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Patricia King

Sid: My guest Patricia King is red hot for the Messiah; and we are featuring this week her amazing kit.  You know Patricia so many of us; no I’ll tell you what I’m going to rephrase that question differently.  If you knew what you taught in “The Create Your World Series” when you were a baby believer what difference would it have made?

Patricia:  Oh my gosh, Sid the keys that are taught in that course are so significant that it will literally change your world.  The life that we’re living right now we actually create it you know for the most part by our belief systems; by the words we speak; by our actions. The earlier that you get to know this in your walk then the more that you can create with intentionality as you partner with God.

Sid: But what about; here’s my concern I know people that have been sitting in the church for 50 years Spirit filled churches and don’t have a clue about the keys that God’s revealed to you. Is it too late for them to change their atmosphere and fulfill their destiny?

Patricia: It’s never too late Sid and you know a lot of times people just think “Well, I’ll just wait for God to show up or I’ll wait for God to do something.”  But it says in the Bible “That the heavens belong to the Lord and the earth belongs to the sons of men.”  And He’s given us the earth to steward and He’s given us our life to steward and He gives us promises that we can live by and create with in Him.

Sid: Well, you are known for someone that walks in supernatural love.  Now I have to tell you that I have a pet peeve.  You walk into church and the pastor says “Well everyone stand up and you hug one another and you tell them that you love them” and you don’t even know who they are.  And it’s like what is this?  That’s not love; that’s just words.

Patricia:  Yeah, you know we have to be more than words.  It says in 1st Corinthians 13 1 to 3 that we actually have nothing; that we are nothing; and it profits nothing if we don’t have true love.  And then it defines what true love is you know and 1st Corinthians 13 is a well-known passage of scripture and it’s easy to say but another thing to do.  And I think Sid that first of all we have to know that He loved us first; when you understand that you are love beyond measure; that you are loved unconditionally by God.  And you understand the love that He shared when He died on the cross for our sins; where He offered us new life then you can begin to let that life flow out to others.  You can create a world create a whole realm of love everywhere that you go if you’re intentional about that.

Sid: You know I think that every true believer would like that but they don’t have a handle on how to do it.  What would you say was the turning point for you?

Patricia:  Well, I think Sid one of the things that made me understand love more than any other time in my life and seasoned me in love.  When I went through a long season of pretty hefty persecution, and it came on some very high levels… there was a lot of people you know speaking very negative and very bitter things against me and publicly and everything.  And it was a time when I thought “Lord I don’t know what to do.”  He said “I just want you to love.”  And I was really discouraged one day and I said “Lord, I just want to love I’m doing my best to work these things through and process the best I can with those that are in opposition but I don’t know what else to do.” A part of my spirit rose these words “I declare war.” I thought no I don’t want to declare war I just want to be at peace.”  And the third time “I declare a love war.” And I realized what God was saying; He said “What the world needs now is love sweet love.”  And when you look at the journey that Jesus had in His life; He was opposed on every side but He never ever failed in love.  He never lost love; he never withdrew love.  And the Lord said “Are you willing to embrace my sufferings because they’re love sufferings or are you willing to love those to the nth degree to bless  them, to under-gird them when they are doing the exact opposite to you?” And He said “If you will do that, if you will do that you will have the foundation of the Kingdom within you which is love.”

Sid: Tell me about the homeless man that put all these words to a test.

Patricia: You know Sid this is really embarrassing in some ways because as a Christian minister you want to you know proclaim love. One night this is a number of years ago, I was doing a meeting and I have this homeless young man kind of follow us around.  He came into our meetings and he had a lot of BO and his teeth were rotten; his breath was bad.  And I mean everything about him just wanted me to… you know everything in me wanted to reject him.  And one night I saw him come through the door into the meeting and I thought “I’d just slip into the prayer room for a moment.”  And I slipped into the prayer-room and shut the door so that I would isolate myself from him.  And from in my attitude inside the prayer-room I thought “Oh good I made it; you know I got away from that guy.”  And the Lord nailed me; you know sometimes we can you know just be in such a rotten attitude and think it’s okay.  And He said “If you continue to reject him he will become more reject able to you; but if you will accept him he will become more acceptable to you.”  And I was convicted to the core and I went out there and he was actually standing at the door waiting for me.  And I looked at him and I felt so much compassion and love I invited him to sit right beside me.  And he was so happy to do that.

