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Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah another Jewish woman that is red hot for Jesus her name if Sandy Teplinsky.  She has a legal background; I’m speaking to her at her home in Anaheim, California.  She’s had just come out with a masterful book; it’s simplistic; it’s accurate; it’s historical; it’s spiritual.  And it will get you on the right side of the fence on the dividing line of the world in the last days between the counterfeit church and the real church.  The title of the book “Why Care About Israel?”  Now Sandy, there are many many Christians that read the New Testament; never look at the Old Testament; read the New Testament through filtered glasses not from a Hebraic understanding or even a literal understanding and come up with a conclusion that God is finished with Israel and all the blessings promised to Israel really go to the Church.  And all the curses really go to Israel; they call this replacement theology.  Tell me some of the things that you point out in your book about replacement theology.

Sandra:  You know Sid I’m amazed that wherever I go people still ask me about replacement theology an issue that we’ve been addressing for decades in the church.  Replacement theology was even addressed by Paul, Apostle Paul in Romans 9 through 11.  And you know it is so strategic by the spirit that he addresses Israel’s role, visa-vie the church, and affirms God’s continuing covenant with Israel, visa-vie the church, in Roman’s 9 to 11 because those chapters of scripture are couched in the context of God’s love; His everlasting love and the resulting call to sacrificial services on account of His everlasting love.  And to be honest with you that’s my heartbeat.  I wrote this book out a deep desire to see my Christian brothers and sisters to come into dimensions of God’s love that they can only experience when they comprehend His heart for Israel.  And I believe that was the passion of Paul.  Now as we know when Paul wrote the letter to the Romans there weren’t any chapter breaks. Chapter 8 flowed right into chapter 9. Chapter 8 talks about God’s love that nothing could thwart His love from Heaven flowing to the sold out believer.  And that nothing can separate us from that love.  Immediately after that He reminds the church in Rome that God has not forsaken His people Israel.  And He talks about how the Christian or Gentile Church is called to treat Israel and He maintains that distinction. If the church had replaced Israel there would be no reason for Him to say for example in Roman’s 11:25 “I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery so that you may not be conceited that Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.” Then He goes on to more about Israel.  And isn’t it amazing Sid that the very thing that the Apostle warns us by inspiration of Holy Spirit not to be ignorant about is the very thing that to this day much of the church is ignorant of adhering to this doctrine of replacement theology.  And if we continue on in Paul’s treatise in Romans 9-11 of God’s heart for Israel he concludes that.  He concludes Romans 11 by talking of the depth and riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God Almighty.  And attributes glory to God for ever and ever and the cosmos will shout forever for God’s glory as He restores Jew and Gentile together in the faith of one new humanity.  And then right after that in chapter 12; and again remember there weren’t chapters this was just one letter to the Roman church.  Because of this Paul uses the word “Therefore” and of course when we see the word therefore, we need to ask why is it there for?

Sid: My friend Dr. Derek Prince he always used to say that.

Sandra:  Yeah. He did and he’s watching it from the other end and cheering us on I’m sure.

Sid:  And boy did he have a Jewish heart.

Sandra:  He sure did.  Therefore Paul writes he says “In view of God’s mercy” and what he’s means “In view of God’s mercy towards the Gentles.”  The Gentiles are to offer their bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God as their spiritual act of worship.  Now there is another application to that scripture; but I’m just talking about its fundamental literal application.  Its fundamental literal application is a call to the Gentile Church to consider that in all of what the Jewish people; in view of what all the Jewish people have done even being hardened in part so that the Gentles can come into the fullness of salvation.  In view of all that the Christian Church will be called to offer their bodies as living sacrifices, reasonable worship.  Not even extraordinary worship but reasonable worship.  Now what will that look like?  Increasingly Sid I think that will look like laying our lives down for the Lord Jesus Christ and for His people.  For Corrie Ten Boon’s family loving the Jews and blessing the sons Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not mean material prosperity; it didn’t mean they built a mega-church. It didn’t mean a TV Show.  It meant that they all except for Corrie lost their lives in a concentration camp because they blessed Israel and they opened their homes to Jews during Holocaust who had no place to hide.  Now did they know what they were getting into when they did this?  Indeed they did. Corrie’s father had said from the start that “Losing their lives for the Jews would be the greatest honor that could come to my family.”  And that is what ultimately what I believe the church will be called upon to do.  Now that’s not any different than what the Jewish people have been doing in a sense.  We have been the world’s scapegoat for a Millennia.  We have acted and again we just don’t have time to get into it but I go into in much more detail in my book.  As intercessory priests as a nation of priests;.  Of course the church is a kingdom of priests but Israel remains a nation of priests mediating between heaven and earth taking blow after blow century after century from the devil serving God’s purpose.  Meanwhile believers from the nations are coming into fullness of salvation; but we have laid our lives down for the sake of God’s purposes in a sense from Millennia.  And so too reciprocally will Gentile Christians be called to do the same.  But the sacrifice will be divinely surprising because…

Sid: How would Ruth tie in with what you’re saying right now?

Sandra: Well Ruth shines as an example of one who laid her life down; left her comfortable; left her foreign gods; left her community of faith.  Identified with the people of Israel; became inextricably intertwined in love relationship with a Jewish woman Naomi.  Ruth is a non-Jewish woman joined herself with the commonwealth of Israel and through that relationship of Ruth and Naomi, Obed was birthed as Naomi introduced Ruth to Boaz her near kinsman redeemer.  Boaz…

Sid: But look at the blessing that Ruth would have lost if she would have just gone back to her own people rather than teaming up with a Jew.

Sandra:  Ruth and Naomi together prepared the way for the first coming of the Messiah.  And a Ruth company and a Naomi company of believers, Jews and Gentiles, will together help prepare the way for the Messiah’s second coming.

Sid: Your listening to Sandy Teplinsky and I’m interviewing her on her latest book “Why Care About Israel?” A close personal friend of mine Dr. Michael Brown wrote the forward of the book and let me read this to you.  “As one who carried a strong burden for the salvation of the Jewish people for more than 3 decades I can tell you that my own heart was broken afresh as I read.”  Sandy, how did you even deal with these facts of the history of the “Christian Church” being so anti-Jewish that you write about in your book?

Sandra:  Well, as you know mostly I quote Christians describing their own history. Because I would rather that my readers most of whom are not Jewish hear these facts and hear these confessions from non-Jewish believers, but it’s very hard.  You know my own personal relationship with the Lord is what my journey through these very tough issues is what really been the impetus for birthing the book. And I also hold the future before my eyes Sid and even though there is sacrifice on all of our parts involved.  And even as we spoke a moment ago Gentle Christian’s will be called upon to sacrifice for Israel God is in it. Gentles blessing Israel releases the blessing of Israel.  And ultimately, the blessing of Israel is more of the Blesser Himself.  What is it that the church is crying out for worldwide. “More of God; more of Holy Spirit; More of Jesus.”  Bless Israel and you will get more of God the Blesser Himself.

Sid:  We’re out of time.

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