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Jordan Rubin

Sid: I’ve got a Jewish man on the line and I have a Jewish woman right opposite me and I’m Jewish maybe the whole world’s Jewish who knows.  Her name is Janie DuVall she’s producer of Messianic Vision and she has been talking non-stop about a diet called “The Makers Diet.”  I said “Janie, there are so many diets out there and you’ve been on all of them. You have, I have you that are listening to me you have” but she’s been on this and she says it’s the first one making a difference.  Janie, what you told me is that he got like the best of all of them in this.

Janie: It takes everything because you have the all-vegetable diet and there’s a truth to that but it doesn’t have everything it’s like.  And there’s a truth to the Atkin’s as far we need fats but it’s the wrong fats.  But he takes everything and it all makes sense.  When I read that book I realized why all the people around me were sick.  The other day I was in a doctor’s office and saw a 2 ½ year old little girl who was about to get her tonsils out and she’s having all this pain in her ears.  And I wanted to… and the mother left and I wanted to run out and say “It’s what the child’s been eating you’re giving her pasteurized milk” which I didn’t realize all the harmful effects until I read his book.  People are sick, teenagers are who are in rebellion.  Now I understand the way the world is today but a lot of it is from the food that they’re eating.

Sid: Okay, let me introduce you to Dr. Jordan Rubin I’m speaking to him at his office at West Palm Beach, Florida.  Jordan on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that you were headed quickly short of a miracle from God to death.  You had Crone’s disease; you had one of the worst cases and you were literally starving to death. You went down to I saw your picture before and after and that’s amazing transition that occurred.  But your book is called “The Maker’s Diet.”  Tell me some of the things you learned from the Bible form the Maker’s Diet.”

Jordan:  When I grabbed the Bible and looked at it with really new eyes and realized that God has a plan for us and the Bible is to our bodies what that book that we get in our glove box to our new automobile is. It’s the manufacturers manual; and what I found when I read the Bible was that God made promises to the people of Israel that went something like this. “If you follow my commandments and you listen to what I’m saying and you follow Me, I will put none of the diseases upon you that I have put upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that heals you.”  And what I realized was that people in Egypt 4,000 years ago they had the best medicine; the best culture and the  best technology but they did things in opposition to God’s word and they suffered illness.  They had all the same problems that we have today. And what I realized in my own life was that I have inherited the promises and curses rather of Egypt rather than the promises of God. I found a way to eat and a way to live and took God’s plan and packaged it in a modern day program applicable program.  And you know what I agree with Janie this plan has the best of the best in it.  Why, because I took it from the greatest source.  And what I like to say is isn’t it time that we got a prescription from the great physician.  Instead of the person that we’re going to with a white coat that gives us a pill so that we can easily get rid of what’s ailing us.  Rather than us working out our salvation with fear and trembling living a life in obedience and discipline to our Creator. And that’s what “The Makers Diet” is all about it’s not easy but if you follow it the results are well worth any sacrifice.

Sid: Actually I was talking to Janie about that and I was saying to Janie “I cannot be on a diet that has so many things in it.”  And her comment to me was “Do it as well as you can and you’ll be way ahead.” What do you think about that doctor?

Jordan:  Well, Sid I agree in fact what you shared with me off the air about some of the things you’re eating now I would not say that that’s not on “The Maker’s Diet.”  The Maker’s Diet is really about eating what God created for food and eating food that’s healthy for the body; so we’re talking about quality.  Now if you’re at a restaurant you have certain…

Sid: You see as I told you as I met you in person I eat most of my meals in restaurants.

Jordan: And a lot of us do but the point is that there are choices and you can always do better if you have the ideal plan in mind.  And what my point is that we’re not trying to be perfect; no one can be perfect.  I’m not perfect by my diet by any stretch.  But what I do is I make it a priority.  I understand that what I eat, how I live and how I practice hygiene all the areas of health that are important it doesn’t just affect me it affects others.  And Sid we want you on the air proclaiming the good news for a long time; we want you to have long life and abundant life.  And the way you do it is by following in obedience to God’s plan for your life.  And just as we strive to live a moral and ethical life in accordance with the scriptures.  We are not perfect but the model of perfection has been lived out in our Messiah Yeshua.  And our goal on earth is to emulate that but we do deviate from that but it doesn’t change perfection and if were not… we get what we strive for.  And if you look at “The Maker’s Diet” and say “This is what I want to move towards.”  And so many people say “I can’t do it because of this; I don’t have the money; I don’t have the time; I don’t have the discipline.”  There’s a lot of people that are looking for an excuse to stay the way that they are. But I’ll tell you right now that you can’t just skate along in life abusing your body, which by the way is referred to as the Temple of God by God’s only Son.  You can’t do that your entire life and not pay the consequences.

