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Sid: Guess what? Just as I am saying that God is speaking to me that people are being healed. There are people that have back and neck problems that if you bend over and if you’ll move your head you’ll see that you have been totally healed. And it’s no wonder my guest moves in some extraordinary signs and wonders that candidly I have never heard of anyone in my life time that walked in these particular gifts. His name is Dr. James Maloney. And I’ve wanted to interview him for a long time and this is the moment. James I was talking to you the other day and you told me about to me what was so amazing a tattoo supernaturally came off of someone, tell me about that.

James: Well, Sid can I just interject something, while you were getting those words of knowledge I felt that there was several individuals that were getting healed in the thyroid area. In fact tumors areas in the thyroid and one particular lady doesn’t even have a thyroid and if she would stick her finger in that vacant hole there she will find that it’s growing and thickening; we’ve seen 100s of people get healed of this and I just felt that when you were moving so powerful in the word of knowledge that people are getting healed and tumors are dissolving. So I’m sure you’ll get a report praise God (Laughing.) Well this particular young man he was a part of the gang of our day and his tattoos on his body was about the worst that I’ve ever seen Sid in my life. He was up in the prayer line a precious precious young gentleman been saved just a couple of weeks and he was so embarrassed because he had needle marks in his arms just hundreds of them black and blue on both arms and yet also to all of the tattoos they were so demonic, he said you know and tears welled up in his eyes and he said “I just want to serve God and yet I’m so embarrassed by these tattoos.” And I felt the Holy Spirit just rise up within me and I had an impression of God’s hands was kind of above him above his head in a visionary form. God placed in his hands on those needle marks and so I just did that, I just spontaneously and when I removed my hand about 15 seconds later all of the needle marks disappeared. And I said “Now watch what God will do for your tattoos, that’s all I said I mean nothing changed at that time so the next morning he woke up and he was washing his face and brushing his teeth in the mirror and here’s all of these tattoos all over his body. I don’t think that there was an area of his body that he didn’t have a tattoo and they were all demonic. And he said “Oh Jesus.” And when he said that all of a sudden he felt this surge like a tingling and poof like dust all of these tattoos just poofed in the air and flaked on in the air and God removed ever tattoo on his body.

Sid: James you have been in ministry 40+ years.

James:   A hah.

Sid: Does it ever get old to you seeing something like that?

James: No, I mean it just oh Sid to God’s glory, every time I see something like that it’s a fresh and a new and God’s so good.

Sid: You know that’s how I feel too, I mean to see the Living God show up at a meeting, I mean it blows me out of the water.

James: Well, it is, it’s exciting and it’s been that way for 40 some years ever since I remember when I was setting under a ministry of the late Kathryn Kuhlman, Lonnie Frisbee, all of the Jesus people.

Sid: Oh, I heard about Lonnie Frisbees miraculous anointing, I mean it was unreal. But one of the things that you’re doing that is I’ve never heard of this actually ever before. You call it a panoramic vision, what exactly is a panoramic vision?

James: Well Sid, what it is it’s an operation of the discerning of spirits. I tell people in my meetings I really don’t have gifts of healing and workings of miracles. Now maybe some other minister does but I don’t I have discerning of spirits and gift of faith. So what happens is ever since I was 19 years of age I felt a real surge of anointing particularly in my right hand. And after all of these years of praying for countless people I have been able to learn to discern certain impressions in my hand that the Holy Spirit’s allowing me to sense that’s a directly from the Father going into the person’s body. And so that’s one aspect of discernment and they sense it as well, but also I have because of my own infirmity in the past few years the Holy Spirit has allowed a tremendous experience to some in my life. And it’s not something new it was something that mightily moved and operated in the late 1940’s and I’m sure others but practically the late William Braham and his early ministry. And I think I’m just a generation right now one of many I’m sure that God’s going to raise up that this panoramic operation.

Sid: But explain what you see, what exactly is a panoramic vision?

James: It’s Hosea 14:10 where it says Hosea states that “I will come to multiply visions. And if you look in the original Hebraic language it means “I come into panoramic or we get motions picture. So what happens is when I have a distinct presence of a specific angel to my right side if I get real quiet and listen discernment comes to me and up thrown the gentleman or lady I have snap shots of different events in their life.   It’s like my thought life, my thoughts are thrown up on the throne or the ceiling and they superimpose themselves and they’re even more down or more seen than even the wall or the ceiling and so they start moving. So what happens is it’s quite simple I just see it move “Three years ago you were in a car accident and you were driving a red Corolla, is that correct?” And they go “How’d you know?” I can quote 9 times out of 10 they say “How do you know?” And “What happens is your right hip was completely smashed, you had reconstructive surgery, you have a metal hip is that correct?” Ah, ha, how did you know?” And they start sensing a burning sometimes and God just quickens their body and dissolves like we’ve had this countless times the metal and God give them a brand new hip and they’ve gone back to the doctors and they can’t find the metal. And you know it creates faith, it creates faith not only in my life because there’s absolutely no way Sid that I would have the faith development as long as I walked over 47 years to have those kind of details. And so it’s a gift of faith that drops on me and I just know that I know that I know that what I’m seeing is of God, I’ve developed it that I just share it. And then what happens is the gift of faith goes out in the congregation.

Sid: What do you mean by that when the gift of faith goes out in the congregation what occurs?

James: Oh, all kinds of things. I mean their faith level goes from 2 or 3 to 15 you know and some people start getting healed in their seats, tumors dissolve, cancers, crippling conditions…  

Sid: James when I hear what you’re saying right now and I think back about your beginnings I mean you as a baby you were neglected, you were hungry, you were dirty, you were locked in a closet for hours, you went through brutal beatings, how did you even survive that I don’t see how anyone can survive that?

James: Well Sid I barely survived, I barely did survive this is not a bad reflection to my biological Mom she was just trying to protect me from her crazed husband who was an alcoholic. She’d had an affair and I was illegitimate, she had not told him because he was in penitentiary when he was parolled early he saw this 3 year old that was on his living room floor and he knew that I could not possibly be his because there was no visitation rights in that day and so the demon of anger rose up and so I for about a year I went through this type of physical abuse, I lived over 9 months in the closet. The only time I was taken out of the closet was to be beaten, then thrown back in their sometimes I go 2 or 3 days with just a bottle of water, maybe just a little bit of milk, half eaten hamburger. I don’t know Sid I really just God’s grace I mean you know just God’s grace…

Sid: You know James our time is slipping away but I wanted them to see you know I’ve gotten to know you a little bit you walk in humility but you will never forget you beginnings and its all God in your life. And that’s the way it is in everyone’s life they just don’t know it; you know it. Now James I am so excited to release the Forerunner Foundation Package” which consists of your brand new book “Overwhelmed By the Spirit” and 3 CD messages. I love the term you describe the Holy Spirit as “The Glorious Intruder.” And the Holy Spirit has sent to empower us to bring God’s plan to place in our life….

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