Sid: Now did you really feel the compassion of love or were you really just trying to be obedient to what you realized God wanted you to do?

Patricia:  When I looked at him that night I saw him through the eyes of compassion because I was so convicted by what I had done.  So it was a choice plus it was coming into a connection of how much God loved him.  So I invited him after the meeting as well to have coffee with some friends of mine and he sat down and had coffee with us.  Over time he became a really good friend. I remember even the next week after the coffee time he came into the meeting the following week he was all dressed up he had bought a suite at the second hand store and he was all dressed up and he had a big bible under his arm and declared that he was a man of God.  You know we just loved him through the coming months and after a number of months actually he came to me and said “Patricia I got a job, I got a job.” And the job was outside of our city; he actually had to move to get the job and we were all so sad because we had come to love him that much.  And it all happened by choosing to accept him rather than reject him.

Sid: Do you know, if you hadn’t operated in love he could have gotten offended eventually and went right back into the streets and his life would have been totally wasted.

Patricia: Exactly.  Love is so important Sid. We’ve seen love. Just a little bit of love filling a person who has love deficits can totally transform their life.     

Sid: Tell me about your work in Cambodia and Thailand with the sex slaves.

Patricia:  Yeah, a number of years ago the Lord led me to go to Bangkok and He said “I want to show you some things about sex-tourism.  And I thought “Okay, I’ve never heard about sex-tourism before.”  When I go there I realized that there are children and young boys and young girls being exploited for the purpose of sex trade; people were coming from all over the world to buy sex.  And it just broke my heart; in fact I was so overwhelmed I remember sitting in a bar with a young girl and she looked so young; she looked about 15 years of age or something.  She shared her story with me of how she had been sent into Patia to work at the bars by her own parents.  And she went there as a virgin and was prostituted out and she had tears filling up her eyes and it just broke my heart.  But it overwhelmed me and I thought “What can we do?”   And love will always have an answer; when you’re overwhelmed when your heart is overwhelmed when you go to God who is love He will give you an answer.  So He gave us a little project to work on; we went into the bars one night and sang some love songs and some special music. We asked the brothel owner if we could be the entertainment for the night and sing some love songs on Valentine’s Day and she said “Yes.”  And they were Jesus love songs we didn’t tell her that but we just went in and sang.  And through the atmosphere changing because of love; because of creating an atmosphere of love we were able to reap a harvest that night where a number of girls gave their lives to Jesus Christ.  We went back, it gave us so much encouragement that we went back a number of months later and hosted a love feast for the girls in the brothels for 120 girls.  We set up a beautiful hotel; a beautiful meal; we went out to the bars and bought girls out of the bars for $30 for the night because the brothel owners wouldn’t let them go unless we paid.   We sat them in this banquet feast and told them how much God loved them.  For the most part most of them had never ever been told that ever.  Over 80% of the girls that night gave their lives to Jesus Christ because of love; because they felt love. A number of them left the bars that night never to return again.  We were able to get them into programs but from that night the Lord continued to propel us in love to rescue little children.  Which we work a lot with children at risk now delivering them out of the sex trade putting them in proper homes; getting their health back up; educating them.  And it was all propelled by love.

Sid: And you know the thing that is so amazing to me is your whole series “Create Your World by Changing Your Atmosphere.”  You literally, not only get them out of the sex trade, not only get them saved and disciple, but God is giving you tremendous business ideas. Do you have a big background in business? And these business ideas are supporting them now.

Patricia: I don’t have a business background; I have a nursing background.  After I left my nursing career I went into full-time preaching and ministering on the missions fields.  But a number of years the Lord spoke to me that He was about His Father’s business and He showed me how we can actually change the atmosphere of communities and nations by establishing businesses.  So the first business that we started in Cambodia was with a bag of soap Sid.

Sid: Hm.

Patricia: You know we were in a very poor area; people were selling their children because they didn’t have money to feed…   

Sid: Oh, I’m so sorry this is so fascinating to me…

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