Sid: One of the things that concerning me a lot is that people because of medical science are living really longer than ever but they’re quality of life.  Who would want to be old and live like?

Jordan:  I can’t agree with you more on that statement because I had two grandmothers.  I still have one but one grandmother despite having cancer in her mid-seventies followed this health plan is still alive at 82.  My other grandmother despite our best efforts would not follow a health plan and a healthy lifestyle and she… not only did she died at age 77. but her last 7 years she lived with pain, dementia, Parkinson’s disease not knowing who we were and being in assisted living in a nursing home; just a miserable existence.  And in the Bible Moses died at 120 his eyes did not grow dim; Joshua died at 110. God used them weeks before they died instead of getting older and more feeble I believe that they became more wise and added more to society.  That’s what I want to see today and that’s what God is doing. You know what it’s not about me it’s not about my story.  God is on a mission to change the health of His people one life at a time.  All I’m doing is getting onboard with His mission. And boy it’s an exciting one because people eyes are being opened.  We are finally desperate enough to make health and our bodies a priority.

Sid: You know as I read your book you have a lot of things in there that I’ve never even thought about. But one of the things that I wanted to bring up is the Bible talks about not having pork products and being Jewish I was raised not having pork products. But then as I got a little older and got on my own and especially the Jewish major meal Chinese Food.

Jordan:  (Laughing)

Sid: I went into it but I was always told that that was because in the Bible days there was trichinosis and things like that but today we don’t have that and so there for pork is okay to eat.  But that’s not what you say.

Jordan:  Well it’s interesting that a few chapters after  God handed down the dietary laws through Moses which talks about not eating certain animals they’re unclean either detestable; a few chapters later he talks about a man should not lie with another man as he lies with a woman.  He uses the same word detestable and unclean in that chapter that He uses when He talks about eating pork and shellfish and other unclean meat.

Sid: Hm.

Jordan: There is a scientific reason behind it which I’d love to share in the future but more than anything God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  These are not kosher laws by the way even though the term kosher means the way that you should go and it is a good terminology this is God’s plan.  Everything in the Bible when Science bothers to study it they prove exactly what God said.  And when it comes to easting meet clean and unclean I’ll tell you pork is anything but more healthy than it used to be.  The pig didn’t change, the pigs anatomy didn’t change and we certainly been redeemed by the blood of Yeshua; we are born again into His family.  But that didn’t change our physical body and God did not make a mistake 4000 years ago.  In fact the dietary laws even predate Moses when Noah was on the earth he could delineate between clean and unclean when they were bringing animals into the ark.  I love talking about this topic and when people hear it I really believe it resonates with their spirit and we’re seeing some big changes.    

Sid: Tell me briefly what is “The Maker’s Diet.”

Jordan:  “The Maker’s Diet” is a 40 health experience that changes people’s lives by following a plan; not a diet but a plan based on the Bible history and science and goes into every area of our health.  Physical health, mental health, emotional health and of course spiritual health.  And when you follow this for 40 days you instill habits into your life, changes into your life, and departures from which you are doing into a lifestyle more conduces to health that allows you to build a lifetime of health.  And I believe start a new generation; start a legacy to affect your future generation.

Janie: You know I have to say that “The Maker’s Diet” is yummy (Laughing).

Sid: Wait a second now, I’ve got it in front of me and you’re talking about eating raw sauerkraut.  Now I don’t mind it with the hotdog but I can’t have the hot dog on The Maker’s Diet.”  (Laughing)

Janie:  No, I’m really not kidding when I go off of “The Maker’s Diet” and I’m feeling really awful.

Sid:  Why do you eat sauerkraut?

Janie: I love sauerkraut.

Sid: Jordan why does she eat your sauerkraut?

Jordan:  Sauerkraut is actually cultured vegetables and we’re hearing a lot about enzymes and probiotics.  Well, every culture in the world really has some type of a fermented vegetable as a condiment to eat with their meat.  That’s why sauerkraut was combined with sausage or a hotdog because sauerkraut especially if it’s raw contains enzymes to help digest protein food.

Sid: Is that very important to help our body digest proteins?

Jordan: You don’t need sauerkraut as part of your daily diet.

Sid: Good.  (Laughing)

Jordan:  Consuming vegetables in one form or another is beneficial.  And there are some food that even that are healing food; they call them super-foods.  And so while sauerkraut is not an obligation there are important concepts in “The Maker’s Diet” that go back to your question.  You mentioned “Aren’t we different don’t we need different foods.”  “The Maker’s Diet” doesn’t tell you what to eat at every moment of the day it gives you the solid principals and foundation in which to build a healthy life.

Sid: Jordan we’re out of time right now.

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