  He lived 13 more years; so many people criticized Seymour and telling him “He’s getting too famous; too big to be setting there with that… some even said “A dumb box setting on your head.”

Sid: I have to believe that he listened to the people.

Tommy:  He started getting too… 

Sid: Rather than listening to God.  Now at this revival of Azusa Street; how important was the baptism of the Holy Spirit; praying in supernatural languages and tongues.  How important was that?

Tommy:  It was extremely important; when the greatest miracles would happen when Seymour would come down and he’d take that box off of his head.  And he say “Charles,” (that’s Brother Sines) “Play this tune.”  And Brother Sines would start playing it.   Then he’d walk around on the platform for a little while and then he’d say now “Start singing in the Spirit.”  And that means singing in tongues.  When they’d start singing in tongues the Shekinah glory would start swelling and fill the whole building.  And then the flames would shoot up into the roof.

Sid: Could everyone see the flames or just a few people?

Tommy:  No, about I’d say about 70% could see it.

Sid: Well, that’s almost everyone.  The flames would come out of the building and shoot up to Heaven.  What else would happen?

Tommy:  A ball of fire would appear about 50 feet from them and flames would shoot down and go through them and come into the building.

Sid: So it’s almost like the flames would unite from Heaven and Earth.  Now out of curiosity could people that were not in that building that may not even been believers could they have seen this when they were walking on the street?

Tommy:  Many called the fire department; they would come down to put out the fire and come running in with their axes and their hose. “The Place is one fire!”  And they’re going “No there is no fire.”  Finally they would go out; the first time they went out it was Seymour, John G. Lake, F. Balls-Worth; Brother Smith and Brother Sines all ran out looked up and saw the phenomena.  They said “No, that’s just the Shekinah glory like Moses and the burning bush.”

Sid: But I understand the glory started spreading from that building all the way to the train station.  Tell me about that.

Tommy:  The anointing went all the way down.  Brother Garcia; the one that told me the story of the arm growing out he lived straight across…

Sid: Wait a minute before you tell me that story you can’t leave that alone. Tell me about an arm growing out; tell me about that. (Laughing)

Tommy: Well, the man that had his arm even his shoulder joint ripped out on a job.  It had happened 10 years earlier and they didn’t have the benefits and the things that they have today.  So he’d come there and Seymour had come up and was talking to the man and said “Now, can you work?”  And he said “No sir I can do minimal jobs and that means I get minimal pay.”  He said “Are you married?”  And he said “Yes.” He said “You got kids?”  And he said “Yes” he said “Can you make a living on it.” He said “Hardly, I can hardly feed them.”  And he said “Folks this man needs his old job back.” And he jokingly said “If I pray for you and God gives you a new arm “Will you tithe?”  And the man said “Yeah, yeah.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Tommy:  And he says “Now I’m just teasing you.”  He said “Folks you want to have fun like we did when the man leg grew out and he said “Well, we’re fixing to.”  He told them, “Take this artificial arm off of him.”  Well, they did and brother Garcia looked down into the hole in the socket and it was just bone and it wasn’t very good it looked bad. And he said “Seymour laid his hand on his shoulder and started praying.”  Now the flames was shooting out and flames was coming down and they said “The bones started gowning out and about 4 inches behind it flesh was starting to forming around it.”  And he said “I could sit there and watch it just grow out,” he said “I even seen when the finger nails appeared on it!”

Sid: Can you imagine the impact it would have on someone’s faith in everything God has to see an entire part of a shoulder; an entire arm growing out.  Okay, what was going on; what were you told about the train station?

Tommy:  Okay, Garcia said when he would come in.  He was a young man he wasn’t married yet.  In the wintertime it was no real bad winter there but it would be dark when he would get home and he’d come in you know and try to get ready and come out on his porch and he’d look over and try to see the mission from Pine Street.  It was a block away from the big boulevard that ran right past the train station.  Now if you’d seen the flames going up he’d said he would run to Azusa the whole mile.  But this day it wasn’t but he was walking by and he looked out and the platform was full of people just laying there. And he said “My God there must have been some kind of disaster.”

Sid: This was at the railroad platform.

Tommy:  Yeah, it’s a ½ mile away from Azusa.

Sid: So you’re saying that the glory in Azusa went ½ mile and flattened just normal people not even believers from the presence of God.

Tommy: Most of those were believers.

Sid: Okay.

Tommy: They were getting off but some weren’t.

Sid: Oh. I’ll tell you what we’re out of time.


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