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Jose Santana

Sid:  You know what I was just thinking my guest is Jose Santana from the Rochester, New York area. And he’s a New Covenant prophet and he has extraordinary gifts in the prophetic realm.  One of the things he explained is many times when he prophesies over someone he can pick up their thoughts and if they’re saying “I don’t believe that’s true or I’m not capable of that” he’ll just tell them that. Do you realize that if I was involved in secret sin Jose you are the last man I would have opposite me on the microphone.

Jose:  Hmm.

Sid: So I was thinking, I bet a lot of people are afraid of you especially in ministry.  You realize this Mishpochah that the gifts that God has given him if there was some really bad thing going on in my life I believe that God would show it to you Jose.

Jose:  Wow! But I believe that people have lost the fear of God.  As I travel I see 90% of the pastors being overwhelmed with the counseling in the church.  As I counsel people; as I tell them you fast for 3 days, I’ll fast for 3 days then I’ll give you the word of the Lord.  So they do it and a lot of times it is that this particular case the lady was telling the husband that I’m not competitive to you anymore because I’m going to college.  And the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “She’s lying, she’s having a sexual relationship with a kid in college; she’s going to leave her husband in 6 week and she’s going to leave the church.” That took only a minute.  And it all came to pass.

Sid: And when you shared that what happened?

Jose:  Well, the pastor almost had a heart attack because he was wasting 6 months of his time counseling but it was in the flesh no results.

Sid:  Jose, you had in addition to all of these things that provoke me to jealousy; you went to Heaven.

Jose: Yes Sir. 

Sid: Tell me about that.

Jose: Oh, my Lord as I said I was in a life of drugs and street addictions and so forth. When I came to the Lord I struggled with the love of Jesus Christ.  And 3 years later of that He took me up to Heaven and showed me not only the street of Heaven and the angels but He sat me on His lap as a daddy would set his son.  And He put His hand around me and He told me He loved me so much.  But my mind couldn’t comprehend the width, the length, the height of His love.

Sid: You still were thinking “How could He love you because of all the sin that you had been involved in but you had repented but it still was harassing you.

Jose:  Yes, yes.  And when He took me to Heaven I go “Oh Lord you truly love me that you would do that for me.” Was no other encounter, I saw the angels it was a large room the street of gold.  And they knew that I was just passing through but they took care of me so nice and I never forget that experience.  Then I have seen the Lord Jesus in a local body with a basket full of gifts giving them to His people but none of them realize that the Messiah was in the house.

Sid: So did they not take the gifts?

Jose:  No.

Sid: You mean you saw Him trying to hand gifts to people; why wouldn’t they take it anyone would take a gift?

Jose: Because He will not violate His word.  The Bible says He exalt His word above His Name.  James says “We do not have because we do not ask.”  We must ask for gifts and things and then He will release them unto us.

Sid:  And you were asking for the gift of prophesy.

Jose:  For over 3 years.

Sid: Did you ever think that you would get such an outstanding gift as this Jose?  I’m just curious.

Jose:  Not even in my wildest dream, not even in my wildest dream that He would give me a chance to be used by Him.

Sid:  And that’s by the way; I can see why He chose you; because I have to be candid with you Jose I hate to interview some household names in Christianity.  Do you know why? Because there have been layer and layer of hurts in their life and protection and miss understandings and pride.  I see the problem that God has, he takes the humble vessel.  He gives his best gifts to them; He gives His love to them and then over time not instantly little by little.  The gifts and calling of God is without repentance, He does not take it away, but the vessel is not that same broken vessel that He gave the gifts to.

Jose:  My God talking about that one day I was just washing my mouth out and He took me by His Spirit He took me to Puerto Rico; He took me to Washington DC.

Sid: That’s sort of like the Bible talks about being translated.

Jose:  Like Elijah.

Sid: Elijah and…

Jose:  Philip.

Sid: Philip. So tell me exactly what happened.

Jose:  Something that is beyond my control He would take me to places to show me what has happening in the region or He will take me to other places to show me what they are planning.

Sid: Now are you taken in the Spirit or…

Jose: In the Spirit.

Sid: Have you ever been taken in the flesh to another area?

Jose:  No, but it’s so real I could see what their eating; I could see the room; I could see the meeting; I could see the hand writing in the legal pad.  And I could tell you; I could describe you the face of everybody in the room and what they said in the room but it’s all by the spirit my body is still in Rochester, New York.

Sid: Hmm, well what do you do with this information?

Jose: Okay, I take all that information and I go back to the Lord and I say “What do you want me to do with this you know prayer, intercessor, you know what is it?  And usually He gives me instruction right after I ask Him what to do with it.  But it’s not scary it’s just a peace of God and it’s nothing I asked the Lord to take me there He does that when He want to.

Sid: Jose, has God given you any insight into what is going to happen in this country or other countries.  We’re living in such a crazy world right now; I mean you look at Iran.  They got atomic weapons now; you look at the former Soviet Union; you look at Russia.  Russia is giving these rogue nations atomic weapon information.  You look at China kind of a sleeping giant ready to do something.  You look at North Korea, I mean it used to be in this country it was outrageous that we would ever think the possibility we could have an invasion on our shores and then we had 9/11.  What insight has God given you?

Jose:  I always look at things at Israel; I look at things at Europe the European market. It’s seems like those two places there are key players.  And then I look at the economy in the United States.  The Bible says “That no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.”  So I said “Lord if America is so strong in the dollar how come they are going to yield to another nation.”  And so that means that we as an American must suffer some shipwreck with the economy.  And then the European company will come and say “We’re going to bail you out and you’re going to come under our covering and then from there I believe that the engagement between them and Israel will take place and the rest you find it in the Bible.  But I believe that those are key things to look out.

Sid: Well, how quickly could major changes happen in the world?  In your opinion; I mean are you talking down 100 years from now or are you saying this is imminent?

Jose:  I see changes coming between 5 and 8 years we will look back and your hair will stand.

Sid:  It’s interesting, I feel like God has said “I want you to put together a 5 year plan for expansion.  I want you to get your message out especially He tells me He wants me to get into Europe, the Middle East, and as I mentioned to you and our Mishpochah this week we started on a new book to reach Muslims.  See I have found this Roman’s 1:16 has such insight into spiritual laws that most people don’t understand.  Paul says “I’m not ashamed of the gospel because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.”  Now that was God’s historical order He started with the Jew.

Jose:  Yes.

Sid: However every time something major happens as you just brought up look at Israel. I involved the Jew. Well, I have found that is God’s law for salvation.  When you go to the Jew first it opens up a supernatural door for evangelism for all people.  But then I just recently got a new revelation; I feel like jumping up and down. The word salvation means “forgiveness of sin, Jesus died for your sins it’s all caught up in there but it means more.  It means deliverance, it means healing.”  And here’s where I’ve put my faith, as I move out to the Jew first which I do, we have big evangelistic meetings planned in German and Israel this year.  And God’s given me a new strategy to reach Jewish people in Israel.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.  But I am putting my faith out there that I will be walking in greater miracles because God said “When you go to the Jew first it is salvation, it is miracles.”  And it will be greater miracles for all people; now without faith, you can’t please God but without knowledge you can’t even have faith. So I have knowledge from revelation from the Word of God.  Now faith in that knowledge and the minute my foot touches the ground that word of God is going to be activated.

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